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Vintage Tablecloth Pillows and a bit of news…

Hey strangers, wow it’s been a long break! My kids have been keeping me hopping this summer you guys! I’ve hardly had a minute to stop in here and blog, but we only have a few weeks left of summer and we are making the most of them here on the lake.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

That’s not the only thing keeping me hopping though, I actually had Midwest Living Magazine here last week shooting my house! That’s like our version of Southern Living for you friends down south. It was pretty exciting/stressful/exhausting/educational/inspring…

Red white and blue cottage decor

Trying to keep an entire house in “magazine worthy” condition with my munchkins running around was a tall order, but we all survived and it was so cool to see how they work to get each shot just right. It’s definitely not my way of grabbing my camera, shoving all the toys out of the way and hollering at my kids to stop jumping on the couch for two seconds while I snap a photo.

There was a 3 person team meticulously setting up each shot, fluffing pillows, placing apples just so, folding and refolding towels and about a thousand gorgeous flowers. There was also much discussing of the amount of bowls on the shelves vs plates (hot debate by the way, I’m personally all for as many bowls as possible, aiding in my nightly ice cream habit). It’s all those little things that make a magazine photo shoot way more complicated than a little ole blog photo shoot and such a great learning experience for my amateur photographer self.

A sofa in a living room

Also, Buddy wanted to be in every… single… shot… Which was hilarious, the photographer even wanted to take him home to be her personal stand in dog model. It was a tempting offer, after all it’s about time Buddy got a job! He could start paying me back for all the rugs he has peed on…

I quite possibly desperately bribed cheerfully promised my children everything under the sun in order to get them to sit in on a few photos too.

Anyways, I’ll let you know when to look for the issue that we will be in, probably next summer sometime!

Lake house vintage decor

In the meantime, while I recover from all the craziness, I thought I would pop in and share these cute vintage tablecloth pillows I made from an old table runner I found at the antique flea market.

Vintage Floral Pillow

Aren’t they cute? I’ve been looking to add a little pop of red to the couch to carry the red around the room that I added through the painted buffet table and the framed flag. I found this little table cloth for $5 last week and was able to squeeze 2 pillows out of it. I think they are perfect for summer.

Red wooden planter

I also grabbed this little red box too!

PS In addition to completely ignoring blogging in favor of my sweet faced kiddos, I have also been neglecting emails, comments, messages, notifications – generally anything involved with turning on a computer and being a responsible blogger person. So, I apologize and will be tackling the back log soon…soonish – pinkie promise!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty and happy with your light colors. We are empty nesters our son is 43 and our daughter is 36.
    Pamela in WV

  2. Such exciting news about your magazine feature! Kudos to you for enjoying your kids and the lake this summer- it does fly by too quickly, as so many others said before me. Love the new pillows, your home always looks so welcoming!

  3. YEA!! Kelly that is AMAZING news! So happy for you and I can’t wait to see your gorgeous home in print! Good for you too taking more time for your kids this summer. Summers fly by too quickly! Your new pillows are beautiful! Such a happy, fun addition. Love it all cutie! xo

    1. Thanks friend! I don’t know how you keep it all going in the summer with your cute kiddos, hoping to get back at it here in a few weeks!

  4. Amazing Kelly! We’ll definitely pick up a copy of Midwest Living in your honor. You are so talented and such an inspiration!

  5. I love too pillows and fantastic about the shoot. How cute Buddy wanted to be a star. Enjoy your kids, the blog can wait


  6. I just bought a bench today so I can sit at my old vanity and the seat needs to be recovered. I never thought of using a tablecloth until you wrote about your pillows – what a wonderful idea!!!! Incidentally I have two pit bulls that are very photographic but would not sit still for anything unless you want them to move.

  7. So deserving Kelly ! I love Midwest Living Mag. Just renewed my subscription awhile ago. Can’t wait to see the spread !

  8. Amazing.. Have always been a fan of Midwest Living.. In fact I just paid for my new subscription.. My sisters lake house was featured in a local magazine and we all loved it. Enjoy the rest of your summer on that gorgeous lake.. Finally starting to cool down here in Chicago.. Your home looks lovely with the extra red touches…

    1. P.S. I love the he scrunched pillows.. guess what Peter people really LIVE in their lake homes…

  9. Hi, Sill loving the blog Kelly but that stripey cushion all scrunched up at the bottom is so hard on the eye. I have been an interiors photographer for 35 years & my stylists would have a fit then a seizure if they saw that.
    Enjoy your summer.
    Peter :)

  10. Welcome back! Your house looks amazing. I love the addition of the red. Can’t wait to see the magazine article. Enjoy those last few weeks with the kids.

  11. Kelly, you just made me feel so much better about my own inability to keep my blog going this summer…Congratulations about the magazine shoot! How exciting!!! ;)

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who finds it hard in the summer! Ugh just no time to sit on the computer, hope you are having a great summer April!

  12. Ohhhhh I can’t wait to see the Midwest Living spread. Congrats on that! I’m sure it will be fantastic. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for fall!

  13. Your excuses are well worth it!! Family first!! And congrats on the magazine! How awesome!! Loved hearing about Buddy … Enjoy the rest of summer :-)

  14. Well, you are forgiven! Especially since it was your kids and a lowly magazine such as Midwest Living that occupied your time. Here I was getting pretty upset thinking you were lazing around in your sunroom munching on bon bons and reading trashy novels. Can’t wait to hear more on the adventures of Kelly. Have you ever thought of writing a biography? It would be hilarious. Have a wonderful day!

  15. You had me laughing my head off about getting your dog to pay you back for all the rugs he has peed on! I need to do this too! Oh and take your time, miss your voice online but your time with your kids is way more valuable! xo

  16. Miss ya but you have to have a life! Enjoy and see you soon! So excited for you about the magazine shoot…good for you!

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