Peppa Pig Toddler Girls Room

My brother asked me to help him decorate his sweet 4-year-old daughter’s bedroom earlier this fall. I love to do kid’s rooms, so I jumped at the chance to help his cutie with a little mini room refresh.

When I asked my niece what colors she liked for her room she replied “Peppa Pig!”

And when I asked what she wanted on her walls she responded “Peppa Pig! Peppa Pig!”

And when I asked her what her #1 must have design element was for the room, you guessed it “Peppa Pig!” – So basically your typical 4-year-old design client :)

peppa pig toddler girl bedroom

I did not want to disappoint my adorable niece, so I set out to Peppa Pig-ify her room without it being over the top or something she would grow out of quickly. I also wanted to keep it super budget-friendly, so we kept the existing wall color, drapes, and carpet.

Here are a few tips for if you want a character themed kid’s room, but you don’t want it to look like a toy store barfed in their room.

peppa pig toddler girl bedroom

1. Get the character sheets, not the bedding!

This paisley quilt may look familiar if you have been following along for a few years. This is my daughter’s duvet cover from a few years back. I’m so glad I saved it because it worked perfectly in this room too. Of course, there are all sorts of “attractive” Peppa Pig quilts and duvet covers out there, but this is not where you want to spend your $$$. Kids grow out of things too fast to make a big purchase like the full-on character quilt, so we picked up inexpensive Peppa Pig sheets. She was so happy because she still gets the Peppa Pigness on her pillows and sheets, but when she has moved onto Disney Princesses or whatever comes next, it will be easy to swap out the sheets and not the whole bed.

Peppa pig art on a wall

2. Hit up Etsy for cheap printables!

I found these cute prints on Etsy (I linked them below if you have a Peppa enthusiast in your family). They look like little watercolor paintings, which makes them less in your face cartoony and they only cost $9 for the set. I printed them out at Staples for a few dollars and used inexpensive frames to frame them. Also, it will be super easy to swap out this art down the road to family photos or her current obsession.

A stuffed pig sitting on top of a bed

3. Use what toys you have!

Stuffed animals are your friends here. My niece (not surprisingly) already had a nice collection of Peppa Pig stuffed friends in her possession. So, I just added one to her bed and one on her nightstand to keep the Peppa going. Again, totally easy to swap out when her next phase hits.

A stuffed animal on a table

To finish off the room, I found this dresser at a local flea market for $50. A quick coat of paint and some fun 1/2 off hardware from Hobby Lobby added storage for Peppa Pig jammies.

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a small room

She also needed a bed, so I found this inexpensive one from Wayfair. A day bed is a great option for toddlers who are still getting used to the whole sleeping in a bed transition. This one has a trundle under it as well for future sleepovers, but we didn’t assemble it for the time being since my brother didn’t have an extra twin mattress for it yet.

peppa pig toddler girl bedroom

A ready-made canopy and colorful rug made it extra cozy in here. She was thrilled with the room and it made my heart so happy. She has plenty of time for a sophisticated grown-up space, you are only 4 once, so give me all the bright colors for this sweet girl!

A girls bedroom

Almost all of the pillows and accessories were stuff I had from various projects over the years, but I’ll link a few similar items below!

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  1. Wow! My daughter would love this Peppa themed room! This is such a great reference for my upcoming renovations! Thanks

  2. So cute! You did a great job blending what she wanted without it looking like a character room. I have two boys who’s room we are updating and the sheet trick will be used for sure. I don’t think I can handle a pokemon bed cover!

  3. Such a darling Peppa-fied room! My two toddler granddaughters are also big Peppa fans and would love this room. And such good advice for styling a room for a child. Well done, Auntie Kelly!

  4. Love the Peppa Pig room and the fact that it wasn’t over the top. My babies are 29 and 26 yo now – significant others but no grandkids in sight (which is okay by me).
    I thought I’d share a couple of things we did when our kids were young that have stood the test of time. The trundle bed from my daughter’s room moved into the office (formerly known as my son’s room) and will be the perfect place for my 2 great-nephews later this summer. Still room for the desk and bookshelf (half kids’ books, half sports books) in that tiny room. My son’s twin bed always had clear sweater boxes under his bed. They stacked 2 high and he could always tell which box had legos, which one had figurines, science stuff, etc. Later they held electronics cords, dvd’s, sports equipment, video games, etc. I just moved them to the basement toy corner (kept for those great-nieces and nephews, and the little neighbor girls).
    As we have transitioned to empty nesters with adult kids, a queen size bed has gone into my daughter’s room and we have always had a queen size bed in the guest room which doubles as my craft area. My kids each live 45 minutes to an hour away (not terrible) but there is room for holiday and party sleepovers even after grandkids arrive on the scene! My daughter regularly comes and spends the night and none of our extended family lives close so there is plenty of room for all to stay.

  5. I can just see her jumping up and down happy here! Way to go. Also, fun to see some color on your blog!

  6. A sweet labor of love Kelly ?. Auntie made her room Peppa happy! I love the daybed idea for a toddler!

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