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Mom’s Sitting Room

Alright here it is the final piece of the puzzle! If you are new here (hello!) I’ve been sharing the longest home renovation ever, like a year and 1/2 in the making now, over at my parent’s house.  You can check out their master bedroom here, and their master bath here (be prepared to swoon!). I’m finaaaaalllly wrapping it all up today with this little sitting room that is right off their bedroom.

Lake House Sitting Room

I love how cozy, yet bright this room turned out.

Lake House Sitting RoomYou may recognize these chairs as the ones that use to be my fireplace, I graciously returned them to my mom after stealing borrowing them from her garage…they fit perfect in here.

I’m totally obsessed with the old window in here too (if I didn’t think she would notice I’d totally swipe this too!  Boy I’m sounding like a klepto…I promise I only steal from my mom…ok and my kids, I mean hello Halloween candy!?).  My mom and I scoured the flea markets for just the perfect piece for this spot, and this window did the trick.  Love the detail on it.

Lake House Sitting Room

It was such a grey rainy day when I shot this, but trust me that the view off the balcony of this room is so pretty in the summer.

Lake House Sitting Room

 This cute little table is another flea market find, originally I thought I was going to paint it a more vibrant color, but once we got it in the room, it fit right in.  The hardware on it is perfection.

Lake House Sitting Room

Lake House Sitting Room

 Oh and you can’t really see him in there, but that cool plant thingy is actually home to Phineas the beta fish, his counterpart – Ferb lives downstairs (yes, my kids may have had a hand in the naming process which makes sense to you if you ever watch the Disney channel :) we used to have a fish named Perry the platypus too…let’s just say little man gave him a hug, like a really tight hug…).

Lake House Sitting Room

Lake House Sitting Room

Lake House Sitting Room

Well, like I said 18 months later that’s a wrap! Make sure to check out my mom’s bedroom and bath, so you can take the full tour.

Back to my ridiculously early Christmas decorating!


Wall art – One Kings Lane

Rug – Birch Lane

Leopard Pillow – Pottery Barn

Green Pillows – HomeGoods

Blue Pillow – One Kings Lane

Spool Table – Ballard Design

Bird cage, Table, Window – Flea Market

Wicker Furniture – Pottery Barn

Birds- World Market

Paint – Peek O Blue by Clark+Kensington

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  1. Love your Lily Pad blog about your inland MI cottage. We too, have an inland cottage. Where is yours? Ours is near Ludington. Love to share my photos with you. had it two years and use repurposed items, vintage and antique finds to decorate it. and of course, get loads of ideas from pinterest posts, like yours!

  2. Kelly, so pretty. Love the colors. I love the wall art above the settee. Did the window come that color? If it did, you are good, really good! Personally, for me, it was only snicker bars that ever disappeared from my kids treat bags.

  3. Yes ! (nodding in understanding) I can see how that candy is just screaming to you to take a taste — after all, the kidlets are in school and there isn’t anyone around. You’re hungry, or at the very least you NEED an energy boost. Yep! I’ve been there — done that! I even admitted to my kids and they understood. Your mom is very generous to let you try some of her things out. That way you can see how it works out and return it. You’ve done a good job of decorating. The rooms do look bright and cheery — that is a necessity during cold dreary Michigan weather. Have a great day — what kind of candy was it?? I’m pretty picky.

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