Florida House Coastal Design Plan

Hey guys, I just got back from Florida visiting my parents, and I hope you caught my little instagram stories home tour of their new place. I’ve been up since 3:30 for a 6 AM flight, so excuse me if I don’t make a whole lot of sense. I’ve got a pot of coffee brewing and I’m hoping it makes me semi coherent after I down the whole thing, but I thought I would share some before shots and our plans for the new space.

In case you missed it (read about it here), my parent’s moved to a new house again down in Florida, and I’m super excited because once again, it needs a complete overhaul. We like to think we are just beautifying Florida one outdated place at a time, although I think they will stick here this time. First off, to explain why they moved again, they really missed being by the beach! In their first condo, they were across the street from the beach and in the last house they were a 45 minute car or boat ride to the beach. So the new house is 1.5 miles from this –

A group of people sitting at a beach

Anna Maria Island. We can ride our bikes right over the bridge and be on the beach in 10 minutes. Their boat is also in a Marina attached to their neighborhood, so it’s easy for them to buzz over to one of the many cute restaurants on the waterfront and be back before dark rather than having a 40 minute boat ride home. They took me to the Mar Vista for lunch in the midst of all our planning and this was the view from our table. So pretty!

A small boat in a large body of water

So basically, that old saying location, location, location. They also just happened to be driving around checking out neighborhoods and houses and just fell in love. They sold their last home in a few short weeks and we are on another remodeling adventure.

And I can see why they fell in love as this house is SO cute. It has so much potential if you look past the paint colors and outdated decor. It’s 20 years old and hasn’t been touched since construction.

So first up, here is the outside. Cute right? After a new paint scheme, this house is going to be beautiful! Imagine all the trim and railings white, the siding a pretty griege color and fun blue shutters and doors.

A house with palm trees

Here is the listing photo so you can get the whole picture, I’m a dork and didn’t remember to take pics from the outside before I left.

A house with trees in the background

The painters are at the house today and my mom picked out these pretty colors below. She was having them put a swatch on the wall in Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray because she couldn’t decide between the two, so I’ll keep you posted on what she picks. I’m hoping to have my mom snap some after pics next week to share so stay tuned. They also plan to add a few more shutters to the front.

Paint colors with text overlay

As far as the inside goes, the two biggest rooms that will get a major overhaul are the kitchen and the master bath. The whole inside of the house is getting new paint and light fixtures, but the kitchen and bathroom is where the majority of the work will be done.

Here is the kitchen before –

A kitchen with a wood floor

The plan in here is to remove the upper cabinets on both sides of the window and put up open shelves. Then, paint all the cabinets white and add grey subway tile up to the ceiling. We also picked out new countertops, which will extend on the peninsula, so they can fit barstool seating in. They also purchased a new fridge, and stove top to match the rest of the appliances.

In the bathroom, we are ripping all the tile, vanities and shower out. They will extend the vanity area to make room for a double sink and reconfigure the shower area with a new glass wall. They will also be removing part of a wall to make room for a freestanding tub. New paint, light fixtures, mirrors, etc… basically the works! I cannot wait to see it all done!

A room with a sink and a mirror

Here’s a quick low down of the design plan.

Kitchen mood board

So that’s the plan for now. I’m hoping to fly down in December to help with all the final touches and grab the after shots to share on the blog! Now I need a nap :)

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    1. Hi I love the bathroom backsplash tile. Can you tell me the name of it please and where you bought it. Thanks.

  1. Have stayed on the island before and love it!Totally understand the need to be close to the beach! What a gorgeous house and the color choices in and out. Following the newest project!

  2. Looks so lovely…. can you share details on what you have picked out for the kitchen countertops?

  3. What is the name of the bathroom tile? We are in the planning stages for our bathroom and I love the look of it!

  4. We’ve been going to Anna Maria Island the last few years for Spring Break and LOVE it there! I would love to be able to get a vacation home there down the road. Can’t wait to see all the changes you and your mom make to the house!

  5. Such an adorable home… I love the detailed trim work on the exterior! I also REALLY like your backsplash & carpet choices- perfect for a clean, coastal look! Can you share the carpet details? We are looking to update our bedroom and I just can’t choose!

    1. Hi Toni, the carpet is the Life Proof carpet from Home Depot that I blogged about before the style is Sequin Sash and the color is Oceanside 32 – thanks!

  6. I really like the Edgecomb grey colour as well. We painted our house on Lake Simcoe Barrington Grey 15 years ago and it still looks current, kind of a greyish beige colour too. I want to repaint our house in the city and Edgecomb looks like it might be it. Your parents’ house looks beautiful. You are all so lucky to be able to live the lives that you do. Good luck to your Mom with the remodelling, I know from all your posts over the years that she has beautiful taste as well.

  7. Love, love all your choices. We are going to start looking for a lake home and images of your gorgeous place flash through my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for posting the pictures & plans! I have no doubt, each and every choice for the house will be beautiful! I am excited to see it ?

  9. Ok…..so now I want to move! Love the design plan! Can’t wait to see the after pictures! It will be light and bright and tropical – gotta have this in Florida right?

  10. You and your mom are kind of amazing!! House is so great and the location is perfect. My brother-in-law lives in Bradenton and he just loves to go to Anna maria Island for the day.
    Enjoy and good luck! Edgecomb gray is the color all our indoor rooms are in our house by the ocean in New England. Great color! We have white trim and navy and light blue accents.

  11. Could you please share the details of the carpet selection
    ? I’ve had samples similar in my house for the past 2 years and have not pulled the trigger yet. I fear making a mistake ? I love the everything you do! Hoping this info with help me to finally get new carpet. Thank you!

    1. HI Shani it’s from Home Depot it’s that LifeProof carpet I blogged about before. The style is Sequin Sash, the color is Oceanside 32 – thanks!

    1. Pam hope you and Roger are doing well! Jamie keeps me updated on all you are up to. Tell Roger Hi!

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