House Update – Kitchen Paint and Bathroom floors

Hey guys, sorry for the long break! I was hoping to get a post out before we left for spring break, but with all the trim work on the main floor, the painter spent almost the whole week caulking and sanding, which does not make for very exciting update photos. I’m sure the painter was just as excited about filling and sanding all 40,000 nail holes.

We spent the last week in Jamaica with the kids and the Mr.’s extended family – what an amazing time! Although I was determined not to have sick kids this vacation and basically fully submerged my kids in hand sanitizer every day, in a weird plot twist I got sick while they stayed healthy. What can you do? Jamaica is not a bad place to fight a head cold so I won’t complain :)

While we were soaking up the sun, the painter was definitely busy, and I have a few fun progress shots to share!

Room under construction

Kitchen cabinets being built

This was only 1 coat, but I am crazy about the island color (check out all my paint colors here)! My only complaint is I wish I had used it other places – it’s so pretty in person. Also, I don’t think I have shared the island design before? I love that it has little open bookcases on either end, so I can not only display pretty serving bowls and trays, but also it’s easy access from the main food prep space.

A house being built

Sorry for the dark phone pics again, it’s storming today in Michigan and with the windows covered in plastic it’s pretty hard to share how great all the woodwork looks.

A house being built

All the board and batten walls have 1 coat of white paint so far. I know white walls aren’t for everyone, but for me it works. I really want the lake view to be the focus and I will also be adding lots of fun color through artwork, furniture and rugs etc… So, it may look a bit blah now, but add in the warm wood floors, stone fireplace, fun accessories and it will all come together.

A close up of a floor

In other exciting news, they got the kids bathroom floors done! I went with penny tiles because they are classic yet fun, and I could go with dark grout that will hide dirt. I just picked this tile up from Lowe’s and it’s very reasonably priced. It’s hard to tell in these pics, but my daughter’s floor is white with a medium grey grout color.

Oh and sneak peak of that old dresser I picked up this fall at the flea market – doesn’t it look cute in here? I’m going to paint it a light blue color, even though I love the chippy white look, but it needs a more water resistant finish on it. The upper half of the walls in here will be wallpapered with a pretty paper from Anthro and I’m taking volunteers to come help me hang it?!? Hanging wallpaper is one of the hardest DIY’s for me.

A bathroom with a large window

We went with a light grey tile with dark grey grout in my son’s bath. It looks great with his navy cabinets. The walls in his bathroom will stay white, because I have a fun bright shower curtain and towels planned in here. I am realizing this small space is going to be impossible to photograph! Design boards with all the info are on my to do list, just as soon as I can breath through my nose again.

A bathroom  with a large window

We went with a black soapstone looking laminate countertop in here, I’ll give the exact counter on the design board, but it should look great with the black hardware and nautical lights.
A close up of a bathroom vanity

Ok last update – they got the decks and railings up! It really changed the way the back of the house looks and I love it. They still need to wrap the deck posts in white pillars and add the pergola, but the outside is close to being done.

A house with trees in the background

They also added all the little corbel things up in the peaks.

A lake home with gray siding

I think that’s it? I’m probably missing something, but I’m in a cold medicine haze over here. I’m going to try to put together a new kitchen post for you all later this week. I’ve had to make a few changes to my design plans in there (kind of a bummer) and I want to break it all down. Crossing my fingers I kick this head cold and get my butt in gear!

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  1. Love your board and batten! I would love to know your size boards you used…and your spacing between the boards? I see you used Extra White, what sheen? I appreciate your blog, it has made it very easy with our new lake house build! Your design is beautiful!

  2. Kelly, this house is positively spectacular. I didn’t think anything could top your previous home but I was wrong. You have such a gift for design and style. I missed what color the island is. Could you let me know the paint color and brand? Up north our home is done in blues and that is the perfect blue.

    1. Thanks Rose, I’m really happy with how it turned out. Sometimes it’s hard to envision from plans what it’s going to look like!

  3. Oh Kel!!! It is looking amazing! I love the white walls I the living room area. It is turning out beautifully. The island is perfect! As the kids bathrooms. Love the piece from the flea market. That was such a great find and will give so much charm to that bathroom!! ❤️

  4. It’s a breathtaking home, Kelly. It must be remarkable to see your design come to life (and even with the modifications you have to make to the kitchen). It’s pretty amazing from a reader standpoint to watch the progress. Thank you so much for sharing the adventure. Cheers, Ardith

  5. Your house is turning out beautifully! You must be very excited! I am curious if you used Hardie Shingle siding on your exterior or if the shingles are made of wood? Either way, they look great!

  6. Beautiful! Can you tell me who the manufacturer is for your front door package? It is exactly what I have been looking for!

  7. It looks great! I love that island color, too. It is perfect for a lake house. What a bummer you have a cold — we were fine when we were south but now that we’re back north we feel kind of puny. ? When the house all starts coming together all the work/problems seem trivial. Looking forward to seeing the kitchen. Are you spending time with mom and dad for Easter?? Hugs!

    1. Hope you are feeling better Marisa! We didn’t see my parents for Easter but they are heading north for the summer here soon!

  8. It all looks pretty great to me…..I think you really need to do one of those virtual tours , like the realtors do, when you’re done so we all can pretend we’re living there too! ?

    1. Hey Marie, if you follow me on instagram lots of times I will do stories while I walk thru the house and you can get a virtual tour that way. If I could figure out a way to do it when it’s done I will try to put a youtube video up when the house is done!

  9. I’ve been following along but have never commented. I love how your house is turning out. Stunning! Have you thought about using the blue island color that you love so much to paint the backs of the shelves in the kitchen that will be visible through glass doors or if open .. I can’t tell if you have any that would lend themselves to that … but maybe that’s a way to use the blue again. I can’t wait to see how you decorate this home … with the white back drop you will have so many options to bring some fun colors in ….

    1. Thanks for following along and commenting Sandy! I have thought about painting the back of the glass cabinets but I’m going to wait and see how it all looks. I figure that’s a small project I can tackle myself later if I like the idea! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Everything is looking wonderful! Love the tile choice in the children’s bathrooms. My daughter is at a similar stage on their forever home new build in Tampa. I am here with them at their condo in St. Petersburg loving on my grandboys; the oldest will be three in two weeks and the newest one is two weeks old. Loving it! And loving following your progress and design choices.

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