Lake House Dining Room

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I am SO excited to start showing you all of the interior shots of the house now that we are all moved in! I have to preface that by saying these rooms are not complete in the least, but I promised myself (and the Mr.) I would take my time decorating this home and not just throw a bunch of stuff up on the walls for the sake of having a finished room to share on the blog. I’m really trying to be intentional this time around and only putting things in here that I truly love. Plus, I feel the best spaces are ones that are collected over time not thrown together overnight. That said, I didn’t want to leave you hanging all summer since you have all been so great following along this whole process. My hope is it’s fun to watch this house and my style evolve, and I can share new pieces as we go along.

Lake House dining room

First up, let’s take a peek at the dining area! I have had zillions of questions about the wood flooring we used throughout our house and this room is the best place to show it off. Hands down this flooring is my favorite thing in the house. I can’t say enough good things about it! Here is a close up:

Brushed white oak wide plank wood floors

The color is perfection. It has a really cool matte brushed finish that is perfect for the casual lake house vibe I was going for, and bonus, it hides dirt like insanely well. Seriously, I have only swept once this week, and I used to have to do it twice a day with our old darker floors. It also feels great on your feet; it’s so funny every person who has come in to see the house comments on how nice it feels! When they first installed it, I may have laid down and hugged it I was so excited to finally see it down, and it was just so much better than I thought.

Lake house dining room

You can find your own here at BuildDirect and it’s at a great price point too. Remember BuildDirect will send you free samples right to your house, so you can check out how it will look risk free.

A dining room table

Let’s get to the rest of the details – we found this table at a local furniture store it was the perfect rustic look I was looking for and 7 ft long so it can seat 8. I haven’t figured out if I want to add two more of the same chairs to the end or find different end chairs.

A dining room table

I love the clean lines of these chairs I chose. I debated for weeks over what style to go with, but these won out in the end. It’s hard to tell in these photos but they are a really pretty soft grey color, which coordinates with my grey pantry door in the kitchen (you can kind of see it in the background of this pic, but kitchen photos coming soon!).

A dining room table

You may remember these herb baskets from our last house. I love planting herbs in them because they are lightweight, look pretty and it’s easy to grab them to bring to the kitchen and snip what I need. They have a plastic liner in them to prevent water damage to the table.

A dining room table

I also love the way the black lights set everything off, they sort of ground all the white.

Dining room light

I can’t wait to have dinner parties at this table, just as soon as guests don’t have to trip over moving boxes to get to it ;)

A dining room table

Stay tuned for more room reveals in the next few weeks!

SOURCE LIST – (Disclosure: affiliate links)

Flooring –  the color is Robin BuildDirect Vanier Engineered Hardwood European Oak White Wash Collection

Chairs – Wayfair

Table – I bought mine at a local furniture store (Art Van) this is a similar one here

Light – Wayfair (find all my lighting choices here)

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  1. Just beautiful as always! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house. I love your style.

  2. I have to admit I keep coming here every day hoping there will be a peek… and yay! Finally. And it is even more beautiful than I expected. You’re right. Those floors are everything. I really appreciate you sharing your home with and am thoroughly enjoying each post, inspired by your well thought out decor choices. So happy for you and your family….

    1. HI Cindy thanks for being patient! I’m trying to get some more posts out (just put up a new one!) my kids are keeping me hopping now that they are out of school for summer.

  3. Beautiful! I’m about to add board and batten to my kitchen walls and I was wondering if you used the same sheen on your walls as you did your trim, since it’s the same paint color. Our trim paint is high gloss, but I don’t think that would look good on the walls.

    1. Hi Laura on all the paneling we did satin paint but our trim is satin as well, I agree high gloss would be tough to keep looking nice on the walls.

  4. I have been following you forever but never comment. I just had to tell you that your choices are amazing and I can’t wait to see the other posts in the rest of the home. I have the Restoration Hardware table that is nearly identical to your dining table. Are your walls actually wood or is there just a vertical wood trim piece? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Tricia, thanks for commenting! The walls aren’t actually wood just drywall and trim and then it’s all sprayed white to look like paneling.

  5. Love, love, love everything! The linear lines in the fifth picture down are AMAZING! And you already put up the boat pic up! I am not much for blogs – yours is the only one I actually read, and TRY to copy constantly. Enjoy the summer in your new home!

  6. Kelly! I’ve loved watching your whole home building process. Your home turned out beautiful. I’ve been eying those wayfair chair for some time. Now I really need to get them. Thanks for sharing all your sources. That flooring is to die for!❤

    1. Hi Lindsay, I had the chairs in my cart for a month ha! Finally snagged them on sale an I do really love them. Now to find end chairs…

      1. Hi,
        Your home is beautiful. Do you remember the name of your chairs? I can’t seem to find them on Wayfair.


  7. Oh my! What a beautiful house! I came here on Diane Hinkler’s suggestion on her site. I can see why she’s a fan.

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful new home! Perfection, just love the flooring and light fixture. Can’t wait to see it all. Many years of happy memories for your family.

  9. Looks wonderful! We have to replace our hardwood floors that were original to our house when it was built in the 1950’s in the next year or so….it’ll take at least that long just to save the money ! So, I love your floors, …what made you choose engineered hardwood over just hardwood? Enquiring minds want to know! ?

  10. Just stunning! The details on the finishes that you have chosen are perfect. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your creation! I’ll be pinning several shots. Like others have said, thank-you for sharing the process along the way. What a perfect time of year to be moving in to the house too. Enjoy the summer months, some of us living in the northern areas will be able to understand if you can’t get to snapping photos and posting of the inside. You have to take advantage of the heat while you can. :)

    1. Thanks Helen, I was able to get a few different spaces shot this week so it should be easy to get a few posts together! But yes I will definitely be enjoying the summer with my family.

  11. That light fixture is stunning and everything looks beyond gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your home decor evolving over time … I know it is going to be equally fabulous and am looking forward to following along!

  12. I LOVE that floor, and as we need new flooring at our cottage, I’d love to know exactly what it is. I followed the link, but it took me to a page of different colors. Is it Dover? Thanks… Love seeing everything you’re doing/have done. ;)

    1. Sorry about the color is actually Robin, we did get the dover sample too but it was a bit too gray for me. Definitely take advantage of the free samples from BuildDirect so you can check out all the colors!

  13. Congrats Kelly! Everything looks. Beautiful. My vote for the dining chairs is 2 different ones for the ends. Just sayin’ ;-) thx for sharing the journey with us!

    1. I’m kind of leaning that way too, I just haven’t found any that I love yet, well that aren’t a million dollars ha!

  14. SO beautiful! It seems like just a few weeks ago that you were posting about your plans to build, and now you’re all moved in! I am sure it has felt much longer than that to you. :) I love all your choices! I can’t wait to see more! Is your flooring the “Robin” color? That’s what came up when I clicked on the link, but the “Dover” color looks more like your photos. It could just be the lighting, of course. Just thought I’d ask since I absolutely LOVE it! :)

    1. Sorry about the color confusion I edited the post above with the color, our color is Robin. It looks a bit more yellow on BuildDirect’s site but it isn’t yellow in person. The Dover is pretty too (one of the free samples I ordered in the mail) but it was a bit too gray for me.

  15. Love love love! You have such great style. Congratulations on the new home. I can;t wait to see more. Best of luck with everything

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