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Easy No Sew Pom Pom Quilt

I can’t sew. Like, really, I’m horrible at it. I like to say I can sew a straight line, but even that is a stretch. I just don’t have the patience for it and you know I’m the laziest DIY-er ever. So, the easy no sew pom pom quilt was born!


This is the easiest DIY on the history of the planet, and I’m sure some of you will think I’m nuts. I really loved the PB Teen pom pom quilts but I didn’t want to buy one. I already splurged on a duvet cover and pillow from PB for my girlie’s big girl room.

So here we go –

Step 1 – Get yourself a white quilt. I actually just used the backside of my daughters old bedding.

Step 2 – Make yourself a big ole pile of pom pom’s (I think I used 26). I followed this great tutorial here from Kelly at Eclectically Vintage.

Step 3 – Space them out on your quilt, mine are about 1 ft apart. I originally was going to use pink pom pom’s but switched to white ones. I think this photo is easier to see the spacing though. Oh, and being the laziest DIY-er ever I only did half the quilt since only half shows when it is folded over, I couldn’t handle one more stinking pom pom! (you know, until I decided they should be white and had to make 26 more…)

Step 4 – This is where you might think I’m nuts…I just safety pinned them on. I was thinking if I sew these on how am I going to wash this thing without them falling apart? Ok, I was also thinking there is no way I’m hand sewing all these things on either…but this way if I need to wash it I can just take the pom pom’s off, wash it, and pop them back on.

Some of you are probably thinking, won’t your daughter get poked by these things if they come undone? Nope, you can see that this blanket just sits on the end of her bed…

and the blanket is folded over so the safety pins are tucked safely inside the quilt. Actually, we take this off and fold it up in the corner of her room at night, so I think she is safe anyways.

Now if I could just get this guy to leave them alone…

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  1. I love that little guy! I have 8 sort of similar & two kitty kats.. I have done similar quilts from scratch with a big needles & a few stitches. I agree, easy is the way to go!

  2. Do you mind sharing where you found the pom poms? Did you make them or buy them? I know most people buy a bunch of things at Hobby Lobby (there isn’t one near me)….so just wondering. Can these be purchased I wonder at Joann’s Fabrics or Michael’s crafts possibly?

    1. I made them, with a fork and yarn. If you search how to make a pom pom on pinterest or google you will find easy instructions!

  3. Love the Big Girl room! Adorable !!! I am looking for ideas for my soon to be 5 year old daughter and love what you did with the room. I am just learning to sew so I love the Idea of the Pom Poms being safety pinned , Genius !!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Hi. Love the pom poms. Great idea pinning them on. I love pillows and the cost can really get expensive. I bought a sewing machine, bought fabric to make St. Patrick’s Day pillow covers. I did really good for my first time, but I haven’t used the sewing machine since. Those 2 pillow covers cost over $ 200.00. Next time I have a great idea Im going to use safety pins!
    Love your blog!

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  6. Love your little girl’s room. About to have my second grandchild, yes a girl can i say happy happy happy. I have been looking for a paisley print like the one on the comforter to make drapes for her room. Did you make it and if so where did you get the fabric?
    Just found your site and love your ideas.

    1. Thanks Carla, the duvet cover is from PB Teen but I supposed you could buy one to make drapes out of? Good lucK!

  7. I love this quilt. It is super cute! I think I may try this but sew on some snaps so it is functional and the pom poms are easily removable when washing is needed! Thank you for the great idea!!!

  8. Very cute! I want to make some pompoms for a throw pillow, but haven’t done it yet. I had planned on just pinning them on for the very reason you did. Who wants to go to all that trouble just to have the washing machine destroy them?! :)

  9. Okay that is lazy!!! Haha but pretty smart on realizing they might get ruined in the wash. My soft loving things children would definitely love the Pom poms!

  10. I love that pom-pom quilt and I think your solution of safety pinning them on is genius! Like you said, it’s easier for washing that way! I may have to make myself one! I can sew but I am also a lazy DIYer! LOL!


  11. So cute! I love pom poms but haven’t found a project for them yet… this looks like a lot of fun. Ha – loved the last pic (especially since our puppy has pulled down the curtain covering our water heater three times in the past hour)!

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