White Fire Pit Table

Today is the last day of school for my kiddos and we are so ready to kick off the summer! What better way to celebrate than with a fire out by the lake. We loved having a fire pit at our old house, but we couldn’t quite decide where we wanted to put one at this new house. We still really haven’t decided, which is why we went with a fire pit table for now instead of something more permanent.

Outdoor furniture sitting on a patio

This fire pit table from Hayneedle was the perfect solution. I was lucky enough to partner with Hayneedle again here on our patio space.

Outdoor furniture sitting on a patio

I’ve been looking at fire pit tables for a long time, but this was one I’ve never seen. I love that it’s white and fits right in with our Adirondack chairs.

A lake house with a fire pit

Apparently, you all haven’t seen a white one either, because I shared a sneak peek of this table on instagram last week and my dm’s blew up wanting me to share my source!

lake front fire pit table

I totally get why, most of the fire pits I found were black, brown or faux stone and didn’t fit in with our lake house vibe.

A family making s\'mores in front of a house

This one is the perfect table to serve a cocktail or snack on and you would hardly know it’s a fire pit until you pop the top off. It’s a little higher than coffee table height (but still comfortable to prop your feet up on), so it makes a great kid’s dining area too!

A family sitting around a fire pit

I love that it hides the propane tank right underneath, so there is nothing complicated to hook up.

A large lawn in front of a house

The Mr. is one of the smartest guys I know and he is good at lots of things, but his boy scouts skills are definitely lacking. It always took us like an hour to try to get a fire going (not to mention a can of lighter fluid), so having this thing flip on with the turn of a knob is amazing!

Outdoor furniture on a patio in front of a house

We used to have a fire maybe a few times a summer, because we didn’t want to deal with the headache of building a fire, the smoke, and putting it out safely at the end of the night. This table is so easy to use we have been out here almost every night. Even just for a quick half hour with a glass of wine after we put the kids to bed – it’s been a relaxing place to end the day.

Outdoor fire pit and chairs

I get a lot of questions about our Adirondack chairs and some of them are actual old school wood ones, but we have slowly been replacing them with the Polywood indestructible version a few at a time. Hayneedle has a great selection of them and I love how durable they are.

dark grey and white lake house

Oh, one last tip that I shared on instagram – all of my planters out here look so nice and full because I just buy hanging baskets and pop them out of their buckets and into my planters. It’s the easiest way to have nice full planters right away.

propane fire pit table

Between the pool cabana area (see that here if you missed my last post) and this fire pit area down by the lake, we are set up for a great summer. My favorite thing about living out here is watching my kids grow up making the same types of memories I did when I spent my summers here as a kid.

A group of people standing next to a body of water

Happy weekend everybody!


Fire pit table – Red Ember Juneau Round Fire Pit Table

Adirondack chairs – Polywood Classic Adirondack Chairs with Ottomans

Throw Pillows –  E by Design Dashing Stripe Outdoor Throw Pillow


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  1. I love your home and incredible backyard view so much! Must be so peaceful to live on the lake :). I’m wondering if you would be open to sharing the type of camera that you use to get your amazing shots?

    Thanks for any help!

    1. Hey kim! Thanks so much I actually have a post on all the camera equipment I use, just type “camera equipment” in the search bar on my blog and it should come up!

  2. I love following your blog! Your ideas are incredible! Where did you get these planters from? Thanks for your help!

  3. So lovely and inviting, Kelly. Love your writings, as you explain every little detail to us.

    Do I need that white Fire Pit? Oh yes I do!!!!!!! I, like you, love that it’s white…

  4. I agree with Marie totally. I was transported by your gorgeous photos and didn’t want to leave. Reminds me of the Adirondacks, in NY state. I spent many summers in my youth “Lake Living” in Lake George, Lake Sacandaga, Lake Placid, etc. I totally get it. Peaceful and yet invigorating. And we had no TV, Wi-Fi, Computers and social media. But we made lasting friends with real people and our family was it’s own reality show, with all its imperfections. I’d gladly go back to my childhood which was pure and simple, and memorable. Your children are so lucky to have you and the Mister for parents. You should have a blog called Married With Children, Newly Revised. I would subscribe.

    1. Oh wow thanks so much what a nice thing to say! We are definitely not perfect but I love how simple things are out here. Our kids have an hour of screen time a day and they are outdoors adventuring the rest of the time, it’s so fun to watch.

  5. Okay…..I don’t think there are enough positive adjectives to describe these pics! Oh-my-goodness! I especially like the shots taken with your back to the house , looking out towards the lake….Kelly! They look like they belong in a magazine! Enjoy your beautiful summer! I hope you post more pics along the way!

    1. Oh thanks so much Marie I have been working on my photography and I was so happy to capture these shots :)

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