New Rugs, Puppies, and why my FitBit is trying to kill me…

The Mr. got a Fitbit and has been driving me crazy talking about steps, and miles and calories blah blah blah. So, I did the only sane thing had him get me one too. That way we can drive each other crazy :) plus I was convinced I could get more steps in a day just taking care of our munchkins than he could running 5 miles on the treadmill.

Jute Layered rug

We are now officially those crazy people trying to outdo each other every day. At any given time you can find me running laps around the kitchen island while making dinner just to get more steps than him. In short, my fit bit is trying to kill me…or the Mr. is…they might be one and the same at this point. I will say, I have been sloth-like all winter and exercising feels good again. It is nice to take some time just for me…well, and the fit bit…and my quest for world domination over the Mr. in miles.

A living room with a couch and coffee table, with Ottoman

In other news my mom got a new puppy! His name is Ollie (Oliver) or Ollie Ollie Oxen Free as we like to call him. He is the cutest thing ever, sorry Buddy, but he really is. And since I know you will ask he is a Biewer Terrier, basically a Yorkshire Terrier but with white fur too.

A small brown dog

This is good for me for 2 reasons, 1. The obvious, I get to cuddle a puppy down at my mom’s house without having to deal with all the potty training, and 2. My mom’s older dog peed on her rug in response to the new dog and and even after cleaning it Ollie keeps sniffing around it like it might be his new litter box, so the rug came to live with me!

Lake House Living Room Decor

I’ve been digging the layered rug look lately, because I love the texture it can add to a room. Oh the rug is from Pottery Barn by the way.

This carpet is actually inset in our floor, because I went way over my flooring budget when we were building and this saved some money not having to have wood floor under where a rug would be anyways. The goal was for it to look like a rug and I think it mostly pulls off that look.

Carpet and Floor

A few weeks ago I mentioned the pink eye/croup/ear infection/zombie apocalypse happening at our house. I gave little man amoxicillin for the first time and he immediately broke out in hives. So, I frantically ran down to my sister in laws house to borrow her benadryl and he promptly threw the hot pink medicine up all over our carpet. I was too panicked to care at this point and basically spilled even more on the carpet trying to get him to take more. So, basically what I’m saying is – this rug couldn’t have come at a better time. It is strategically covering up some major nastiness.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Now as long as Buddy doesn’t get any bright ideas about marking the rug as his own we will be all set, thanks mom!

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    Your home is beautiful! I was wondering where you got your drop leaf table from, it is gorgeous. I found one at Home Goods which was very similar, by the time I decided to purchase it, it was gone. Once again, love your taste!

  2. I love the idea of the carpet inlaid in the floor, and the wood flooring around it! It’s beautiful! I would love a bigger picture of it. I’ve been needing to replace my flooring because, well one thing it’s about 20 years old, and another, it’s clean, but it’s been through 5 fur babies! One of which is so stubborn we have to literally follow her around every waking moment! Anyway, I love this idea! And it’s beautiful! You have a lovely home, precious fur baby, generous mom, and a funny sense of humor! I just found you on Pinterest!

  3. I just bought a popcorn jute rug from peir one that I absolutely adore. However, I have dogs inside and their toenails have picked a few places that we have to keep poking down. Do you know if there is some type of sealant or something for protection we could use? I don’t want to return my rug!

  4. You are so very gifted. i am decorating a lake house in southwick massachusetts and I enjoy all you have done with your lake house. I am having trouble finding a couch. Where did you purchase your living room couch? i would love to find one like that.

  5. Hi!
    Where can I find the fireplace mirror or the clock on the back wall? Love them both. Thanks!

  6. Your site is wonderful! May I ask where you purchased the metal bar stools in your kitchen? They are exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you!

  7. I just discovered your blog through Thrifty Decor Chic and I already love it. I am a fit bitter as well. I find decorating and Fitbitting go well together. When I am trying to get extra steps in I walk around the house and fluff, straighten and plan projects. I am looking forward to getting to know you better via your blog.

  8. What a great photo of Ollie, such a sweet face. We gave up having cats and dogs for this exact reason – carpet bombs, ‘presents’ left to punish us for leaving for the day/weekend, on and on. Now we get our pet ‘fix’ at our local shelter, visiting and playing with them.
    BTW, found your blog via the Hooked On Houses blog.

  9. Dying about the Fitbit. I have one too, and I totally know what you mean. I compete with some family friends pretty much every week in the “Workweek Challenge”. Although I work from home though so I definitely walk laps around my house to try to get in my steps for the day! My neighbors probably think I’m a crazy person. Thank goodness it’s getting warmer so I can take my walks outside. :)

  10. Oh my, sounds like nothing but fun at your house ! That new puppy is adorable. I love puppies, but not all the housebreaking, teething etc. that comes with them.

  11. Kelly- you are so much fun! Your blog makes me smile! Thanks for bringing DIY and all things pretty into my daily life! Press on, dear lady! P.S. I love the layered rug look!

  12. Oh, such a cute puppy. Boy you have had a lot of action going on there, hope things get better for you and your mom. I like the rug.

  13. Awww…I love Ollie! We just got a Yorkie puppy too, ours has tiny bit of white on him. Needless to say potty training is a pain. I read that Yorkies are the hardest breed to train :( Hope it goes better for your mom!

  14. So, dog pee and children’s puke…. Sounds like MY home! Haha! Love that you keep it real! And I personally love the layered rug look, I’m always rearranging my rugs in all the rooms here. ~Kim

  15. The rug looks great. I hope Buddy doesn’t get the same idea and mark his territory ;-) and little Ollie Ollie Oxen Free is the cutest thing ever!! Just precious!!

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