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Lake House Summer Tour

There are so many good sales this upcoming holiday weekend! The weather is supposed to be pretty rainy, so if I have to be stuck inside I might as well do a little online shopping. You all know how I want to just move myself right into a Serena and Lily store so I was happy to partner with them to share a few of my fave items from the sale. I snagged a few things to freshen up our home for summer. Lake House Summer tour

Lake house dining space, rattan bar cart, coastal art

I’ve been looking for a piece of furniture to ground my new art in our dining area. I had to laugh because I shared I was on the hunt for a table for this space on Instagram and I had over 10 of you message me saying I needed this  South Seas Side Cart in my life.

Lake house dining space, rattan bar cart, coastal art

Great minds think alike because it was already sitting in my online shopping cart ha! Please tell me I’m not the only one with full shopping carts hanging out all over the internet? :)

Lake house dining space, rattan bar cart, coastal art

The cart arrived yesterday, and it’s perfection. I just threw a few things on it and snapped a quick photo, but I will probably have some more fun styling it this weekend. I was missing the texture of the basket that used to be on this wall, so this was the perfect solution to add that texture back.

blue and white lake house living room

I also got a few new throw pillow covers even though I still love my old ones. I received our other Serena & Lily pillows in the fall, and they all still look brand new despite Charlie constantly burrowing into them. That’s one thing I really appreciate about Serena and Lily – everything is such great quality. I so wish I could catch a sunny day in this room, the blue chairs are so pretty with the water in the background but it has been gloomy for days here.


Pillows sitting on a sofa


I’ve swapped out some of the darker cozier knit ones for some lighter summery ones.

blue and green throw pillows

I especially love the green details on these pillows.

lake house living room blue green and white decor. striped jute rug

I love how these pillows have lightened up the space and everything feels fresh for summer. Now if the sun would just show up!

blue and white serena and lily throw pillows


blue and white serena and lily throw pillows

I also got these gorgeous beach towels – I love the colors and they are so soft and thick. They are almost too pretty to use, but they are so cozy I can’t resist.

outdoor towel rack lake house outdoor design

I’m sharing all of my fave Serena & Lily items from our house below along with some of their things that are on my wishlist too! Some of their items can be a splurge, so when they have a sale it’s a great time to pull the trigger on something you have been wishing for. The Memorial Day Sale runs today through May 28. Use the code SUMMERPREP for 20% off.

Serena & Lily… living well begins at home. Just click each image to shop! Lake House Summer Tour

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  1. Hi Kelly
    I love your bed you have in your master bedroom. Can you tell me the name of it? I know you mentioned it was from Bellacor.
    Also your wagon wheel chandelier you have in your room with fireplace. Who is the manufacturer
    Thank you for your help

  2. LOVE the flooring.
    Can you tell me where to get that?
    We live in SC and are remodeling our island home and that is perfect!!!!
    I have been looking for that color.
    Thank you for your time.
    Everything is so beautiful but yet comfortable.
    Thank you,

  3. Beautiful home. Would you share your wall and trim color and your living room sofa and chair details? Thank you!

  4. Can you tell me what paint color you used on your walls? I have a south facing two story living area and am really struggling to find the perfect ‘white’.

  5. Hello! We just acquired a fixer upper lake house and I’d love to know the white paint color you used in these pics! Many thanks!

  6. Love your place! Could you tell me about the spacing between board and Batton and the sizes of wood you used?

  7. Hi there – I love your style! I’m trying to find the perfect coffee table in a wood grain. Where did you get yours from? Thank you!!

  8. I also love the dining table! I looked on the Art Van website and there was one that looked similar, but I don’t think its the same one. Can you provide the product name if it is still available? Thanks!

    1. Hey I just checked their site and it appears they don’t carry the same one anymore. There is a similar one but the top is a bit more rustic – sorry about that!

  9. I cannot find a link to the flooring you have – can you help me with that?

  10. Where is my basket!!! I have still been looking high and low for one like yours! LOL!!

    I do like the cart.

  11. Oh, my gracious! That is a vacation home? Woah – it is of what dreams are made! ♥♥♥

    As far as your gloom? I’d take that kind of gloom any day of the week or year. Your lake house is amazing.

    (Hopping over from visiting at Thistlewood Farms.)

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous! So fresh. I will try to transition my home some.
    May I ask if you know what type of floors you have? We have 20 year old carpet and 90’s white square tiles. Would love to get wood. Your color is what I would love. Variation of the color is perfect.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Scottie it’s white oak engineered flooring from BuildDirect. You can find the exact ones linked on the FAQ page – thanks!

  13. Just beautiful, Kelly! Blue is my favorite color!! Everything looks gorgeous as usual!

  14. Gloomy days or not, clouds and all – your home is just beautiful and peaceful. Use these days for projects and then relaxing and cuddling with your darling dog and reading a great chapter or two. Good inspiration for us all! Love the feel of this peaceful home!

  15. We have sun this morning, but it has rained for days and the wind has blown. I still haven’t been able to put out flowers and still wearing winter clothes in May in Ks. Your house looks like a ray of sunshine. Enjoy it.

  16. Love the wicker cart, just perfect for the space!!
    The pillows with the touches of green with the blue are gorgeous!!

  17. How perfect is that sweet little cart! I love all the fun details and textures on your new summer pillows but I don’t know how you ever get anything done with that incredible view. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Dori! Getting ready to slow down for the summer here because I don’t get much done ha!

      1. Hi – What is the flooring ? I love it and we are building a beach house it would be perfect.

        Thank you

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