Florida House Take 2

I’m taking a break from house planning to share my parent’s new house in Florida. You may be thinking, wait, didn’t you just completely redo their new Florida condo? Why yes, yes we did! And then in a strange turn of events they sold it and bought a house instead. It is a super long boring story, but basically a few months after they moved in a lawsuit over the dock space came about so no one would be able to use the dock until the lawsuit is settled, whenever that may be, meanwhile my dad’s boat had no where to go. That combined with deciding they wanted to be closer to all their friends on the gulf side prompted them to just put the condo on the market to see what would happen. It promptly sold in one day :) and they began house hunting over in the Clearwater/St. Pete area. They found the perfect house where they can park their boat right in their backyard, their 3 dogs have a fenced yard to run around and they are a 15 minute drive to all their friends. Win-win for everyone, yet another God thing ;)

The good news this time around was the house had really great bones, brand new counters and beautiful cabinets! We just needed to paint, swap some light fixtures and furnish the whole thing (the people who bought their condo bought all the furniture too). I flew down this past weekend for another frantic power shopping session, and I’m excited to give you the brand new tour. Unfortunately, we didn’t get everything done before my flight home, but I did manage to shoot most of the rooms before I left.

Today, I’ll give you a quick spin around the backyard and the formal living room. This house has it’s own cute little pool area, but the outdoor furniture hadn’t arrived by the time I left. Can’t wait to show you this area when it’s all done.

A small pool with trees

They also have their boat parked right out the back door on the canal here, which is just off the Manatee River and is about a 20 minute boat ride to the gulf. My dad took us for a cruise after a long day of power shopping and we saw 8 dolphins, so fun! My kids are going to love visiting here. I realized I forgot to take any outside shots of the house, but it’s so cute, another excuse to go back and visit :)

A large lawn in front of a palm tree

Could those two palm trees be set up any more perfect for a hammock? I know what Santa will be bringing my dad this year!

This house has a formal living room right when you come in the front door overlooking the pool. The previous owners had a very formal/traditional style that we wanted to make feel a bit more casual and beachy. They had heavy drapery on all the windows that made it feel dark, so that was the first thing to go.


A living room filled with furniture


A living room filled with furniture

Next, everything got a coat of Top Sail by Sherwin Williams. We loved the color so much in the condo it was a no brainer to use again.

Beach Coastal Living Room Decor

Then my mom texted me approximately 42 zillion different couches from the furniture store (we may have also face-timed too, totally normal shopping move…) and she settled on these cream colored couches with blue piping. The comfy striped ottoman helps with the laid back vibe.

Coastal Florida living room decor

A living room with a mirror

When I got down there this weekend, we found the basket and mirror at Pier 1 and swapped out the ornate chandelier for this fixture from Lowe’s.

Coastal throw pillows

A close up of a plant

A few throw pillows and this cute vintage chest – my mom’s friend added the dock cleat hardware to it, and this room was done!

Dock cleat hardware vintage chest

Coastal home decor

I’ll be continuing the tour next week with the kitchen, but for now, I’m back to sanding the 6th layer of paint off what will be my gorgeous, amazing antique sliding pantry door at the new house, but right now is just a headache and a gallon of paint stripper waiting for me…


disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

Light fixture – Lowe’s

Furniture – Local Florida furniture store called Hudsons

Rug – Wayfair

Mirror – Pier 1

Octopus Pillow – Pier 1

Paint color – Top Sail by Sherwin Williams

Basket tray – Pier 1

Knit Pillow – Marshall’s

Cabinet – Antique store

Throw blanket – HomeGoods

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  1. So happy with how light and bright everything is! We make a good team if I do say so myself!! Thanks honey!!

  2. This is Amazing! St. Petersburg is gorgeous. My friends Nancy and Steve Westphal own about 10 restaurants there. 400 Beach Seafood is one. Tell your parents to give it a try. They have another in the Dali Museum. Great people… Great job in a weekend! You totally nailed it!

  3. Oh my goodness! I think your parents new home is in my neighborhood!! Is the neighborhood in Apollo Beach?? The photos of the canal look just like our neighborhood. If they are, tell them to contact me if the have any questions about the area or need anything!! I love what you all did to the house…so beautiful!

  4. I took an old grainery door from our farm and it is now in use in our home. I used a power washer to remove all the paint. It was very fast and easy. Maybe can save you some fumes and elbow grease!

  5. I am always amazed that so many beach homes have those dark colorsand heavy drapes! even watching the home remodeling shows i think.. you live by the beach!!!!! tropical… and dark colors are your choice???! that space now looks amazing!! great job!

    1. I know seems so odd right? I’m more of a light and bright person so it’s hard to understand in general but if especially when you have such pretty views!

  6. I missed part 1, as well. What a lovely location. Your new take on the decor is much more suited to a coastal home. It feels like a breathe of fresh air. Pun intended. I see more visits to your parents new home in the future.

    1. Sorry to confuse you I meant Florida house take 2, as in we just redid their whole condo. If you missed that you can search beach condo on my blog and see that whole transformation, those before and afters are crazy! You haven’t missed any of this house yet :)

    1. I’m not sure about ceiling color because I’ve never actually painted ceilings. We just used flat sherwin williams paint.

  7. I agree where was I for part 1? Waiting for more pictures of exterior and interior. House looks cute and love the furniture. Where did you find that cute wooden whale? The Gulf side is our favorite. Bet they will love it there.

  8. WHAAAAT???? Where was I on Florida House Part 1? You’ll love the Gulf side — the water, when the Gulf isn’t angry, is such a gorgeous blue. When you visit your folks you’ll just be up the road from us — we are snowbirds and nest in Venice. I do love the color that you painted the walls :-)

    1. No you didn’t miss Florida house part 1, I just said take 2 because this is their 2nd property in Florida we have redone now :) Sorry for the confusion!

  9. Wow, what a great home! Beautifully updated and so homey! Welcome home to the West Coast of Florida! :)

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