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Backyard Ramblings

Is anyone else limping through these last few weeks of school? Little man actually wore a pajama shirt to school last week and I think I sent my daughter to school with a banana and a bag of popcorn for lunch yesterday.

Not to mention Buddy is wreaking havoc all over the house again. We found out he has been peeing in the playroom (again) and once he does it once he thinks this is a totally socially acceptable spot to do his business (again). So we had the carpet cleaners come (again), only to have Buddy get some sort of weird doggy stomach virus and projectile vomit all night long all over the carpet (again). I have never seen a poor dog so sick, he even had to spend the day at the vet with an IV because he was so dehydrated, poor nugget.

Sigh, of course this all happened while the Mr. was traveling for work and I was supposed to be at a farm field trip with little man. Thankfully, my mom swooped in and helped out. Which was a good thing, because I was also viscously attacked by my rose bushes that same day. A huge thorn went right thru my gardening gloves and so deep into my index finger it took me 15 minutes to get out causing my finger to swell up enormously…like picture me having a bratwurst on the end of my hand for a week. Yeah, we are totally rocking it over here :)

A large lawn in front of a house

Meanwhile. end of school activities keep rolling on and little man turns 4 at the end of next week. So, as usual, poor kid is getting a hastily thrown together party and I’ll probably take him to toys r us and let him pick out his toys and “unwrap” them by opening up the plastic bag when we get home and yell surprise! And he’ll feign shock and delight at the sight of the toy he picked out 5 minutes earlier. I’m sure this is a birthday memory he will cherish forever and ever…

So. what I’m saying as I gingerly type with my sausage fingers (hitting at least 2 keys every time I use my index finger) is here is my backyard this year.

Cottage sunroom addition


Lake House Patio

The sunroom is done.

A large lawn in front of a house

I love the way the shutters turned out.

Shutters and Window Boxes

I bought hanging baskets and threw them in my DIY planters.

Front Door Idea

That’s all I got. I’m fresh out of my attempts at witty commentary or interesting things to share. Just here are some hastily snapped pictures and stick a fork in me, I’m done :)

A dining set on a patio

If you need me, I’ll be here, possibly glass of wine in hand…

Roof Top Deck

and to all the other momma’s out there limping with me – good luck to you!


White furniture – World Market

Rug – Better Homes and Gardens Collection at Walmart

Deck Furniture – Pottery Barn

Clock – Pottery Barn

Barn Lights – Barn Light Electric

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  1. Hi Kelly can you tell me where you got your large front door white planters

    1. I actually stole them from my mom’s garage ;) so I’m not sure where they are from! I’m currently on the hunt for new ones though so I will keep you posted.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Hopefully your poor finger is doing better now! I just found your blog, love it all! Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Hi Kelly, I’ve been looking at houses on zillow all morning and people’s decorating (clutter!) style has me so depressed that I had to come by your site again just to see some home beauty (even though I’ve already read this post). I needed some cheering up! Hope things are getting better your way.

  4. Oh Kelly! Am I ever with you!! 2 weeks left and I am LIMPING myself. My three kids all got crackers in their lunch today!! I’m over it! This weekend was my daughter’s birthday, my husband ran that half marathon, the girls’ dance recital and I had to make 100 pretzel hugs for Ad’s class “how-to” presentation. I think I’m dying. Or dead already. Let it end!!

    On the other hand, your yard looks AMAZING! SO beautiful Kelly! Every little detail. Hang in there cute friend! We’re almost there! Then we can complain about having the kids home all day and how they’re driving us CRAZY. ;) xo

  5. Hi! love your site and style! i am sure you have been asked this before! what color grey is the outside of your house? This Summer we are painting our new place, a circa 1913 craftsman styled cottage, that is full restored, and I am looking for a similar grey! thanks for any info you can provide!

    1. Oh sounds beautiful I love old houses! Unfortunately our home is sided in precolored faux cedar shake so I don’t have a color for you :( Good luck with your painting!

  6. I’m so sorry for all of the mishaps, but the pics are lovely and all will be good in the end. Just as a small reminder … The days are long, but the years are short! Enjoy each moment…

    1. Thanks Sandy, I cherish every day with them, just some days more than others :) ready to have lots of lazy summer days with my favorite people!

  7. So sorry about the rose-thorned finger – hoping it shrinks down soon. Keep some Neosporin on it?

    Your home and grounds are stunning and I just want to come sun and drink iced tea out back! I love your color palette both inside and out. I relax just looking at your pictures.

    Oh my gosh! You’ve got me laughing so much! Add me, a Nona, to all the Moms as I help my single parent son raise his 5 year old son who sees absolutely no value in quiet time for himself or grown ups and with a cat that acts like your dog. Sometimes you just have to believe that food is food and as long as they’re not naked, they’re clothed. Too close to Summer to be splitting hairs over the small stuff!

    1. Happy to report my finger is now more hotdog sized rather than bratwurst, I think we are headed in the right direction :)
      Amen to the not naked part, I think little man has been wearing the same shirt for 3 days now, thanks Guerrina!

  8. I think your backyard is perfect and so is the rest of your house. Your house is a dream house for me. Maybe in my next life I can live in a house like yours, on a lake. Hang in there with the remainder of the school year!

  9. Ohhhhh I’ve had those days. Everything would go wrong when my husband would go hunting for a week. Dishwasher exploding – washing machine vomiting bubbles every where. Kids on the crazy train. I used to enlist my Mom to stay with me just because I was convinced something else would go wrong. But in the end – it all turns out and you’ll be like – remember when? The best piece of advice I ever got was from a lady at church. We always sat in the back row and the kids that day were strung out on Easter candy crawling uncontrollably all over the pews. It was embarrassing and I was a wreck, but this woman came to me after church and all she said was – it will get better. Those words have stuck with me now for about 25 years. I repeat them to all the Moms I know who are near collapse. It will get better. Life is good. I love your blog and your home. You make me laugh and your style is similar to mine. I live on the other side of MI and commiserate with you when the weather is bad or good for that matter. Keep chugging along girlfriend!

    1. Right?? It’s always when they leave that things fall apart! Thanks so much for the sweet encouraging words and for reading along with my craziness! Have a great week Amy!

  10. Poor puppy, poor Mama, and poor finger! Hope all gets better soon (as it usually does, right). Always love your Blog – so human. Yard, deck, porch, and shutters all look amazing. Keep on keeping on Kelly….

  11. I just love all those cool colors in your yard! You make it seem like such a breeze doing all that gorgeous decorating you seem just to think of! And your a whiz at making your husband come on board with your ideas lol! Nothing like ending the school year with a bunch of things happening to you! Would love to have a lake in my backyard, lucky you! Hope your finger feels better soon.

  12. STUNNING! You are so talented at everything you do. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to help you. Love mom D

  13. Beautiful patio! How do you keep your white cushions white? I have some and the darn squirrels peed on them. The planters look really nice too. Hang in there summer vacation will be over before you know it.

    As to the dog peeing issue, get some Nature’s Miracle. It’s an enzyme cleaner that gets rid of organic odors from urine and vomit. It’s wonderful stuff.

    1. That made me laugh out loud, can’t believe squirrels attacked your cushions! I think since mine are on the 2nd floor I don’t have as hard of a time with them?
      As to the Nature’s Miracle I think we may own stock in their company by now, I buy that stuff by the gallon!! Thanks Jo!

  14. Kelly, your home and backyard are just gorgeous! I can sympathize, regarding your sausage finger. I was attacked by a bougainvillea thorn just recently! Same story, went through my garden glove into my index finger. Started throbbing and swelling immediately like ten sons a bitches!! It happens every time I trim those suckers. My husband showes no remorse, we have yard guys to do this for me, but I’m a perfectionist, and they have to be trimmed just right! Get yourself lots of Neosporin. It does the trick for me! Good luck to you!!!

    1. Oh I love bougainvillea! So gorgeous, except for the whole ten sons of bitches part ha :) Thanks for making me laugh and letting me know I’m not the only who is attacked by her plants :)

  15. You always crack me up Kelly! Love your sense of humor! Hope your finger returns to its normal size soon and poor Buddy!! I hope he’s back to “normal” and stops peeing in your house! That can be so frustrating, I know. Your back yard/sunroom/flowers look fantastic! I Hope someday to live on the water somewhere too! (I grew up on the water…so I hope to return there someday) Thx for your post! Feel better!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, my finger is slowly returning to it’s former self. I think Buddy is too, crossing my fingers (carefully) anyways :)

  16. Oh Kelly ! You poor thing!! Of course it happens when The Mr is gone!! That is the way it works. The bad little imps of misfortune wait until you are the most vulnerable and when you have the most to do. I hope your sausage finger is better — I really can sympathize. What you need is a month vacation!!!!! Your back yard is beautiful!

    1. I could for sure go for a month vacation! Although I always feel like I’m on vacation when school is out :)

  17. What a beautiful backyard!!! I’ve been looking for a rug like that for my deck. I searched the walmart site but didn’t see it. Did you purchase it recently? It’s gorgeous!!

  18. This too shall pass – you’ll blink and LM will be leaving for college. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tough days in the trenches. You made me happy that I’m old today! Hahaha! You’re home is stunning. And you’re a great mom (with swollen fingers).

    1. That was my grandmothers favorite quote and I say it to myself often thanks for reminding me of her and the sweet encouragement!

  19. HA! That post was hysterical! I totally feel ya on all of it. Can’t wait for the school year to end already. Did you make those shutters? If so, what color stain did you use? I love them! Thank you!

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