Tween Girl Boho Bedroom Design

Designing my kids’ rooms has always been my favorite. I think because I can have a little more fun and let my imagination go, or because I’m still having traumatic flashbacks of pink carpet and Laura Ashley wallpaper from my own childhood. Either way, my daughter is going to be 9 next month (gasp, sob!) and she requested a little more grown up look this time and NO PINK!

Here’s what we came up with and she is thrilled!

Girl bedroom mood board

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She has been on a teal/aqua kick for almost 2 years now – basically every article of clothing the girl owns is some shade of teal. So when she first saw the teal pillow above and said she wanted her walls that color I cringed a little! But I knew we could find a compromise. I showed her pics of my mom and dad’s wall color down in Florida (check that post out here) and she loved the color, which is TopSail by Benjamin Moore. Phew, one obstacle down!
Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.10.01 AM

Next, she really wanted fun colorful bedding, but not “babyish” and I found this quilt on Anthropologie. I just got it in the mail and the colors are gorgeous in person, (it reads a little baby blue on my screen but in person it’s more aqua). Once again, I may want to move into this room when we are done! It’s grey and white striped on the backside, which makes it feel a bit more cottage-y, so it still fits in our house.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.07.33 AM

For the floors, we will be going with the same Armstrong laminate flooring we put in our sunroom in our last house. I’m obsessed with those floors, so I had to put them somewhere again (spoiler alert – little man will have the same in his room also.)

white washed laminate flooring

A hanging chair was next on her list, and since her room has such a nice view of the lake, I thought this would be a great cozy reading spot. I found this one at Pier 1 on sale a few week ago. We will be putting a cozy fur rug from Ikea in it and a colorful pillow or two.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.08.26 AM

This white wood bead chandelier from World Market met her “fancy chandelier” requirements, while still fitting in our house.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.09.32 AM

Oh, and I found this awesome desk and mirror on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I’m thinking I’ll hang the mirror over her bed and the desk will go in a corner with shelving and bulletin boards above.

Round Weathered Mirror

The top is a little yellow, so I may tone it down with a white or grey wash once I see it in the room, but my daughter flipped over the legs. I just need to find a fun chair for it now.

A wooden table

I’ll be keeping her same vintage iron bed, but I’m going to be spray painting it a charcoal grey color because she is “so over the pink mom”. I’m sure I’ll add a few more bright and fun accessories, but we are off to a good start with a design we both love!

Now if we could just agree she doesn’t need an iPhone or lipgloss until she is 20, we would be all set ;)

If you’re new here you can check out her old room (and the old bed I plan on painting) here.

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    1. It is a bit creamy vs true white but I think it could go with either it doesn’t have that real yellowish tone cream can have sometimes.

  1. So exciting!! can’t wait to see your new completed home! I’m sure not will be fabulous!! Her room looks adorable!!

  2. Can’t wait to see it come together! I especially love the bed cover is that a gauze fabric? It looks so soft!

  3. Love the bed coverings and the paint shade..am planning to use it in my townhouse as well!

  4. So amazing – I have 4 granddaughters in the 10 – 14 age range who all have very definite ideas of what they want in their bedrooms. Love, love, love the BoHo feel . It really lends itself to creative individuality. Your daughter has inherited her mother’s and grandmother ‘s taste for good design. I bet you are having fun!

  5. Super cute…but more grown up and calming. I can see hours of day dreaming and reading in her new chair in her perfect spot overlooking the lake. What a great room this will be for her.

  6. The second I saw the desk I thought it needs to be “grayed”; then I saw your comments. Great minds! Love her (your) selections. Enjoy your children now as they do grow up quickly! The house is “looking” quite lovely. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

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