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Cozy Gift Ideas

You guys, we are in the home stretch! Christmas is a mere 8 days away. If you procrastinate (like me), you may be on the hunt for some last minute gift ideas or you are wanting to cozy up your own home before your family arrives.

matching Christmas pajamas

Maybe your guest room could use a good sprucing? Well, I’m partnering with The Company Store to share a few of their warm and cozy products for bedrooms, and the good news is that they offer free guaranteed Christmas delivery when you order by 10 am Dec. 21st ET!

cozy gift ideas

I think new sheets and comforters make the perfect gift for Christmas, because now is the time when we need an extra cozy layer or two. Their Classic Solid 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set come in great colors and gives you the crisp sheet feeling but with a softness I love. Even the Mr. noticed we got new sheets!

cozy gift ideas sheets and comforters

Our duvet has been on it’s last leg for a while, so it was time for an update with the PrimaLoft® Deluxe Comforter in Medium Warmth. I can’t believe how much fluffier this is from our old one. I have this tucked inside our duvet cover now, but I left it out so you could really see how nice and fluffy and inviting it is. Just ask Charlie…

cozy gifts blankets and bedding

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect not too heavy, not too lightweight blanket for our bed, and this Cotton Weave Blanket & Throw fits the bill. It comes in a ton of beautiful colors (I chose navy), and I like the option to leave it peaking out when I make the bed for an extra pop of color in our room. This is the perfect blanket to throw at the foot of a guest room too.

best bedding comforters and sheets

The Mr. has been accusing me of hogging the “good pillows” for years (it’s a long running joke around here ever since I required every single pillow on the bed when I was pregnant with our daughter), so I finally got him The Company store’s Firmest Pillow. Not only are the comfy, they survived my children’s pillow fight…

christmas pajamas family

If you are having house guests stay over for Christmas, besides fresh bedding, it’s always nice to have the room smelling good too. This Illume® Aromatic Diffuser – Winter White is perfect to leave bedside along with a candle like this Illume® Tonka Noir Mojave Glass Candle. These also make great hostess or neighbor gifts too!

best bedding comforters and sheets

If you have a hard to buy person in you life, go for cozy! Everyone can always use a nice pair of slippers or a robe. The Mr. loves this Company Cotton Robe for his early mornings.

matching family Christmas pajamas

I ordered these cozy Women’s Slippers for myself, but a certain tiny fashionista has stolen them!

matching family Christmas pajamas

Ok and the ultimate gift for mom (meaning this mom) is matching jammies for the whole fam! What is it about twinning with my kiddos that makes my heart so happy? Even the Mr. agreed that The Company Store’s Classic matching pajamas are super comfortable, and I can’t wait to wake up in them on Christmas morning (preferably not until 8:00 am – ha, not likely!).

matching family Christmas pajamas

You can check out all the great bedding products that The Company Store has to offer for that last minute Christmas gift here or click any of the bold links above.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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  1. Kelly. I saw your blog a couple of years ago and was in love with your first Lily Pad house. I just found you again and can not believe you have a new house which I love even more. I would love to see a blog with focus on your collection of: throw pillows and/or throws and/or baskets. I have an addiction for all three.

  2. Beautiful family. Enjoy those littles. They are growing up right before your blog buddy’s eyes!!! Bless you. Merry Christmas

    1. They are getting too grown up! I’m thinking I need to do a little then and now blog post update on them. My little guy was a baby when I started!

  3. Love all the ideas! Those matching pajamas are adorable and look so warm and cozy!! I might have to check out that robe- think it might make the perfect gift for someone I know! ?

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