House Update – Paint and Trim

I’ve been slacking on house photos this week, so this post is going to be a lot of random stuff wrapped all in one. The painter finished up in the basement and is moving upstairs next week once the trim guys finish up. They have been knocking it out everyday and it really feels like we are in the homestretch!

Let’s talk trim upstairs first and then I’ll show you how great the paint downstairs turned out. Although fair warning I snapped these pics with my phone on a gloomy day and they aren’t the best. I promise I will break out my real camera just as soon as I don’t have to worry about the sawdust flying.

If you remember these old beams from the house that we knocked down, I wasn’t sure where to use them, because they were all different sizes. We finally settled on using them in the breakfast nook and I love the character they add to the space. That window seat bench will be painted white and have a cozy cushion on it. I’m trying to decide between a round table or a small rectangle one, ideas anyone?

A room with a large window

We also used another beam for the fireplace mantel. It will be stone on the bottom and the rest will be painted white. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where we are putting the TV in this room. It’s actually going to be mounted on an arm inside the lower cabinet on the right there. The doors will open and slide back and the arm can pull out and rotate so we can aim it at the couch. I’m so excited that I have the ability to hide the TV! Plus downstairs is where our bigger TV will be, so most movie nights will be happening down there. The cabinet on the left will have identical doors on it for closed storage and then the bookcases on the top will be open so I can have fun styling those.

Bookshelves and fireplace

Here’s a peek at the wall treatment we are doing in the whole main living area. It’s vertical board and batten like we had up our staircase in the last house. It looks a bit busy now, but it will all be painted white and just add nice texture to the room. I’m thinking of hanging my big American flag (from our last house) on that wall above the stairs for a pop of color.

A large room

Here’s another look at the entryway.

A room filled with furniture and a large window

Ok, moving on downstairs. I’m really happy with how all the paint colors are turning out so far. You can check out my post here if you want to see them all. Here is the Agreeable Grey in the family room area.

A room with large windows

I love the subtle color, it’s hard to see in this iPhone pic, but here is another look.

A basement family room

The Newburyport Blue cabinets look beautiful with it and I love the contrast. That space between the shelves needs to be painted yet.

A living room being painted

I was nervous about this Functional Grey color for my son’s room, but I actually really like how warm and cozy it is.

A gray painted room

And the Topsail color in my daughter’s room is awesome, despite this gloomy picture.

A close up of a window

Like I said, the painter starts upstairs next week and the cabinet doors just got delivered today, so I should have fun progress to show next week too!

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  1. Your home is lovely! We are finishing up our lake home and I am having a hard time choosing trim. Do you happen to know the size/style of your baseboard and window/door trim? It is just what I have been looking for. Thanks for your time!

  2. LOVE everything you’ve chosen! We actually have a lake place in NE Indiana, and are renovating it currently. It’s not even a year-round place, so lots of paneling. As we renovate I’m replacing the paneling and wanting to do board and batten as well. Are you just using 1×2 for the batten?

    1. Hi Sherri I’m not sure what product they are using I don’t think it’s quite as wide as 2 inches and it’s not that thick either. They got it from a local lumber company.

  3. Love all your choices. Besides my large dining room rectangular table my favorite table is my Old Irish farm oval gate leg table. I love that I can drop a side if I want, or expand it. Sometimes I can even turn it a certain way and it becomes more versatile. I’m sure whatever you pick will be amazing. Enjoy the process!!

  4. I would opt for a round table, but my dad inherited an oval table a few months ago and I can’t believe the difference it made in his breakfast area. He had a rectangular table there before but this table is slightly shorter with the rounded edges which leaves so much space to walk around but the longer side allows for more seating. You might want to consider….

    I can’t tell you how much I love those beams! Fantastic choice….Your home is already so stunning…. and I love that you’re sharing the progress with us.

  5. You house is looking fabulous, even with all of the painters’ equipment in the photos. I am already looking forward to Christmas 2017 photos! Thanks for sharing your progress and exquisite choices. I know that my home will look better as a result, LOL. Good luck with the rest of your projects.

  6. Hi Kelly. I loved your choice of colours. Could you please tell me which brand of paint you use, as I’ll try to compare and find similar colours here in Turkey. Thanks in advance..

  7. I just love how it’s all coming together! And i have to say I’m a bit jealous of all the trim work! We just build a new house a year ago and I dreamed of the board and batten/planking/etc I would have. But the cost for the trim carpenters to do that was just so crazy that we will have to do it ourselves some day. And of course, that day will be forever down the road as things like landscaping, etc take precedence. Boo. Yours looks like it will be just gorgeous! And you gave me inspiration for blue cabinets – love them!!

  8. Your board and batten was my favorite feature of your old house, so happy to see it again in your new place! Can’t wait for all the painting to be completed!

  9. It’s all coming together and looks amazing! I love that Kay had some insight on the origin of the old beams. Very cool☺️

  10. Everything looks great! Love the paint colors. We’re Sherwin Williams fans as well and have similar colors. I look forward to each post to see the progress!

    My input regarding the table is whichever way you go…. round, oval, rectangle…. get one with pedestal legs. We have a corner bench in our kitchen with a round table (it actually has a leaf to make it oval, but we never use it). Since it is a pedestal, we can cram six teenagers on that bench without anyone knocking their knees or having to straddle a table leg.

  11. I’m a new follower of your blog and I’m already in love with your sense of style! What a great opportunity for us to follow along on your journey as your build your new home – I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  12. Hi Kelly! The house is looking amazing!! I look forward to every next post!!! Something to think about with the book table….as much as I love a round table…I also love the flexibility of being able to add different end chairs to a rectangular table with a bench or window seat on one side. I suggest you look for two end chairs you have to have and if you can convince the hubs to buy them…you go for it and do the rectangular table. ;-)

  13. It’s coming right along and everything looks so beautiful. I love the beams and stair railing.

    1. Hi Cindy, I’ve definitely spent a zillion hours thinking over every little detail so it’s fun to se it come together.

  14. Everything looks so great! Love that you share as it makes us all feel just a little like we’re building a new home too. I’d go with the oval table in the eating nook. I like the ability for two people to sit on the window seat and have the table be in front of them instead of rounding and feeling like you have to reach for your plate. Probably cleaner that way with the kiddos too!

  15. I would go with a large oblong table which I think will look beautiful with the window seat and it will allow for more seating. I love all the colors you have picked for the rooms, I’m also a fan of grays and blues. Keep those pictures coming.

    1. Thanks Angela, you are right a longer table would be better. I think I have seen too many beautiful breakfast nooks with round tables and need to let go of the dream ha :)

  16. I was wondering why you didn’t get laminate wood in this house like you had in your other house?

    1. Hi Marilyn we had hardwoods through the main level and laminate only upstairs in the bedrooms. My kids bedrooms will still have laminate like the old house, but I prefer the engineered hardwood for the main level.

  17. Agree. I LOVE my round table, but doesn’t work with the window seat. Oval would be perfect to soften the geometry of the beams.

  18. I agree with what Kari said in regards to the table…if you have a circular one to fit the space then not more than one person could really sit on the window seat and I think the idea of the rounded oval would contrast the beautiful beams and give it more interest. I’ve been looking for a nice warm gray for a long dim hallway…I’ll have to check out the one that you’re using…looks very calming.
    Once again, that view from the downstairs room….wow….I’m afraid , if it was me, the tv would probably only go on when it was totally dark outside…such a restful view. ?

  19. Looking good! Can’t wait to see it when it is all finished and you have worked your magic inside and out.

  20. We love a rounded oval table or rounded rectangular table at our window seat. Less bruises on the hips for the grown ups and easier on the kids as well. The longest length that will fit in front of the window seat the better as all the kids love to cram in there when they come over. A circular table would only allow for a few on the window seat in the middle before getting too far away for little ones at the ends to reach their food. Everything looks so beautiful! So fun to watch all your choices come to life!

  21. I love the gray colors! I think you’ve found my paint color for the kitchen. Agreeable Gray! My cabinets are white washed maple so they have a pinky cast (I didn’t pick them out – they were there when we bought the house and they are custom). I can live with them but the paint we have on the wall now doesn’t do anything for me. Are you wearing your tool belt and helping along? I can’t wait to see the next installment. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Marisa, it’s such a pretty color. Really seems to go with everything! I am not helping at all, just staying out of the way. I will be tackling the pool and barn area just as soon as the weather cooperates.

  22. We have what is called a “boat” shaped table. It is basically rectangular but the long sides bow out slightly and I love it! It might be combining the best of both the rectangular table and the round.

  23. I have agreeable gray in our entire house with white cabinets. It’s a nice color with white, blues, and neutrals.
    I’d love to share pics with you. Although it’s very dull looking in each of my son’s room, it has a nice color against the white in my kitchen.
    This color can look a bit lavender in some rooms with my dark floors.

    I also have a square table for dining and wish I had a circular one to feel more conferational. It’s also nice to be able to add chairs to the circle.

    I love the pics of your new home and think the beams add a nice warm touch!! Your so very talented!

  24. Absolutely love your new house! So jeoulous, but happy for you and that you share it with us. I love decorating my house. I was 53 before I was able to buy my first house and pick out everything. I am so enjoying looking at colors and ideas still! Thanks again!

  25. My first thought is a rectangle table. Which would follow the amazing lines of the old wood beam trimmed window. Thus not distracting from them with another round element in a table. But, who knows you just might find an amazing table you can’t live without, good luck, and happy hunting!

  26. I’m trying to remember where those old beams came from. I think they may have come out of a barn my aunt and uncle owned in Bowens Mill the old Middleville Tool and Die building is. They owned an old barn there which was torn down when they built the first MTD building. I wonder if the township has a picture of the old barn.

    1. Hi Kay, thanks for sharing a little history behind the beams. I’m so glad we were able to get them out intact. That would be so cool if the township had a picture of the barn, I’ll have to check into it.

  27. Love, love, love all of your design and color choices! I am a big fan of a round table at a breakfast nook. It softens the harder edges and allows for chairs to nestle around nicely, creating a cozy space for hanging out. Whichever you choose, it will be amazing! Love the use of the old beams. It adds unique character. I can’t wait to see more progress pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love round breakfast nook table too, so cozy! It’s probably not the most practical with the window seat but I still love them. Thanks!

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