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Lake House Light Fixtures

A semi truck just showed up to deliver the last light I’ve ordered and the box is 7 feet tall…go big or go home I guess? Or just go big in your home! In other words I’ve started making some lighting selections for the house. You may be all “um shouldn’t you at least have all your windows in before you are thinking about lights”? You would think so right? But I will be meeting with the electrician soon to go over where I want every light, light switch, outlet, every… little… thing…

I have officially reached the part of house building that is super overwhelming! In our last home I didn’t know what kind of lights I wanted, but I figured “eh just put a hole here, put a hole there” and it will work out. Wrong! For the first 2 years we lived there, our dining room lights hung nowhere near where our table actually was. This time around, I wanted to have the big light fixtures ready and waiting so that I get every one in the exact right spot. Want to see what I’m going with?

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First up I ordered 3 of these Carmen 6 Light Foyer Pendants from Wayfair. One for the entry way and 2 will be going over the island in the kitchen. I like them because the lanterns don’t take up a lot of visual space. I’m always worried about blocking the view of the lake in our home and with these being dark and mostly open I think it will be an interesting detail without taking away from the view.

Lake house lighting ideas

I also got this matching Carmen 6 Light Geometric Pendant for above our dining table. It was a struggle with such an open concept house to have all the light fixtures go together but not be too matchy matchy either. I like that this one coordinates, but isn’t exactly the same.


These Globe Electric wall sconces are also from Wayfair and will be in the breakfast nook just off the kitchen. I like that they tilt so I may tilt them back toward the wall.


We have kind of a long hallway area off the upstairs family room and instead of just using cans all the way down the hallway we are going to use this Semi Flush Mount lights from Wayfair. We are also putting these in the mudroom and laundry room.

A black light fixture

These cute Three Posts Gardenhire wall sconces are going above our bed in the master for easy overhead reading lights.

Wall sconce

I picked these little nautical looking Bouvet Wall Sconces out for my little guys bathroom, to go on either side of the mirror.

Wall sconce

Lastly, the massive one that just arrived for the living room is from Bellacor and it’s the 12 light Black Iron Chandelier. We have a 16 foot tall vaulted ceiling in the living room and it will have a really cool planked wood treatment to look like exposed rafters, so I think this light will be perfect in there.

A black wagon wheel chandelier

I still need to pick out lights for our master bath, my daughters bath and the kid’s bedrooms, but I’m off to a good start! As you can see they are basically all black lights in the main living spaces. Which I think will help with the flow of the house. Most of the main floor will have white vertical paneled walls like our entry way at the last house, and we are going with a light warm wood floor (I’ll be sharing flooring picks soon!) I think the white walls, warm floor, and black lights will create a really nice neutral background for fun pops of color (mostly blues) in my decor and of course draw your eye to the best part of the house – the lake view!

I made a little collage below so you can get what I’m saying, I’ll be back later in the week to share some more house progress shots!

Diagram of light fixtures



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  1. Hi! Luv luv luv the chandelier over the dining room table I believe it’s the Carmen 6-light. Did you purchase the oil rub bronze color?
    Thanks so much!!

  2. I love you lighting selections! I am in the process of remodeling a lake house in southern Indiana, it’s become a love/hate remodel. :-) Anyway, I have your geometric 6 light for my dining area. I am considering the 6 light squared option for my island. Question, wayfair says its ORB but my dining light says black. Are they the same color (or close enough)? Also, I would love your option, I have a 5′ square island, do you think 1 foyer pendant is sufficient? Since the island is square, I’m concerned with going the traditional route of multiple lights.

    1. Hey Brenda, so little secret when I ordered mine they were out of the black and the electrician needed them so I spray painted them! So I can’t really speak to you on color since I changed it. I will say they were easy to spray paint if they aren’t black enough for you. And I just measured and my island is 8 ft long, I think if you tried to put 2 over a 5 foot island they would actually touch on the sides. They are pretty large!

  3. I love reading your blog and all your house designing! We are building a lake house also and your blog has been a wonderful inspiration for us!!!! Thank you for listing all your lighting and fireplace resources! I do have one question for you! The Carmen chandeliers over your island and dining room table, they look black in your pictures, but on Wayfair’s website they are listed as oil rubbed bronze. Wondering if you painted them or does the oil rubbed bronze just come very dark? Thank you for your time! Vanessa

    1. I’m not sure they have the black anymore, I did end up actually painting the one over our dining table black bc the black one was on backorder forever so I bought a silver one and spray painted it. I’m sure the oil rubbed bronze would be pretty but you could always spray them if you didn’t like them.

  4. So I have a totally unrelated question — I watched your instastory today and I wondered what kind of dog Charlie is?!? I tried to search your blog for him, but I wasn’t very successful…

    And I do LOVE your light selections!!!! Gorgeous!

  5. Wow you have been busy!! Love each one! The round one has always been my fave! This is great fun to follow along! Hang in there Spring is coming!

  6. You ROCK! Thanks for sharing your lighting ideas–I am totally digging the vibe. My husband and I bought a “fixer upper” to say the least….a chain smoking bachelor lived here for years with six dogs…imagine the smell. Ha! So we have basically ripped out everything (to the studs…and replaced all of the sub floors). I get so much inspiration (and laughter) from reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Thanks Eve, a fixer upper sounds so fun! Our first house was like that and the Mr. and I had such a blast redoing it. Good luck and thanks for reading!

  7. GREAT choices!! I’m super-excited about your paneled walls too. After seeing how wonderful your stairway wall turned out, my hubs and I did ours too and we’re super-pleased! We close on our new home at the end of this month, and we’re planning on incorporating that paneled look or shiplap in many areas (as a cheap way to add interest!!).

  8. Picking two chandeliers for my great room living area and dining area was a challenge. They have to work together but not be identical. I had some doubts about my choices but turned out they were perfect. Why do we always doubt ourselves? We rock!
    That’s a massive amount of lighting to have to pick at one time. You nailed it!
    If your furniture is going to be out from the walls, you might want to put plugs in the floor, so you don’t have cords running across your floor to the wall. Both unattractive and dangerous. But then, you probably thought of that already.
    I like Betsi’s idea of a plug above the mantel for Christmas lights. Wish I had thought of that one.

    1. Yes major doubting of every single decision lately! Ahh I think it’s because building requires you to make so many choices all at once! And yes we do have some outlets in the floor, thanks for reminding me :)

  9. Oh my word! I love all of your selections and I may need to add a couple of these to our home…well, that is, if I can convince the Hubby! Eek! Please keep sharing all your ideas along the way. I’m vicariously living through you throughout your home building process. I looooovevyou style and I’d love to have a house built someday, but I’m not sure that’ll happen anytime soon, so I’ll continue to stalk your blog – in a non-creepy way, of course!

    1. I will definitely keep sharing the ideas, this has been so fun to have you all on the journey with me this time! Stalk away, non-creepily ;)

  10. So many beautiful lights you have selected for your new home! Makes me wish we could build our dream home even more… maybe someday! Not sure if you are having a fireplace/mantel in your new home but I just thought I would post a little idea here for you that my grandma did when she built her house… she put an outlet on top of her mantle so that all of her garland and holiday decor could easily be plugged in without an ugly cord dangling down the side of her fireplace! Just an idea but I thought it was brilliant!

    1. Although the electrician who put in all the outlets when we built our house 16 years ago thought I was crazy, I had him put an outlet near the toilets in the powder room and master bath so I could put little lighted Christmas trees on the back of them. It didn’t cost much to put in while the house was being built and I have never regretted it. If you’re hard core Christmas….this might be an idea you’d like! (PS There are probably other uses for those outlets….to plug in a towel warming rack or a bidet toilet seat or even just a little nightlight)

      1. We put outlets near the toilet(s) for nite light & very glad we did.
        About the extra beams you want to use… look up Fixer Upper, one of the recent episodes, she uses beams down the hallway – looks great

        1. I saw that, so cool! We don’t really have any hallways in this house oddly. Having an open floor plan that’s also a ranch kind of eliminates them.

  11. WOW…..I bumped into you on Pinterest
    Love, love, love what you do, how you do things….
    Yr parents home looks so super stunning after you jumped in with great ideas…

    Absolutely fabulous!!!!


  12. I love all your lighting choices, Kelly! Especially the chandelier for the diningroom. Can’t wait to see all of them up. Thanks for sharing your house progress.

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