House Update – Windows!

We have windows! Well some of them at least! The slider doors that lead out to the decks on the lake side of the house just arrived today, but they don’t have enough guys to handle how big they are – not to mention everything is covered in freezing rain…again… The Mr. is my eternal optimist and just refers to the wintery mix as liquid sunshine :)

Building a lake house

We are also still missing the circle windows up in the peaks, and the grey door on the lower level is just temporary until they put the double doors with windows that lead to our storage area.

A house that is near a lake

We are on snow day 3 (in the last 5 days), and it’s beginning to feel like a little Hunger Games up in here. My kids are ready to go to battle over the littlest thing – today it was an armless Barbie?!? For the record, little man wanted it for a pirate ship hostage and my daughter wanted to “surgically” reattach her arms. So, naturally you can see the appeal.

building a lake house

Back to the house, we also got the roof on just in time to keep some of the freezing rain (I mean liquid sunshine) out. Which means lots of boring things like plumbing and heating/cooling are going on this week.

Let’s go on a little tour – here’s the living room, which is definitely going to be my favorite space in the house! I’m hoping to share more details and plans about this room this week (depending on the snow day situation).

Lake House Plans

This is looking into the living room from the dining area. You can see the fireplace framed out in the middle and our master bedroom is on the other side of that wall.

lake house plans

Ok this is looking from the back of the living room into the front door/entry and the stairs to go downstairs on the right (which are covered up to keep heat in the basement). That big square room in the middle is my kitchen pantry! And that leaves the kitchen to the left of the pantry.

lake house building framing

Here is a better look at the kitchen and where the pantry door will be. That window in the back will be a window seat with a breakfast nook area that I’m excited about. I was a little nervous about having my kitchen tucked back a little in the house, but it still feels really open and connected to the dining and living room without being the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.

lake house building

Here is another shot of the kitchen – the pipe sticking out of the ground is the kitchen sink. So, if you can kind of picture the counters going in an L shape, you’ll see I can look out at the lake while I do the dishes. There will be an island in the middle and the breakfast nook in the back. I’ll be sharing more kitchen plans soon that will make it easier to imagine.

A room under construction

This might turn out to be my favorite spot, and oddly, it’s in the mudroom. There will be a bench here to sit down and put your shoes on plus drawers for storage. But as it’s right off the laundry room, I think it might be a perfect sunny coffee spot while I wait for the spin cycle.

Lake house framing stage

Up next they are working on all of the outdoor siding and trim, which I cannot wait to see! Here’s hoping we survive the snow day to see it :)

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  1. Just imagine the parade of pontoons and gawking neighbors (I will be first in line) floating by your beautiful house! I am excited for a tour! And Kel, you write the BEST blogs… I am always laughing out loud?

  2. I am so impressed with the design and progress of your new home. Those living room windows are magical, and the overall layout looks so well thought out. I am also especially impressed with your construction team. They must be a truly hardy lot to work in this winter weather, used to it I imagine. Kudos all around for bringing your new home idea to life. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks Ardith, that means so much because the layout was the number 1 thing we wanted to get right at this house. We spent hours pouring over the plans, I think (fingers crossed) we got it right this time and we will use every inch of this house. And yes the guys working on the house are such hard workers and put up with all my crazy ideas ;)

  3. It’s finally looking like a home. For me, getting the windows installed always made an empty shell start to look like a home.
    You’re never going to be able to motivate yourself to leave your that view rom your living room. Beautiful!
    I’m excited for you!

    1. Yes, I’m the same the windows are what add the personality! And you are right it’s going to be hard to not want to cozy on the couch all day in our living room.

  4. It is all gorgeous! We renovated an old teardown cottage 15 years ago and made it open concept with 16 foot ceilings so I can see the lake while in the kitchen and it makes cooking and cleanup so much more palatable. Your view is beautiful and your high windows are worth all the engineering (and weight) involved. Will you be doing window treatments? We left ours bare, but find a little bit of fading on the couches on one side from the sun coming up that way and staying over our great room all day. Can’t wait to see your finished home. I need to change up the colours in our house, and always love your style, so I am excited to see what my new colour scheme will be ….lol…. I only wish our cottage was on a piece of property as large as yours, I would make it my permanent home too. We share your bad weather here in Toronto, so hoping the freezing rain and sleet move out soon. My kids were 5 and 6 when we renovated, and it can be hard on the sanity when they are underfoot!

    1. I’m with you on the bare windows! In our last house we had them tinted a bit to help with the fading not sure if we will do that again or not in this house, it did prevent a lot of fading!

  5. It’s already gorgeous. Looks like a lot of progress despite your weather. I remember when we built our home we had to use a squeegee to get water of our sub floors several times before the house was weather tight. We had a lot of that liquid sunshine in the form of severe thunderstorms.

    1. Yes last week we had SO much water in the house it freaked me out! Thankfully it is all finally drying up in there and they got almost every window left in today.

  6. I love seeing it come together! The Windows in the living room are to die for and I can’t wait to see the kitchen plans. My sink at the lake has a cute little window that looks out at the backyard garden but now I’m trying to figure out how I can rework it to see the lake!! Have you considered a double sided fireplace so you have one in your master bedroom as well?

    1. Hey Kari, we did look into the double sided fireplace but it would be way off center in the master bedroom so it didn’t work out. That would have been such a fun idea though! And kitchen plans are up today :)

  7. This is exciting! I was thinking of your old house in how much you put in to it, like the sun room, but I love the huge windows over looking the lake in new house. The mud room window, a little respite, yes:). Hope the snow days end quickly, cabin fever with little ones can be maddening… I know:).
    Keep warm,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I kind of feel like this living room is going to be the sunroom on steroids ha :) and yes so ready for some sunshine here!!

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