Coastal Paint Colors

coastal paint colors

Hey guys, I have so many fun house updates coming to the blog soon, but I’m waiting on some deliveries to arrive. Anyone else completely stalk their online purchases? Since I can’t share the stuff for my own house while it’s making it’s way to me on a blessed brown truck with my saint of a UPS man, I thought we would pop back over to my parent’s house today and share the Coastal Paint Colors we used throughout their home renovation. It’s always nice to see all the colors in one spot and see how they all flow together, so I put this little graphic together for you.

Coastal Paint Colors

Here are the brands of each individual paint color.

  1. Sherwin Williams Topsail
  2. Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue
  3. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray
  4. Sherwin Williams Natural Choice
  5. Sherwin Williams Watery
  6. Sherwin Williams Extra White

Also, I know some of the colors you haven’t seen yet, but we are taking the kids for a visit next week for spring break! I shipped my tripod down, so new photos and posts will be coming soon. I’ll break it down here on the next image so you can see where we used what.

Beach House Paint Colors

I’ll link to each post here so you can see the colors in action too (I’ll come back and edit this post when I have every thing shot).

Sherwin Williams Topsail – Kitchen

See more of the Kitchen here.

Coastal Kitchen Makeover

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue – Office

See more of the office here.

A living room with a wooden floor

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice – Entryway

See more of the entryway here.

Coastal House Front Entry

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray – Exterior

See more of the exterior here.

James Hardie Siding

Sherwin Williams Extra White – Trim and Paneling in bathroom.

See more of the bathroom here.

Coastal Master Bathroom

Picking paint colors can be SO tricky, but my biggest advice when you are planning an entire color scheme for a house is to look at all of the colors together. They don’t necessarily need to all match, especially if they are on different floors, but there still should be a sense of flow to all of the colors.

Oh, and a little note on sheen. I get lots of questions about this, so I will throw my 2 cents in here. In our own home and in my parent’s home all of the trim and cabinets are painted in satin sheen. I just like the more casual softer look of that as opposed to semi gloss and it still cleans up easily.

All of the actual walls were done in a matte paint. Some people are scared this will be hard to clean with kids, but if you use a high quality paint and let it cure properly (my painter said not to scrub walls for at least 30 days so the paint can really cure), I gently take a magic eraser to my walls with no problems.

Let me know if you have any other paint questions, I’m happy to help!

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  1. Do you have any pictures of the rooms you painted with SW Watery? I had already picked out several of the colors you listed as well as a couple of variations and am trying to narrow down my selections. I absolutely love everything you shared. Thank you!

  2. When you say your walls are matte and trim is satin in your house… how did you handle the board and batten walls? Are those matte drywall and satin battens or all satin or all matte? Thanks!

  3. Beautiful home!! Can you tell me what the flooring is? I want to find that exact color in Vinyl plank but am having trouble finding something that light. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Semi-Gloss versus Satin Sheen. The two reasons to choose semi-gloss are 1) it is much more durable/lasts longer and 2) It is easier to clean. So if the paint is on the outside or in a kitchen or other area with a lot of use….semi-gloss would be a more logical choice.

  5. Hey! Trying to understand your Topsail color, is it Topsail SW 6217 or Silver Strand 7057?

    1. My mom’s house is the topsail color my master bedroom is the silver strand color so it depends on what room on my blog you are looking at – thanks!

  6. Looks very nice. What color was used for the cabinet in the bathroom that is used as a makeup vanity and what sheen is it?

  7. Beautiful! Always love everything you do!!! Quick question…are all the ceilings repainted? If so, did you use SW 7006 Extra White and was it in a flat or matte sheen? Thanks!

  8. Would you also recommend interior doors be painted in satin or do you have yours in a higher gloss?

  9. Coastal is such a great decor style! It’s a great color pallete too, I feel like is a bit more summer-y than spring, but I still love it.

  10. My painter said that matte finish is the current trend and that it cleans up more easily than satin/eggshell actually. Wish he’d told me that at the beginning of my huge painting project! ?

  11. So happy with how all the colors turned out! All these selections came together to create the calm, peaceful living space I was hoping for!

  12. LOVE your parents’ house!! Where did you get the oars/paddles? I know you have them in your house too. I’ve been looking.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!!

    1. We have found them at flea markets, garage sales, and vintage shops. Sometimes it can be quite the hunt – good luck!

  13. Pretty palette! Thanks for the ‘sheen’ advice. I’ve always used semi gloss for trim but I’m going to use satin sheen next time. I think I’ll like the look better, too. Have a wonderful Spring break!

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