Blue Slate Entry Way Tile

I’ve realized if you build a house with the intent of having “the house that all the kids hang out at” that this is exactly what will happen! I guess it really is a” if you build it they will come” kind of a deal – which has been so fun and it makes me smile watching the kids enjoy this space that we spent a million hours dreaming and scheming over. I will say, however, that corralling groups of kids everyday has seriously cut into my ability to blog. I promise I’m trying to squeeze it in so that I don’t leave you hanging, but I want to soak up every minute with these kiddos before they are too cool to hang with mom.

Slate and Tile

I did snap a few pics of our entry way while they were still snoozing the other morning (side benefit of spending hours in the pool everyday – they are actually sleeping in and it’s amazing!). It is totally bare bones right now, and I need your ideas for what to hang here.

An entry way with tile floor

A entry way with tile floor

I’m thinking about hanging our family gallery wall from our old playroom above the bench (see it here), but I’m having major new wall anxiety (it’s a thing), and the idea of putting a million nail holes in my pretty board and batten walls is stopping me in my tracks.

A entry with a tile floor

There is also this big blank wall going down the stairs, I was hoping to hang our big American flag here (see it here), but it was actually too small looking. Can you tell I have no idea what to do with this space?? I think I’m burnt out on decision making after designing every inch of this house, and I need to just let it all marinate for the summer and hope inspiration strikes in the fall.

An entry bench

One decision I didn’t need help in making is choosing this gorgeous blue slate tile for our entry way. I partnered with BuildDirect again on this flooring, and I absolutely love it. I wanted to go with really classic and natural finishes that would stand the test of time in this house so this Janeiro Slate Tile was a no brainer. BuildDirect had this tile in black and blue, but I chose the Montauk Blue color, and I love how it plays with the white walls and the warm wood of our floors.

slate tile

We went with the Versailles Pattern (I used this same tile, but a different pattern in the mudroom/laundry room, which I’ll show you soon). It took a bit of extra figuring out for the guys to lay, but it turned out so cool. I went with a light grey grout for a bit more contrast. I should mention a big tip on this flooring is the tile guys sealed it before they grouted it so that the grout was easier to remove. Because this a natural stone, we will have to seal it again every so often.

An entry with slate tile

I need to find a rug for in here yet too, but I almost don’t want to cover up the pattern. Obviously, I need some sort of rug in here though. I snagged this bench at a flea market for $15 last summer and painted it black. Our coat rack from the last house looks right at home here, and I managed to keep my fiddle fig alive all winter at my parent’s house even though he really hated it there. He looked pretty sickly the whole time we were there, but he is finally perking up! Also don’t mind the trees out the front door that are now finally planted (more to show on that front in the coming weeks!).

Ok, so hit me up with some ideas of what to hang above this bench!


Tile – BuildDirect Janeiro Slate Tile

Light Fixture – Wayfair

Paint Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams



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  1. Hi
    To enhance the tile/ wood what i would do is:
    IF you know someone who is a painting person, ask them to make two watercolors with these colors in them;
    since its a lake home, I would ask for that theme on both; I would go small and put one under that
    great horizontal window and the other make either very small and vertical next to sidelight of door; or over bench; I like super minimal and I am sure there are more crafty things; but a simple small painting
    is very nice and warm and personal to the home; in my humble thinking;

  2. Unfortunately much to my husband’s irritation, It takes me a ton of tries (and just as many holes) to place a picture. Command strips work great for hanging pics and saving marriages! ;)

  3. Honestly, I would hate to distract too much from the beautiful architecture of the entry itself. The idea of nail holes? Yikes!

  4. Maybe using Sticky Tack to hang your gallery would be a nice idea. Then you can remove everything or rearrange just by removing the Sticky Tack product.

  5. I’m kind of loving it blank. The floor is gorgeous and the plant looks happy. Having said that, I’m sure whatever you put on that wall will be fabulous, maybe a large sign with your family name or LPC2 and est. date of 2017.

  6. This is beautiful!!! Love the slate. I like the idea of the flag over the bench and the gallery wall in the stairwell. And yes, I’d use command strips on all of it just to avoid the nail holes. You are such a good photographer, how about a large photo of the sunset over your lake. That makes it a little more personal. Whatever you do I know it look great!

  7. You are right on about waiting until you are sure about what to hang. And you could hang them from the molding at the ceiling with beautiful ribbon or fishing line also.

  8. Okay, first of all, I have serious house envy. But putting that aside, I always like having a mirror in my foyer for that last minute ‘check’ before answering the door. Know what I mean? And I like the way a mirror can bounce around the light.

    An old antique window with a mirror inserted and hanging by a chain from a single decorative hook would look great and the wood frame would add a bit of warmth besides the color of that lovely leather bag on the hall tree. I also know that whatever you do, it will be drool-worthy, like the rest of your home. Thanks so much for sharing all the pics and product sources. :-)

    1. p.s. I would consider an outdoor throw rug in the entry. They’ve come a LONG way from the plastic-y rugs of old, and are super soft, come in a bazillion patterns, and are so easy to clean. You won’t feel like you need to throw it out after 6 months.

  9. I love your entry! I also had new wall anxiety when we built our home, LOL! My son stopped that real quick when I came home to find he’d tacked 20 posters all over his wall! I think a landscape pic or the american flag would look great above the bench. I feel like a gallery wall is usually left for more informal areas, like hallways, etc. Congrats on your new home!

  10. I agree a big Driftwood mirror above the bench ! The flag at the stairs would look great ?

  11. My suggestion is to use those Command hooks so you don’t put holes in that beautiful wood wall.

    I have no idea what to hang. I still have some bare walls in my house and I’ve lived here 20+ years!

  12. I think the family photos seem a little casual for the new entryway. I would save those for the room downstairs. I think that you should select some sort of artwork that sets the tone for the entire house right at the entry. I would look for something that says rustic elegant lakeside charm. Maybe something nautical with boat, water, lighthouse?
    I’m afraid of nail holes too which is why we switched to 3M hooks for almost all of our artwork. That also lets us easily swap out art for the season.

  13. Everything looks fantastic! SO beautiful! I totally understand the new wall anxiety! I just did a gallery wall at my house with heavy wooden signs and I used command strips! I love it! No holes in the walls and I have already moved a few things around as the gallery wall has grown! Just a suggestion but I am sure whatever you come up with will be amazing!

  14. Gorgeous entry and home!
    i’d probably wait to decide what to hang on the walls.
    You need a break from designing ! But anything you hang there
    will look great!
    Best of luck.

  15. I think a big beautiful lake painting in blues would be nice over the bench. It would be a hint of what’s to come when visitors get to the main living areas and see the lake out your windows. The blues would play off the slate tiles and it would brighten up the area. Hanging your family photos gallery style in the stairway would be perfect. Your house if beautiful and I love reading your blog.

    1. I was thinking about a beautiful lake picture above your bench. It is nice that I am thinking in the same direction as Pat. I know you will make a wonderful choice. I loved your other house and decor as well. Just be calm and your choices will come to you. You have made many beautiful decisions in your new home. Enjoy your home!!

  16. I would suggest something very simple over your bench, like the other reader’s idea of a mirror/driftwood idea. It is so beautiful the way it is and your walls are truly a focal point so I would put the family photos elsewhere, like perhaps the staircase wall. The simplicity of your foyer will make a statement for guests that conveys a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, even if it is a busy household!! I think it would look “too busy” with photos in that location. Just my two cents worth! I know with your talents you will find something fantastic to hang there. Thx for the beautiful photos!

  17. ❤️ following your blog and the progress you’ve made on your lake house! I’ve always loved a big mirror in a foyer – maybe something with driftwood for you – and hang those fantastic family pics on the staircase. You are such a clever designer, can’t wait to see what you do!

  18. It’s gorgeous!!! I was going to suggest the American flag above bench and maybe family gallery on the blank wall by the stairs? Before I do galleries I usually use painters tape to plan out where everything will go so I visualize it better thank so the frames with that Velcro stuff so if I end up hating it I just pull it off so worth it!!! Where did you get that door!?? We need a new front one and I’m thinking something like this would be perfect!!

  19. Maybe put the American flag above the black bench?
    Everything looks beautiful and I love reading your posts!

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