Living Room Decor Updates – Christmas Aftermath

Confession – I take down my Christmas stuff every year by Dec 26. It starts to make me feel all twitchy and claustrophobic about December 20 (don’t worry, I’m not quite grinchy enough to take it down before the big day), but that’s probably since its been up since October (blogger problems)…

Living room updates

Anyways, I love the clean and bare feeling my house has after all the glitter and glitz comes down (and pine needles, millions of pine needles, I may have found one in little mans diaper – let’s not think too deeply about this one). It just feels like a fresh start to my living room decor, and the perfect time to add to my throw pillow hoarding addiction collection.

A pillow on a bed

I love these cozy knit pillows from Pottery Barn, and the gray and cute stripey ones are from H&M – $5 each!! Total score, even the Mr. couldn’t complain about those.

Lake House Living Room

Of course, once I had the H&M pillows, this cute throw caught my eye too…

A sofa in a living room

it seems to have caught Buddy’s rumpus as well, this dog spends about 80% of his day sitting right here (the other 20% is made up of eating crayons, amputating barbie feet, and giving occasional decorating advice)

Living Room updates

You know, once I started with the new pillows I just couldn’t stop rearranging things (it’s like a disease or a disfunction or something…change-itis? rearrange-itis? crazy-itis?)

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

The mantel got a little make under too, just my old windows and a few favorite photos.

Photos on a mantel

The area above the TV got some freshening up too, which – timeout – can we talk about how much I hate the big ole black box of a tv in a room? It totally messes up my white paint, vintage goodness mojo. Can’t they make a cute vintagey tv (I must mention that the Mr. just shook his head when he read this)  So, of course to offset the tv, I put some of my best vintage goodies.

lake house living room

My favorite flea market finds – my big R and the vintage dough bowl I searched high and low for.

A close up of a shelf

 Oh and these books I scored at a garage sale for 25 cents each, love all these classics.

A book shelf filled with books

Cool right? The covers are the best part!

Vintage book decor

Who doesn’t love Paul Bunyan? Well, I mean besides my kids, they were all “why are we reading a book about a lumber jack?”

Lake House Living Room

Stay tuned for even more more rearranging to come, in fact looking back at these photos (from last week) I have already added a different blanket to my wicker chair…sigh, I told you it’s a disfunction…

PS Don’t forget about my Joss and Main sale starting TOMORROW!! I’m just a wee bit excited :)  find out more details here or sign up here to join Joss and Main and start shopping!

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  1. Hello,
    My husband I just bought a cottage and I just love the color blue you have in your living room! I really would like to use this color. I went to the “paint store” and we tried matching it from the pictures but none seem right. Do you know the name and brand you used? Thank you for your help!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! Especially the part about Buddy’s bumpus and the throw (we have a yorkie… and I can so see her doing the same!). Visiting from your spring mantel and the Swing into Spring hop. I know your new stone fireplace will be gorgeous. Thanks for co-hosting!!

  3. Hi Kelly… Just wanted to say that your choices for diminishing the big ol’ black box are spot on!! Perfect dimensions, perfect colors. The ” r ” is spectacular!! It totally draws the eye and makes the tv “insignificant”… LOVE it. Well done!!

  4. Hi Kelly! What are some of the best places to find old windows much like yours? Thriftstores? Your home is beautiful! I enjoy your blog every day!

  5. I am sooooo right with you on this, I take mine down the day after Christmas as well. No lie, I think it drives my hubby crazy! I do have to say that I put it up on or around Dec 1st so by Christmas I had enough and ready for a change. Thanks for sharing with us, now I don’t feel as crazy. LOL

  6. Kelly, why don’t you put shutters or doors to cover the TV? I love your home and thanks for sharing, so neat and clean.

  7. Kelly, I took my Xmas stuff down on the 26th as well – I couldn’t wait, I was over it, plus we’re right in the middle of a whole house reno – every room is only half finished! I’m always (like, every day) moving and fiddling with cushions, candles, photos, vases, throws, or changing curtains etc etc. I’m sure it’s an anxiety disorder! Or maybe a perfectionist disorder! Whatever, it’s kinda fun! But expensive because if I bring a certain cushion out that hasn’t been out for a while, I’ve developed an idea for what I need to buy to go with it, and on and on it goes :-)

    1. Oh, and I’m with you about the t.v. thing. It ruins my antique white wall – and no, I haven’t seen any vintage-styled t.v.’s, believe me, I’ve looked :-)

  8. Hi Kelly, LOOOOVE those 2 wicker chairs and the grey pillow (Vintage edition no 3). Would you please be so kind and share where you got those? Also, Buddy is so stinking cute!!

  9. I love the texture of the knit pillow covers. Went over to PB and they are on sale, but only red is available. Bummer! :(

  10. Hello! I love your design style. I was looking through some of the comments and you said you lived in Des Moines. I am assuming Iowa???? I live in Cedar Rapids and I would love to find more bloggers in the area. Are you still in Iowa??

  11. Hey Kelly! I can relate to wanting to take down the tree. We have a new kitten and she thought it was her own play gym! Needles and ornaments all over the house. She’s just lucky she’s so cute. Those eyes get ya every time. Right Buddy? Your home looks so cozy and welcoming. May I ask where you found that beautiful bird cage? It’s lovely!

  12. Kelly we differ only on timing of taking the decorations. My hubby likes them for New Years and he NEVER asks for anything. I take them down on New Years Day if we don'[t have company. Your home always looks so pretty, love the pillows and all the accessories. Buddy, ADORABLE!!!


  13. Gorgeous! We always take our tree down the weekend after Christmas. And yes, SO MANY PINE NEEDLES!! I am so sick of them by the end of the season. . .I feel like you still find the occasional one all year long!

  14. I love how fresh and clean your place looks now! I took my x-mas decor right after the big day too and I also rearranged, fluffed, and rearranged some more! I love those blanket looking throw pillows! :o)


  15. I’m totally with you on taking down the Christmas decorations on Dec. 26! I do the same thing.

    Your living room is beautiful! I love the pops of aqua against the cream furniture. I’ve been looking for a new throw for my family room and your gray throw with the aqua stripe on it is perfect! Would you mind sharing where you found it? Thanks for all the great ideas!

  16. If you don’t mind me asking….where did you get your couch & chair? I love the clean lines of it. I am currently in the market to purchase a new set & wondered where yours is from.

    1. Hey Carly, I wish I could be more helpful I bought these back at a local furniture store when we lived in Des Moines about 6 years ago BUT I’ll let you in on a secret there are a couple of couches in my Joss and Main sale that are super similar so check it out tomorrow :)

  17. I love your living room and Buddy seems to be excellent at giving decorating advice. If The Mr disagrees with any of your purchases you can always say that it was Buddy’s fault :-)

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