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Garage Door Makeover

This post is sponsored by National Hardware, but all opinions are my own.

While the inside of our house is still a mess and I never want to see another moving box again in my life, I did manage to snap a few pics of our pool house garage door makeover that I wanted to  share with you all.

If you remember it used to look like this…

A yard with grass and trees

Here’s a closer look, yikes!

Garage Door Makeover

and now it looks like this!

Garage Door Makeover

First up we had the house siding color matched at a local paint store and hit the cinder block with a few coats of paint. Painting it the darker color really helped hide the look of the old cinder block. We also caulked all the cracks.

Old garage doors

The garage doors themselves also got a fresh coat of paint (after lots of scraping). This garage was built in 1957 (according to the carving in the cement), so it was definitely in need of a face lift.

A man standing in front of a building, with Garage Door

National Hardware provided me with this great gate hardware I found on their site. The Mr. helped me add it to the doors. It was super easy to install, and came with all the screws and hardware we needed. I love how such a small, easy to add detail, brought so much charm!

Door and Garage

You can find your own National Hardware gate kit here, it would also look great on a fence gate like they show above.

I wanted to make the doors feel even more cottagey or more like a carriage house versus a run down old barn. So, I picked up some inexpensive 1 inch lattice pieces and cut them to the right size with a simple miter box and saw. I attached them in a grid pattern with liquid nails that’s specifically for glass applications. I just used a little painters tape to hold them up while the glue dried.

Garage door makeover

Tada! From scary falling down barn to charming carriage house in one weekend! It doesn’t even look like the same place. I’ve even had a few neighbors ask me if we got new doors! I should mention we also had the roof replaced as it was basically falling in.

A close up of a garage door

A house with bushes in front of a building

Oh, I also used the handles that came with the hardware kit on our barn doors on the other side of the pool house. I wasn’t able to add them on the actual garage because of the locking mechanism on our door. I gave the lock a quick coat of black spray paint instead.

Here’s the barn door before again…

A house that is near a pool

and after!

A bench by a pool house

We still have a ways to go on this space, eventually adding a driveway and some more landscaping. For now I’m so happy we were able to makeover this space into an outdoor area our family can enjoy all summer long. You can find more great products from National Hardware here. They also have lots of great barn door kits as well so be sure to check them out!

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  1. Great job on your garage door! It looks worlds better. I think the additional hardware on it really makes it pop. It’s really a dramatic change. Also, I love the dark blue paint you used on your home and barn. Keep up the good work. Your home looks marvelous.

  2. Love it. I want to paint our garage doors but I’m afraid of it. I’m a big DIY gal but I fear I will paint the panels to each other! Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Mychele I didn’t have any issues with that and I definitely didn’t do anything special but it was an old old door so not sure if that mattered? Good luck!

  3. WOW! I cant beleive those are the same windows! What did you clean the glass with to make them shine like that? Love the grid idea, really makes it look Lakey. Oh I have a suggestion, You know Better than I do, I love the bench you added , I think what would be so cute is on the wall above the bench , a real Life Saver Circle thing that you throw out for people drowning would be perfect. Im kinda addicted to CIRCLES. to me they are so Coastal feeling. Just an idea. You are the PRO! LOVE LOVE LOVE all youre doing!

  4. Wow! I love how the new paint color picks up the dark blue in the pool tiles. Excellent choice! The hardware makes a huge difference too, and what a great idea to glue lattice to the windows! :)

  5. looks amazing – what a difference! and the pool looks really inviting too ;-)

  6. The hardware does look good, but the real genius is that you added grids to the windows and picked a great color for that cinderblock. I love that color.

  7. All of it is fantabulous! The paint, the brackets, the bench, everything! I love how you’re aren’t afraid of color. Seriously, everything looks great!

  8. Wow!!! What a difference. The Mr. Must be pretty handy. You are lucky to have a husband willing to help so much. Looking forward to the full house reveal :)

      1. Huge improvement!
        Can you give me some more information about the roof shingles that you chose?

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