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House Update – Basement plans

I’m trying to be a good blogger and post a weekly update on the house, especially at this framing stage where it seems like there is so much progress every day. The exciting thing this week was the big 4 panel doors finally getting installed.

Here is the one in the dining room (they are a bit ajar in this pic).

4 panel sliding doors

My favorite part – they open in the middle! It’s going to be so nice to entertain out on the deck and have this be so open. There are screen doors to keep bugs out if we want to put those on, they just aren’t installed right now.

4 panel sliding doors

A room under construction

We have the same doors out to our deck in our master bedroom too. They are oversized at 8 feet tall, because we have 9 foot ceilings. We really wanted every room to feel like our old sunroom so we went floor to ceiling with the windows wherever possible.

A room under construction

The basement doors were installed as well in our kid zone/tv room/play room.

A room under construction

This will mostly be where our kids hang out, but I’m sure we will be finding our way down here too. We are putting in a wet bar area opposite these windows, thinking it will be nice to have a place to store drinks and snacks right on the lake level. That way when we entertain out by the water everyone can help themselves and I’m not constantly running up the deck stairs to grab stuff.

It will look kind of like this (I have moved on from kindergarten sketches to kindergarten photo shop!)

Wet Bar Plans

There are two closet on either side for toys and board games (one is under the staircase). I’m thinking navy cabinets, a butcher block counter and wooden shelves. There will also be a pullout trash bin in one of the cabinets in the hopes my kids will actually pick up after themselves.

They also have almost all the trim on the outside up and the siding has been delivered. I can’t wait to see how it looks!

A house under construction

We decided to keep these bump outs all white to contrast with the dark grey siding. They still need to be painted but I think they turned out so nice. The roof will be a metal standing seam in an oil rubbed bronze color called Burnished Slate and there will be window boxes on there as well. Stay tuned for siding!

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  1. Looking great! Love the double patio doors – we did the same in our new house off the living room and can’t wait to open them up and enjoy our expanded outdoor living space once the weather warms up ;-)!

    1. It’s a small inland lake in SW Michigan, I try not to give out the name of the lake because there is only about 250 houses on it :)

  2. Toy storage…. brilliant lifestyle choice : all kids / the kid inside me need a quick place to stash our favorite entertainment collection. Right now mine is doggie pull toys that can hold up to 2 Belgium Malimois and the 50lbs Malimois mix who is non stop energy! And of course Mark LaFlamme’s radio controlled planes, boats and copters!

  3. You must be so excited to see all the progress made thus far. It certainly is impressive to readers like me. Cheers and thank you for sharing it all, Ardith

  4. Ooh! Loving all the progress! My brother-in-law just put those doors in at his lake house and they are spectacular! So fun to follow along so thanks for the frequent updates!

  5. Love it! Reminds me a lot of my home except no lake and no basement walk out. You might want to make one of those toy closets a full size fridge downstairs. Mine is full of drinks for the kids, and just keeping my upstairs fridge free. Your blog helped me design my home when we built 2 years ago. Thanks for the help!

    1. We will have another beverage fridge in the pantry upstairs so I think we should be good with fridge space but I would love an extra freezer someday. So fun that you just built too, I can’t wait to move in!

  6. It is coming along nice. When we built I too took tons of pictures. Those that I go back to most often are of prior to drywall. It shows all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC in the walls. Then when you want to do something or hand something on the wall you know exactly what is under the drywall.

  7. Kelly, this is happening so fast! Can’t wait to see the outside finished ( and the inside for that matter). So many good choices…

    1. Yes, I’m trying to enjoy the process but I’m itching to get starting on decorating, I just bought a new throw pillow ha!

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