House Update – Siding and drywall

I feel like we are getting so close to the fun stuff over at the house guys! They have the entire house insulated and the ceilings are all drywalled, which means cabinets, trim, flooring etc…are all right around the corner. Today’s big news is the siding is up – yay!

Lake House Building process - siding

I’m really loving the color. It’s a dark charcoal grey, but it has a bit of a blue undertone in photos. The contrast between the dark siding and the white trim is so pretty, especially from out on the lake.

Lake House Siding

I’ve had a lot of questions about the brand and type of siding on social media. It’s vinyl shake siding and it’s made by Mastic, the color is Natural Slate. I’m really happy with the way it looks. We went with straight siding on the sides of the house to save a little money and we did the shake on the front and back of the house.

A close up of a dark gray siding

We are of course still missing the decks on either side beneath the large sliding doors. There will also be metal roofing on the accent roofs and we are missing the other round window in the other peak. I know the wood and brackets over the double doors are confusing to look at, so I made a little graphic to explain. My attempt at a pergola is terrible, but you get the idea – there will be 4 decorative brackets holding up the pergola and several accent bracket on other parts of the house that match.

Lake House Dark Grey Siding

Those double doors lead to a storage area to keep all our rafts, skis and stuff for the lake. They need to be painted and they also will have grids in them like the windows. I’m planning on hanging an outdoor clock and a towel rack to the right of the outdoor shower. We’re hoping they finish up the siding this week!

Oh, and here is a bit of the drywall and insulation they started on the inside. I know, not that exciting, but the sun was shining (FINALLY!), so I had to snap a few photos!

Lake House Windows

A room with a large window

I have started buying furniture (a throw pillow or two may have made it home with me already too whoops!), and I can’t wait to start sharing more of our interior design plans! Coming soon…

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  1. Please please please,,,can you tell me the size of the windows in the living room and pitch of your vault? We are working on plans and your room looks so perfectly lovely. Im wondering what brand windows these are as well? thanks so much. Love your style

    1. I don’t know the pitch sorry but our living room is 22 by 22 if that helps! The windows are NorthStar it’s a Canadian company.

  2. It’s coming along nicely and looks beautiful. I share in your excitement and completely
    understand all of the decisions from roofing to doorknobs that have to be made. We’re
    Just done with drywall on our home and now I’m stressing a bit over my paint colour
    choice…seeing your beautiful home come together is inspiring and motivating me to
    keep my focus where it belongs, on my family and our many blessings, after all,
    paint can be changed ?

  3. Amazing progress especially considering the weather in our area! Beautiful views from every angle I’ve seen. Must be a wonderful feeling, standing inside and looking toward the water. Furniture shopping—The real fun is beginning!-Anita.

  4. It might not feel like it to you but I think this house building is flying! It seemed like when we built everything took FOREVER! It is so beautiful! You are a lucky girl, as I am sure you are aware!

    1. Some days it feels fast and somedays it feels slow ha! I was just over there and all of the walls are drywalled in the main level which seemed crazy!!

  5. Its looking good!! I love it! Is there anything as exciting as building a new house? Its stressful, but its also so amazing to see your vision come to life! Love the choices so far. Love the choices! What is the estimated date it will be finished? Cant wait to see your Kitchen! have you written anything abour your Kitchen yet? Please Share if you have not! Thanks for letting us peek and see the details! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! Some of my favorite movies with Homes are “Somethings Gotta Give” (Drool over that house) “Its Complicated” the NEtflix series “Frankie and Grace” (Ive watched both seasons just to see the house (Which exterior is a real home in Malibu) but inside is a movie set (Which is fabulous) Youre a girl after my own heart!
    Let us know about that kitchen, knowing you, im sure its going to be FABULOUS! Hurry because Im waiting here with a bag of Pita chips and A tall Sweet tea.
    -Hugs from Texas

  6. So excited for you!!! We were in this exact same stage just four short months ago–it goes so fast you will be fluffing those throw pillows in no time! I love your style and have a very similar one –although a bit more rustic and distressed (we have four boys so the distressed part happens free of charge actually) ;-). Good times!

  7. You are going to have one gorgeous home when you are finished. Can’t wait to see it inside and out when it is all done. Do you have any idea when that will be? I know you are chomping at the bit to get moved in.

  8. Wowzers!!!!! Just looking GORGEOUS!!!!! If I lived close I’d sneak over every day and do a walk through to see what else had been done :)!!! Can’t WAIT to get to the “fun stuff” (flooring, lights, cabinets, etc.) Thanks for letting me vicariously build a beautiful home on a lake through you!!! Blessings from Missouri!

    1. Ha I think we have definitely had some people taking the tour, I love walking thru houses under construction myself too!

  9. Don’t kid yourself. Drywall hung, taped, mudded, sanded and painted by SOMEONE else is VERY exciting!! Everything is looking beautiful!

  10. Love the color contrast between the siding and trim. You have put such practical thought into storing all the needs of a lake house with kids. Love seeing the progress.

    1. I tried to think of everything, I’m sure I’ll wish I had changed some things but so far it seems like the floorplan will really work well for us.

  11. Did you work with an architect? Just love your plans. We are currently debating adding on to our lake house or doing a tear down. Tough decisions!

    1. Hey Lee, this time we didn’t work with an architect. Our contractors wife draws plans and I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted. That combined with inspiration from pinterest helped us get the look we wanted.

  12. Those windows…that gorgeous view!!! Love following along with the progress…can’t wait for the next “installment” and to see it all come together! Thank you for sharing?

    1. Thanks Gloria, glad I’m not boring everyone with my little updates. I miss having pretty finished rooms to share with you all, but I hope everyone is enjoying seeing the building process too.

    1. Hi Marie, they have been working hard out in the cold! Thankfully they will be wrapping up the outside soon and can work inside in the warmth.

  13. It is gorgeous! Seeing the sunshine streaming in through that enormous window, and with the view of the lake, it would make me feel like I was on perpetual holiday.

    1. It does feel like vacation whenever we walk in the door. Makes it hard to get motivated to do the laundry sometimes ha :)

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