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Lake House Master Bathroom

I received free product from Delta Faucet Company to write this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

I’m working hard to keep rolling out new house room reviews here on the blog, in between swimming, boat rides and strawberry picking with my kiddos now that school is out. Today, I wanted to share our master bathroom.

Lake House Blue and White Master Bath

I don’t have it 100 percent styled perfectly yet, but it’s a start. We used the same pretty grey/blue Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams on the cabinets (see all my paint choices here) that we did on the kitchen island, and I just love this color. It brings such a great energy to this room. The cabinet maker did a fantastic job building this piece and I love the chunky feet he added.

Blue and White Lake House Bathroom

We went with these beautiful Cassidy Single Handle Lavatory Faucets from Delta Faucet Company in Chrome. I love the classic and clean look they give the bathroom.

Blue and White Lake House Bathroom

My mom actually used the same faucet in her master bath makeover (see it here), but in Venetian Bronze, and I knew I had to have it my bath too. I got a lot of questions about what finish I was going to use on all the faucets, and as you can see, I stuck with the more traditional Chrome. There are a lot of beautiful finishes out right now (I’m looking at you Champagne Bronze), but in the end, I decided to go with a timeless classic . I know these faucets will be perfect for many years to come. Plus, with only one handle they are easy to clean! You can check out the faucets here or all of Delta’s beautiful options here.

Blue and White Lake House Bathroom

I used quartz countertops in this bathroom with a marble look to stay with the classic vibe. They really work well with the white washed faux wood tile and the upkeep is so much easier than the marble we had in our last bath.

A large tub next to a window

I still love the look of the shiplap from my old master bathroom, so I had the guys add it on the back wall behind the sinks and up behind the bath too. It’s a way less expensive option than tile and I love the texture it adds. I went with a more polished version this time around vs. the more rustic shiplap.

A freestanding tub

I didn’t want this bath too feel too fussy as our whole house has a casual, throw your feet up on the table kinda vibe, so I wanted to add in some natural wood to balance out all the cool colors. I found these simple mirrors at Hobby Lobby half off and they work great with the jute rug to bring some warmth in here.

A bathroom with double sinks

Another great find was this cabinet, can you believe it’s just from Ikea? Props to the Mr. for mastering the allen wrench to put it together! It fit like a glove in this little nook and we anchored it to the wall so it’s not going anywhere.

A bathtub in front of a window

A linen cabinet

You can see the corner of our shower peeking out here. We didn’t do a fancy tile shower because we have really hard well water that is kind of a nightmare to clean, and I just didn’t want to deal with the upkeep. Also, I have crazy clutter issues and I can’t deal with seeing my horde of shampoo and beauty products through a glass door, is this just me? I would much rather look at a pretty shower curtain any day, which is a weird quirk of mine I guess. Not to mention shower curtains are budget friendly!

A linen cabinet

A bathroom with double sinks

Like I said I still have some more styling to do in here, but for now it feels like a happy, peaceful place to relax after a full day with my kids this summer!

Source List – (Disclosure- contains affiliate links)

Wall Paint colors – Silver Strand and Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet Paint – Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams

Faucet – Delta Cassidy Single Lavatory Faucet

Flooring – BuildDirect Salerno Porcelain Tile Wilderness Series

Cabinet – Ikea

Mirrors – Hobby Lobby

Countertop – Misterio quartz by Vicostone

Bathtub – Signature Hardware

Lights – Quorum 


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  1. I LOVE your master bath! It’s so inviting and calm! I wanted to ask if that cabinet was bought in that stain or did you apply a stain after purchase? I’m looking at getting one for our master bath and would LOVE to get one in that stained finish but I don’t see it as an option. If you stained after purchase, which stain did you use?


  2. After some time, I’m curious how the master bath tile on the floor is holding up? Does it show much dirt? Thanks! LOVE EVERYTHING!!

  3. Love your style! Getting inspiration for a bathroom remodel. Could you please share grout color used on floor? Also what is the hardware used on the vanity? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Brenda I didn’t write specific grout colors down, sorry about that! The hardware is from a local hardware store in grand rapids michigan – thanks!

  4. Do you have any pictures from your bedroom into your master bath? We are currently building and going with a similar tone wood floor that you have but we are worried with how the white wash wood tile will look up against it.


  5. I love how you have used shiplap in your beautiful bathroom! What did you do differently to make it a more ‘polished’ vs. rustic look? Im trying to figure out how to install it myself and would welcome any tips you can give me! Thanks!

    1. Hey Glenda so these boards go the entire length of the wall so there are no seams they are also thicker MDF pieces that they sanded down nice and smooth and they filled any imperfections. You put it perfectly I wanted polished shiplap that was more nautical looking vs farmhouse.

  6. I’m redoing my master bedroom right now and I keep looking at your bathroom for inspiration– I love everything about it. In fact, I just ordered the Cassidy sink faucets for our sinks! Can you please tell me what the drawer pulls are that you used? I’m tempted to copy that too!

    1. Hi Tracy, you will love the Cassidy faucets! The pulls are from a local store here in Grand Rapids so I don’t have any info on them, sorry!

  7. I love your master bath so much! I keep coming back to it when I’m working on house plans. :) I’m wondering what the size of the vanity and window is? Also, is the ceiling 9′ in there? I think the proportions are really nice.

  8. Hello! This whole house is amazing!! You’re so talented. I was wondering what colour of grout did you use? Is it more white or a light grey?

  9. Hey there! LOVE EVERYTHING! I have a question though….what do you do about privacy with your beautiful windows? I can’t tell in the pics if you have some kind of seamless shades of some sort that come down? Your tub is right in front of a huge window- do you just make a run for it?! HAHA. Love all the open airy windows, but how to have privacy when needed, too?! THANKS! :)

    1. We have pull down cellular blinds, so they go all the way up when we aren’t using them. They are cordless so you can’t see them :) but give us complete privacy when we need it!

  10. Hi there-

    LOVE the color of your cabinets! I just bought the blustery sky sample and it looks SO dark! Does it look lighter in person? Or does your bathroom get a lot of natural light to make it look lighter?

    Thanks so much! :)

    1. Hi Julie, it is a pretty deep toned color but our house has a ton of natural light so everything reads lighter in here. My bathroom has a floor to ceiling window right next to our vanity so if you don’t have a light of light it may look different in your space.

  11. I love your vanity and the window in between! So great for getting ready and natural light. How wide is the vanity in order to achieve this look and still have two sizable mirror? Thanks!

  12. I love your style!! Very classy and nice!

    I have the best of both worlds in my bathroom remodel. It’s a walk in shower with manufactured slabs of granite so hardly any seams at all, and we used reclaimed barnwood for the exterior…I do love a good shower curtain but this is a great option as well!

  13. Having worked in commercial bakery environment ‘a and washing hands many times an hour there is also a great utilitarian use for busy humans and this bath fixture! The single laboratory faucet has been my go-to style for years…so finely and prettily done by Delta. My “Ladder Cat” can operate too ??

  14. Gorgeous! We also have well water also so to avoid ever having to try and clean it off of the shower tile I just dry it after every shower.

  15. LOVE how the house is coming along! I completely agree with you about the shower! I don’t understand the glass shower craze, privacy please and hide the clutter!

  16. Everything you share is gorgeous! I so covet the large basket on the wall in your dining room!

    Love the cabinet in the bathroom – and I applaud you for not using tile! (I have grout issues LOL!)

  17. Perfection! The pops of wood/natural tones work nicely with the paint colors and the shiplap. Not TOO much texture or pattern – just enough to keep it interesting. Love this room!

  18. Funny about the shower curtain vs door! We built our home almost 18 yrs ago and opted out with the glass shower door, partly bc of the cleaning and also I like to close off the view of the shower with something pretty. Also, I’m loving that cab color and am about to refresh my guest bath so paint color picked? Check.?Love your home and style!

  19. It is so fun to see these reveals! Everything looks so great together and that cabinet is seriously the perfect fit! ??? I totally get the “seeing the bottles” thing too!

  20. Beautiful bathroom! And I feel the EXACT same way about glass shower doors! No one wants to see my collection of shower products, plus I don’t need the extra cleaning of the door. A shower liner can be thrown away when it gets gunked up! = ) Thanks for sharing the beautiful details of your home with us!

    1. I agree… I have to admit how vulnerable I feel in our shower. The glass is clear on two sides and the double doors on our bathroom have no lock. I’ve been considering a cafe curtain on the outside! haha…. sometimes I just give in to my weird fear and go to the other bathroom for my shower.

  21. This is a dream!!! I love the contrast between the blue, white, and wood. And that bathtub??? I could sit there for hours.

  22. Your taste is my taste , and you have given me amazing ideas. Your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Looks very nice! I love the vanity color. We’ve been renovating our 1970s house since Christmas and have similar taste. We also have the Cassidy faucets in chrome but widespread and love them! They’re so pretty and classic. And we did a whitewashed faux wood tile on the floor and rustic wood mirrors to break it all up! So when I started reading your post I had to laugh! Haha. I’ve been debating painting our bedroom/bathroom silver strand but it looks a little icy and cold in our bedroom. The color doesnt really come out like I thought it would. Right now our bathroom is sea salt and it’s looks great just a little too much color? And no idea what to pair with it in the bedroom. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

    1. If you like the Sea Salt, you could have it mixed at half-strength and get same but paler look.

      Sorry to butt in! But, my friend did that and it is great!

    2. Our bathroom is Sea Salt and our bedroom is Oyster Bay. Love both colors. If you don’t like dark, you might want to mix the Oyster Bay with white to tone it down.

  24. Love your new bathroom and the rest of your new house! Can’t wait to see everything else! Would you mind sharing what Ikea cabinet you got (it looks great in the bathroom!) and where you got your jute rug from? Thanks for sharing!

  25. Holly took the words right out of my mouth! That’s exactly how I feel. Each of our three bedroom suite bathrooms has a shower curtain and I ALWAYS have spare shower liners on hand. It’s so easy to keep the showers clean and fresh. And although I sometimes oooh and ahhhh over photos of lovely apothecary-style bottles of toiletry products in the shower, they’re not very user friendly, at least not for real women who have real men for husbands, lol. You have created a beautiful, beautiful home! I love that you share all the details with us and I love your blog.

  26. You are not alone with the shower decision! When we built 2 1/2 years ago we went with a simple stall shower with a tile look embossed into it, and we chose a rather large style with a bench in it. I will never understand the huge glass door shower idea. I also love to have a lot of products in the shower, and has anyone ever heard of privacy? Give me a prettt shower curtain, please!! Plus, I love being able to swap out the plastic liner for a brand-new, germ-free, fresh one every few months. Who has the time or the desire to clean all of that glass and tile up anyway? Not me! Never mind having to reseal the grout very 6 months. Nope!

    1. PS, your blog is my favorite of all times! Our style choices are so similar – my daughter loves the same things, too! They will be moving back home in a couple of years and they are planning on building in our neighborhood, so I can’t wait to show her your blog, so she can start adding to her Pinterest board!!

  27. Very beautiful. Love the hutch in there. It all blends so well. Is the jute rug comfortable to walk on barefoot? Love it! Would you mind sharing your source? Thx so much.

  28. LOVE the linen cabinet and how it compliments the mirrors! SO MUCH BEAUTY in this whole space… and all of that natural lighting in your bathroom is amazing! Cant wait to see more!

  29. It looks fantastic kelly!! I’m in love with the cabinet and the wood mirrors. You are right on point that they add warmth with wood!! Have fun with the kids. ????

  30. Love that faucet! Going to check it out at Delta right now. Thanks for making my remodel choices easy!

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