Lake House Master Bedroom Design

So, I accidentally redecorated my entire master bedroom during the snowpocalypse a few weeks ago. Oops. I blame cabin fever…again. Lake house Bedroom Design

lake house coastal bedroom design

Well, let me back up by saying when we sold our last house, the buyers bought most of our furniture including all of our master bedroom furniture. I was starting from scratch in here when we built. Which was fun! But on the downside, I typically like to live in a space for a bit and get a feel for it before I decorate. Sometimes something you think will work doesn’t and that’s kind of been the case in here.

This house just calls for cleaner lines than we had in our old home and that’s not something I realized until we moved in and have been here a bit. I loved the old school character of the bed we had in here on its own, but something about the curve of the headboard with the wall sconces and the art has always felt too busy to my eye. Lake house master bedroom design.

Lake House Bedding Blue and white

I also grabbed these $15 nightstands from a flea market, so we at least had something while I looked for the perfect thing. These ones were just too small, kind of rickety, and every time we opened the cabinets everything fell out. There isn’t a shelf in the cabinet, so it is a lot of wasted space. Number one on the list for new nightstands – drawers! Something I could open and close and keep organized vs these cabinets that were kind of useless. I also wanted something that was wider giving us more storage than the narrow ones we had before, oh and under a zillion dollars preferably.

Wow, that turned out to be a hard task. Something about moving up to a wider nightstand made the prices skyrocket. I found so many that I loved but they were all around $1,000. When I came upon these at Crate and Barrel I was excited. They are timeless feeling with clean lines, tons of storage and they have a plug inside the drawer so I don’t have to look at phone chargers hanging out everywhere. They were still pricey at $499 each, but I had them in my cart forever and they finally were 20% off last week so I snagged them. They are solid wood and I know we will have them for a long time.

A wooden nightstand

Next, up for the bed, we wanted something comfier. The Mr. and I usually watch tv in our room after we put the kids to bed (well I watch tv or read while he is usually working on his computer). The thought of an upholstered headboard vs a wood one to lean back on seemed cozier. I found this one on sale for around $600 and it’s an almost identical dupe for the Serena and Lily one I fell in love with which was about $2,000.

A bed in a room

I plan on keeping my world market rug and the bedding I got at Christmas below. Although I may switch back to the summer bedding from Target we had too! Haven’t figured it all out yet.

blue and white Christmas bedroom decor

Oh and so many of you ask about our ceiling fan that we bought at The Home Depot and they discontinued it. I always wondered why up until a few months ago when it randomly stopped working. The lights won’t turn on. The fan won’t run. Nothing. Nada. Which is just as well because the Mr. and I were talking and we really never turned the fan portion on these past two summers, so I think I may swap it out for a fun light fixture instead.

I love the texture of rattan/wicker lights – here are a few I’m thinking about:

The bed arrived last week and we love it so far – it is SO comfy! I feel like our Melissa Lyons painting is the star of the room now vs competing with the bed. The nightstands arrived as well, but my trusty fed ex guy (who I love) accidentally delivered it wrong side up and the top was cracked, so I’m waiting on a new one. I’m hoping to share our actual bedroom next week!

Oh and about our old bed, don’t worry I have plans for it! It’s in our storage room in the basement for now, but my daughter is getting older (she turns 11 this week – sob) so pretty soon she is going to be outgrowing her twin bed. I’m thinking when she is 12 or 13 we will put it in her room and do a little room refresh.

You can shop everything in this post below –

Lake house master bedroom design


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  1. Kelly,
    What fabric color did you select for the bed? I’m just curious because the pic that you have posted doesn’t look like any of the ones that you can choose from on the store website? I like the color of the one that you posted.

  2. Hi! My name is Kelly and we live on a lake in VA ? where is the sailboat print? I don’t see a link to that or maybe I overlooked it. We have built 3 homes and we sell all of our furniture with the homes. It seems like a good idea until it’s time to repurchase ?

  3. Do you have any other dressers in your room like a chest or wide dresser? Love all your choices!

    1. Hey Moira, we do yes on the other wall across from the bed. I don’t show it often because it’s my great grandmothers and it needs to be repainted. It’s my first DIY to get to as soon as the weather warms up.

  4. Hi! Have been looking for a new headboard for quite some time and love this one! Just have a couple questions for you-
    1- how high up is the base frame off the floor?
    (Like to sweep underneath)
    2-is there a center support on the floor of the bed frame?
    3- how tall is the headboard (from the floor to top of headboard)
    4- color- is it a creamy color or tan or more of a gray wash?
    Thanks A TON!!!

    1. Hey Janae all the dimensions should be on the website where I linked to the bed but I’d say its 4 inches off the floor. There is a center support on the bed to the floor and it’s a pretty true white. I’ll be posting more photos soon!

  5. Lovely! Always enjoy your posts! Do you ever regret having the sconces on each side of bed? Do you like to change around the bed sometimes and place it on another wall for fresh perspective?

    1. Hey, Sue no I like having the sconces on the wall, it’s nice to have more free space on the nightstand without a lamp. Our tv is mounted into the other side of the wall so we wouldn’t be able to switch the bed anyway.

  6. I LOVE your choices and can’t wait to see your bedroom all put together. What a great price on that bed!

    1. I link to it right in the post :) Whenever you see BOLD words on my site that means it’s a link to the item. Just click on Melissa Lyons Art and it will take you to her shop.

  7. Hi Kelly,
    I love your new headboard and the price : ) Can’t wait to see your reveal next week.

  8. Kelly, I myself have bought the wicker light fixture you are thinking of purchasing. It is very inexpensive but also not super quality. Rattan and rope do not match exactly. Just a head’s up. I would never purchase if I could not return easily. You are a pro and know all of this but thought I would share for the inexperienced!
    Love, love, love your cozy slice of heaven!

    1. Hey Mary Lou thanks for the heads up! I linked a few different ones, can you tell me which one you bought that you aren’t happy with so I can steer clear? THanks!

  9. Can’t wait to see your reveal Kelly! I’ve been eyeing these nightstands for our master and anxious to see these in place. I live south of Lansing and I totally understand your cabin fever!

  10. I really like the sconces as an alternative to lamps on the nightstand, however, I’m curious as to how you turn them off while lying in bed.

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