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Basement Family Room Makeover Progress

I mentioned yesterday that there are so many good sales this weekend, and the timing could not be better with the little refresh of the basement I’m working on. So, when Wayfair asked me to partner with them to highlight their major Memorial Day sale, I jumped at the chance. With over 10 million products on their site and fast and free shipping on orders over $50, it’s the perfect time to snag a few new pieces for this room.

leather chairs white table

Here are some progress shots of what I have going on down here in the basement. I mentioned the blue carpet is going bye-bye soon, next week in fact! It is getting replaced with a nice neutral greige color, which means I can finally layer it with a rug with some fun color to it! The blue toned carpet was so limiting before.

white dining table leather chairs

I also like the idea of having more of a pattern in the rug to hide all my kiddo’s snack mishaps down here. I absolutely love the fun colors in this one and the vintage vibe it has. I staged it over here, for now, to cover up the blue carpet but it will be moving over to the sectional area soon. We hang out in this room the most in the winter or on rainy days, so I really want it to feel cozier down here, and this soft warm rug really helps with that vibe.

vintage blue and rust rug

Here are a few up close shots of the rug so you can really see how pretty the colors are. It has some faded detailing for a vintage look.

vintage blue and rust rug

Next on my mission to make this space cozier and inviting were new chairs for around our game table. I snagged this table and chairs at a second-hand store for $30 and gave it a fresh coat of paint. The table is great, but the chairs were so uncomfortable that we rarely played a game or did a puzzle here like I planned on. I decided we needed something with more cushion so I went with these faux leather chairs. They are super comfortable, add a lot of warmth to the space, and are completely easy to wipe down so they are practical for snack time too. They are on sale for $120 for 2 right now.

lake house family room

I also like how the black metal legs relate back to the black metal legs of our console table behind the sofa as well.

leather dining chairs white table lake house family room

Bonus the Mr. feels like this room is on it’s way to being his man cave with the new leather chairs. Even though we have a long way to go to surviving the teen hangout years first.

leather dining chairs white table lake house family room

I’ve been on the hunt for an oversized vase for flowers or branches from our yard, and this one from Wayfair is perfect and reasonably priced with the sale. It’s an easy centerpiece when this space isn’t covered in our current puzzle obsession.

white oversized stoneware vase

You can shop everything we have from Wayfair in our home below, much of which is on sale! I’m also including some of my fave items from the sale which is going on right now. If you are in the market for literally almost everything, Wayfair is a great spot to find anything you need for your home. With up to 65% off all clearance patio furniture, clearance area rugs starting at just $49.99, and dining room clearance furniture up to 70% off – now is a great time to shop. Check out the entire sale on their website here.

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  1. I am having trouble with the link for the colored rug that you layered in this post, can you tell me the name!

  2. Hi there! I’ve been dying for a table just like that one! I love how simple and clean the legs are! Can you link where you got it?

  3. Hi! Can you please share the rug link? The ones above are not working for me. Thanks!

  4. It looks lovely! I love the mix of the vintage with the mid-century lines. The link to the rug doesn’t seem to be working. What is the name of the rug?

  5. Love the new additions in the basement!! I’ve eyed that rug at Wayfair and was delighted to see it in your mix of things. I am so sold on Wayfair. They stand behind what they sell with such great customer service. And not waiting for five months for a furniture piece is a real attraction!
    I noticed your links are not working FYI ?
    Good to take time with your lovely family. Also, thanks for the link to your pastors messages. I will have a listen while I exercise. ?

    1. Oh shoot thanks for the heads up on the links, they have been so glitchy lately! I hope you enjoy the sermons! I love to listen while I walk too.

  6. Just wanted you to know that some of your light links aren’t currently active. Looks great!

    1. Hey thanks Kari! I’ve been having some tech issues today, they should be all fixed now. I appreciate the heads up!

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