Lakeside Dinner Party

Oh man, reentry into the real world is hard after a week off! Anyone else have the most confusing week last week with the midweek holiday? It felt like a week full of Saturdays, and I decided to embrace it and take a break from blogging. It was also 95 degrees every day and we spent the entire week fully submerged in the lake or pool. Which added bonus – I went to do laundry this week and it was only bathing suits and pajamas, reason 452 why summer is the best!

A dining set on a deck

The lake was so busy on the 4th that it was almost like bumper boats out there, but we have such a fun boat parade and fireworks on our lake each year. We can watch the fireworks from our deck and I realize maybe that would be a fun blog post to share? I will try to document next year if that is something you guys would like to see. We already have some big ideas on how to decorate the boat next year too…

A dining table

We had a small lakeside dinner party at our house last week and I realized I don’t think I’ve ever really shared our outdoor dining area before.

A table set for a dinner party

This space is right off of our dining area.

We have had this polywood furniture for a few years now (it came over from the old house) and we love it. It cleans up super well with a magic eraser and is pretty indestructible.

A dining set sitting on a deck

Vera Bradley sent me some of their new dinnerware line to share on instagram and it made for such a pretty table.

A place setting on a dining table

I snipped a few flowers from the yard to finish the table. I always like to set the table first before I start cooking because (A) it’s fun! and (B) it’s nice to know that part is done so I can concentrate on the menu.

A dining table set for a dinner party

Speaking of the menu, I haven’t been doing as many recipes lately (I’m hoping to share more coming soon), but I realized I made a few recipes for this party that I have shared on the blog in the past. Although looking back at my old photos is a little painful, they are good recipes so I’ll link them below ;)

An umbrella sitting on top of a table

We started with this easy Burrata Crostini with Tomato Jam and Pesto appetizer that I shared a few weeks ago.

I made this Sweet and Spicy Pork Tenderloin, well I put the marinade together and the Mr. grilled it. I always like putting him in charge of the protein to take some pressure off me.

We served it along side this easy  Melon Prosciutto Salad  and a sweet potato salad that I will share soon!

I went easy with dessert and we had s’mores down by the lake (check out our fire pit area here if you missed it), which is always my go to in the summer!

You can see more of my recipes here.

We are hosting a big bbq this weekend, so I’m currently brainstorming recipes that feed a crowd. If you have any good sides or salad recipes leave me some ideas in the comments! Have a great week!

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Outdoor dining table and chairs -find it here

Umbrella – Find it here

Dinnerware -Find it all here

Placemats – HomeGoods

Pillows – Find them here

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  1. For some reason I can’t seem to read all the comments. Wanted to see the recipes that others had shared.

  2. This spring I purchased a polywood dining set in white, similar to yours from Costco. I have been very disappointed in mine. The wood is grainy, not smooth, and dirt gets trapped and it looks bad. It only looked great after I power washed it. The dirt doesn’t seem to come out with a brush. I was wondering if yours does the same? Thinking about returning mine. Thank you -Shani

    1. Hi Shani, I scrub mine with dawn dish soap in the spring and use a magic eraser on it occasionally. As someone who previously owned a wood table painted white I love this set because the upkeep of washing it occasionally vs dealing with peeling paint and refinishing is leaps and bounds easier. I’m not sure there is any outdoor white furniture that doesn’t require some upkeep! :)

    1. It’s actually that trex decking stuff that you don’t ever have to stain or paint. I’m not sure the color of it sorry!

  3. Cooler Corn…husk corn & put in cooler. 12, 24 or 100 cobs of corn. Pour boiling water over to cover. Cover with cooler lid & ready in 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much corn. You can let sit in cooler an hour or 2.
    So easy & can husk corn earlier in day & kids can help.

  4. Table beautifully set and in a gorgeous setting!! I love the Vera Bradley dishes and would totally borrow them in the unlikely event I host a dinner party. ? Seriously though the pics are wonderful – you are so talented !

  5. The table is beautiful, and the view even more so! I need to entertain more casually. I get myself in such a state and make a million things, which adds to the stress. I am always trying to be a more relaxed host. Seems like you have it down, and giving the hubbie the grilling part is a great idea!

  6. Love your decor! We’re on the river and the 4th is always the busiest but always fun!!! My go to summer recipe is Greek tortellini pasta salad by twopeasandtheirpod.com. So delicious, hearty and easy to double if needed! (I even eat this as a meal!)

    1. Thanks Kribbs, I just printed off that recipe and a few others. We entertain crowds at the cottage every weekend and I am always looking for new, SIMPLE!, dishes to make for a group. Looks delicous! Kelly your table is beautiful, from the actual set to all the details. Enjoy!

  7. I have a delicious bean, corn, tomato salad/ side dish thingy that’s always a hit! Great in the summer time. If your interested, I can email you the recipe. Easy too. And yes, seeing the lake on the 4th of July would be a great blog post ?

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