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Lake House White Kitchen

The day is finally here, I’m sharing the kitchen! Prepare yourself for photo overload as I haven’t decided the best angles to shoot this from yet, so I’m just including them all.A kitchen with an island stove and breakfast nookIn this house I wanted to make sure the kitchen really worked for our family because this tends to be where we all gather. High on the list were a large pantry that hides all the clutter (see the full pantry post here), a breakfast nook, and a large island.

A breakfast nook and kitchen island

I also wanted it tucked back a little from the main living room, so it felt more like an old school kitchen where it’s more of it’s own room. But I still wanted to keep an open floor plan where the lake views weren’t interrupted.

A dining table and kitchen

So you know, open…but closed…

Maybe you can see why the Mr. just stares at me sometimes scratching his head, but it all made sense to me! And it makes sense in real life too. It’s open to the dining area, but tucked back from the living room. We went a few rounds of drawing the kitchen and finally landed on the perfect plan.

A kitchen area with a breakfast nook

You may remember my kindergarten drawings (see below) of our kitchen I shared this past winter, and the kitchen really turned out pretty close to my drawings. We only changed a few things mid-build as we sort of saw the space coming together.


Pretty close right? I decided to change the china cabinet section on the far right a bit and drop the cabinets all the way down realizing I wouldn’t need that extra counter space.

A kitchen with a large window

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

One of the other things we changed was making the back lower cabinet and counter deeper. I went with a bigger 36 inch professional range (ours is a monogram) and they are deeper than a regular sized range so this made it look more custom. The other thing that was great about that was we could switch from a counter depth fridge to a full size one and not have it stick out any further than a counter depth.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

We went with an inset cabinet style so that I could have these classic feeling latch hardware. I went with polished nickel in here to continue with the classic vibe, which I love although the finger prints do drive me a little batty.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

I knew I wanted a mix of glass cabinets and closed cabinetry vs. the open shelving we had in our last house. I just wanted a change of pace, but I still included the open shelving in the pantry.

A breakfast nook with rustic beams

I love how this china cabinet area turned out over by the breakfast nook. I’m still working on styling the shelves in here, so ignore the empty shelves!

A kitchen with a sink and a window

I chose this big sliding door cabinet design to balance out the refrigerator and make everything symmetrical. I also love that I can grab the dishes from either side of the peninsula depending on what table I’m setting. I’m so happy with the character this cabinet adds to the kitchen as well.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

We used quartz counters again in this house with a marble feel. I love how durable and easy to clean these counters are.

A kitchen with a wood floor

I wanted a pop of color in here so the island got this pretty blue grey paint. Speaking of the island, my cabinet maker did an amazing job on it. I told him I wanted it to look like a piece of furniture with an open shelving feel on either side for easy access to items I use a lot.

A kitchen with a stove top and blue island and stools

I love having the  island for the kids to do homework at and we do a ton of baking here too.

A kitchen island with stools

So that’s the grand tour, this room has such a sunny, happy vibe and it was so fun to see it come to life!

White kitchen with blue island

You can see the full breakfast nook tour here, and the pantry here.

SOURCE LIST – (contains affiliate links)

Cabinet color/wall color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Island Color – Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams

Flooring – BuildDirect

Bar Stools – World Market

Rug – Joss and Main

Hardware cup pulls – HomeDepot

Cabinet latches – Home Depot

Range – GE Monogram Professional Gas Range

Fridge – GE Cafe French Door Refrigerator

Black range rack – IKEA

Lights –  Wayfair

Countertops – Vicostone Misterio quartz


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  1. Your kitchen is fantastic! Do you mind sharing some specifics on your hood? Specifically, how tall is the apron. My cabinet maker keeps trying to make it too beefy looking, and yours is truly perfection.

  2. Love your kitchen! I want to track down a similar table to the oval table in your breakfast nook. Is there a link you can share for this table?

  3. Your kitchen is gorgeous. What are the dimensions of the kitchen, including the dining area as well?

  4. Hi there! I love the peninsula and island. Have you ever shared the dimensions of your kitchen anywhere?

  5. I LOVE this layout and basically everything about this house! I saw another poster ask (somewhere) about how you feel about everything after living there for a year+ and what you would maybe change or do different in hindsight. I would also be really interested in a post like that!

    Also, do you feel like you use your “formal” dining room more with it being so connected vs. in a separate room as a true formal dining “room”? That is one of the main aspects I love about this layout – still having a casual nook but also a more formal seating area and an open concept that still feels slightly partitioned to give the feeling of separate rooms.

  6. I’m obsessed with the black range rack but I can’t seem to find it at IKEA like you mentioned do you have any suggestions? Thanks, you have beautiful taste!

    1. Hi Sherrie it may not be online? It comes in a few colors. They had it the last time I was there but that was last year – thanks!

  7. I love your kitchen. I started DIY remodeling our kitchen 5 years ago and still haven’t finished because, well kids, but also because I don’t love it. Seeing your’s makes me want to tear out everything (including my hair) and tell a contractor and just say “make it look like this” (yours). Do you have a floor plan posted?

  8. Absolutely love your house, could you share floor plan, sketch of architect link. We just closed on a lake lot in Tennessee and love your open plan!!!

    1. Hey Sean, our plans were actually custom drawn and unfortunately I’m not able to share them due to an agreement with my architect. If you watch my saved stories on instagram there is a house tour one that would give you a feel for the floor plan. I know several people have shown architects that video to get the same look – thanks!

  9. Your info is AWESOMEEEEE!!! We are getting our already white oak washed cabinets refinished and was looking for a perfect white cabinet paint to match the misterio counter tops I just chose (after spending forever looking at all the options…lol). I was so hoping to find a color choice made by someone else so I didn’t have too!! LOL!! Your kitchen looooks GORG!!! Thanks for saving me days of researching paint colors!! XOXO!!!

  10. Does the white countertop have a texture or veins in it? Looks solid from the pictures but when I googled it, it’s looks like it has something more. Thank you

  11. Hello, just wondering how the hardwood floors have held up with kids / pets etc.

    Love them so much, ordered a sample but nervous about upkeep and scratches

    Thank you, such a beautiful home!

    1. Hey Gina if you follow me on instagram (lilypadcottage) I have a saved video story on my highlights that is full of the pros and cons how I care for it etc.. We haven’t had any issues with scratches but you do need to be careful when it comes to spills and liquids. Thanks!

  12. Ok so I commented before I saw the additional pics for the kitchen!! The blustery sky looks so different online and on the paint chip. Do you think the pictures are an accurate representation? Thank you for your help and your home is BEYOND gorgeous!!!!! Great Job.

    1. Hey Tara, this is one of those colors that looks totally different depending on the light and weather. It looks darker on gloomy days and nighttime and really bright and more teal on sunny days. I recommend getting a sample can and placing it in your home to see how it’s going to look at all different times of day. Thanks!

  13. Can I ask what are the approximate dimensions of this nook/kitchen/dining area? Im trying to plan something like this, only I would like more stools at the island and two chairs and a table more of a place to read my bible, pray etc in the am, vs a breakfast nook. Its hard for me to figure out if a space is “big enough” by looking at floor plans. We have 4 children and often have 2 or 3 people in the kitchen at once and have friends or family over for dinner. Ive been trying to come up with a way to have a nook for me to sit at in the am, an open, bright kitchen with island and to be at the sink looking out windows, and room for a walk in pantry and larhe dining table
    This is perfect!!

    1. Our kitchen is 15 x 21 and the pantry is 8 x 10 hope that helps! It is so hard to visualize everything when you are building – good luck!

  14. Im in love with this space! great job. Curious, if you had a cook top and one wall oven, where would you put the oven??? I have a similar kitchen Reno about to start… and im so stuck with where the wall oven can go. I dont want it under the counter….

    1. I’m not sure where I would work that in. We actually had that at our old house and there was just no way to make that work in this space, we actually tried. A range just worked better for this space. Good luck!

      1. I figured it out! I would love to show you our plans, you have inspired us. is there somewhere I can send them to you when ready?

  15. Hello! We are finally painting our kitchen cabinets and your beautiful kitchen is my inspiration! I know you used SW extra white. Do you happen to know which kind of sheen you used? I’m lost when it comes to picking out eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, etc. I would also love to know if you did the same sheen on the trim as the cabinets? I’ve read that some people do different sheens using the same color?

    Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Meg, all of our cabinets and trim are painted in satin and our walls are matte. The board and batten walls are satin as well. I like the more casual look of satin vs semigloss.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! Just one question… Size of the blue island please? Thank you!!!

  17. I’m in love with your style!
    We are finally adding a backsplash to our kitchen and wondered what size tile you used? I’m looking for something larger than 3×6. I’m finding a lot of 4×12 and I like it a lot, but also want a classic look like yours.
    Thank you so much!

  18. Beautiful kitchen! The links to hardware arent working. I really love the look of latches but my husband isnt convinced. How have you liked them? Are they difficult for your children?

    1. Sorry they are just from Home Depot the Martha Stewart line. They are not hard for my kids at all, they don’t lock super tight and you don’t need to turn them to close them. I really like them.

  19. Hi, I love the look of your cabinets! Could you please tell me how tall your ceilings are? I have 10′ ceilings and wondering if I can pull this look of here. Thanks!

    1. Hey our ceilings are 9 ft in here because we wanted our cabinets to go all the way to ceiling. You may be able to make it work with 10 ft ceilings if you did bigger moldings? Thanks!

  20. Gorgeous classic kitchen! Can you tell me where the cabinets are from?

  21. Hi, Thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful home. We are doing a lake house re-model and I was wondering if you could share where you purchased your kitchen faucet and drinking water faucet from? Thanks so much!

  22. I would LOVE to see a post about your cabinet/drawer organization! We’re getting ready to build and I’m working on kitchen layout, and trying to decide where I want everything. It’s fun, but challenging!

    1. I’ll keep that in mind for January Heather thanks, although I have to say my cabinets aren’t that organized because my kids empty the dishwasher ha :)

    1. I actually ordered ones that were black and chrome on accident and spray painted them all black, I should do a post on that because I get a lot of questions about it!

  23. This house is just stunning! You truly have a talent? Could you tell me where you got the utensil holder above your range at? Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

  24. THAT is a kitchen to die for….absolutely beautiful! I don’t think I would ever leave home if I had that space, not to mention the rest of this gorgeous home. It’s just amazing!

  25. Perfection! I love that you posted all your pictures and not just a select few. Its great to see all the details from all angles.
    May I inquire the size of your island, I know you posted it somewhere else but lost track.

    (still can’t get my subscription to your blog, any ideas?)

    1. Hi Ingrid, that’s so odd, maybe check your spam folder? I went into my mail service account and everything seems to be working properly! I’m not home to measure so I’ll have to get back to you on the island size.

  26. I went through serious short-term depression when you announced that you were selling your last home! I phoned a friend, complained, drank a glass of wine, and came to terms with your new home being as spectacular as your last one…and it is :)

  27. I would have never thought you to use those lights but I actually really like them! Beautiful kitchen.

  28. Hi! Love your kitchen. Could you please give some info on your dining table with white chairs? Thanks so much!

    1. Oh it’s right there by the sink! We did a panel ready dishwasher in this house and our cabinet maker fitted it with a cabinet face so it looks like a big drawer. I love that it’s hidden!

  29. That blue against the wood and the flash of crisp, clean white with the fixtures! Prettiness & magic!

  30. Beautiful!! Would love specifics on flooring……I know in a previous post you said it was Vanier European Oak Whitewash Collection, but what color…Robin?

    1. Hi Sharon the color is Robin, I’m not sure what is going on with the BuildDirect site I keep linking to the specific flooring and it keeps getting rerouted to the home page. Sorry about that!!

  31. I love it – really like that there are no open shelves. I think this weird trend was started by some decorator idea to change things up – but too much clutter out in the open, as well as all those invisible grease particles that seem to float in the air and land on everything. I can’t clean every day and those grease particles are like a magnet and collect dust. I prefer a simple clean look. Great job.

  32. I love your kitchen! Classic that will never go out of style! Your blue island inspired me to paint mine blue as well, it was no easy task trying to find the right blue!

  33. I thought I wanted a really open floor plan until seeing how your kitchen is open yet slightly secluded from the family room. It’s the best of both worlds! Love your design so much! Thanks for sharing.

  34. You did an excellent job in designing your new kitchen – the deeper cabinetry on the range wall (are the uppers deeper than 12″?), the sliding doors to access either side of the peninsula..open shelves either end of island..very practical and well thought out. Functional for your personal use and also very beautiful.

    1. Hi Su, sorry the links to BuildDirect keep breaking here is the style – Vanier Engineered Hardwood – European Oak Whitewash Collection ours our the color Robin.

  35. The sliding door cabinet providing access to either side of the peninsula is the perfect solution to a design problem I am facing. Doing a mental happy dance and so appreciating your kitchen share!

  36. Ummm, hello? That window? Timbers meet tile? I can’t even!! Did you work with a designer on this house or is it all you? I’m in heaven every time you share. Thank you SO much!!

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