Review of our Maiden Home Furniture

A review of  our Maiden Home furniture. Specifically the Maiden Home Sullivan Sectional and Leroy Accent chair after 3 years of wear.

Disclaimer: I partnered with Maiden Home in 2019 to feature their furniture in our home. I’m currently not under contract with Maiden Home so this is my honest review. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

One of my most asked questions is always about how we “really” like our Maiden Home furniture. I get it, buying furniture online site unseen is nerve wracking to say the least. We’ve owned our Maiden Home furniture for 3 years now, so it’s a good time for an updated review.

  • Will it be comfortable?
  • Will it look as good in person?
  • What’s the quality like?
  • How will it wear?
  • Will my kids destroy it??

Well, let’s just go through your questions one by one!

white living room with white sullivan sectional and jute striped rug. Lake house views.

First, let me share the exact details of our furniture. We own the Sullivan sectional in the largest size. It measures 135″ on the left and 106″ on the right. It’s available in many different sizes and configurations, as well as dozens of fabric choices. We opted for the performance linen fabric in the color Oyster.

White living room stone fireplace rustic mantel and navy blue accent chair

We also ordered the Leroy Accent Chair in the performance tweed fabric. I chose the color denim, with light wood arms.

Ok back to your questions –

Is the Maiden Home Sullivan Sectional Comfortable?

The Sullivan sectional is a nice deep seated sectional with bench cushions. They are on the firmer side, but still plush and comfortable. It’s a great balance of comfort and support. Our family of 4 can easily lounge on it during the weekends. I’m 5’9, my husband is 5’11, and my teenager is 5’2 and it works comfortably for all of our heights. The firmer cushions really keep their shape, while still allowing you to sink in and relax.

The Leroy Chairs have a great shape, and a very comfortable slope to the back. The wooden arms and firm back lend themselves sitting upright, rather that curling up with a book. My husband likes to sit in one and work on his laptop on the weekend, but I opt for the couch when I want to lounge. They are a really nice size, and create a great seating area when we entertain.

white living room with white sectional sofa and navy blue chairs

Will it look good in person?

I think the Maiden Home furniture looks even better in person than it does online. The fabric options are beautiful, and the wood accents are perfect. I love the lines of this sofa. One thing I disliked about our old sofa was how it looked clunky from the back. The lines of the Sullivan sofa are sleek and modern, but work in a traditional space as well.

What’s the quality like?

Maiden Home furniture is all custom made to order in the United States. While this does mean the lead time is long, it’s worth the wait. We’ve owned several sofas over the years. From Ikea, to local stores, the quality of this is by far the best I have owned. You can just tell how sturdily they are constructed. All of the seaming and sewing looks perfect, no loose threads or wonky lines. Each back cushion is full and fluffy. I really appreciate how seamlessly the 2 part of the sectional join too. Our Ikea sectional never lined up right and it drove me nuts.

How will it wear?

The thing I’m most impressed with is that the bench cushions still look great. This was a big concern of mine. I was worried they would lose firmness over the years and look saggy in the middle. I’m happy to report they still look great after 3 years. Sometimes they will look a bit wrinkly after someone sits on them for a long time, but they easily smooth out with your hand. I do periodically fluff the back pillows up. On Monday mornings, after a weekend full of lounging, I like to fluff everything up.

The dark navy Leroy chairs we have in the performance tweed. I was a little nervous how such a dark fabric would fair in our south facing home with no window treatments. The tweed uses sunbrella yarn so we have had zero fading in 3 years, they are still the same gorgeous navy color.

Will my kids/dog destroy it?

white couch with fall throw pillows and cream blanket with white havanese dog napping

As the mom of two kids and one fluffy dog this was a huge question for me. Numerous times I’ve been told I’m nuts to have a white couch with a family and dog. The key to having a white sofa with kids is the fabric. It’s got to be durable and easy to clean. I ordered tons of fabric samples before committing to the Oyster color. I was looking not only at the color and feel, (which were all great) but how stain resistant they were as well. It’s Crypton fabric which is about the most stain resistant thing on the planet. We’ve had everything from dog vomit, Dorito finger prints, and melted chocolate on our sofa. I’m happy to report that most stains have cleaned up easily with soap and water. For harder to remove stains (like the chocolate) I used Crypton’s cleaning products. The Crypton fabric is resistant to liquids, so most spills can be easily blotted up if you catch them right away.

This is Charlie’s designated spot on the couch, so I like to keep a throw here just in case he sneaks by me with muddy paws.

Maiden Home Ordering Process

Once I decided on the Sullivan sectional and the Leroy Accent chairs, my next step was to order fabric swatches. Be sure to look at them in your house in different lighting situations – rainy days, sunny days, evenings. Make sure it all works for your space. Then confirm that not only the length fits in your room, but the depth will work well as well. I like to use painters tape on the floor to envision how it will fit in the space. After triple checking everything I hit order. They then send a confirmation email making sure everything is just as I wanted.

Maiden Home Customer Service

They have the best customer service. Yes, I know I worked with them so of course I received great customer service, but SO many of you have ordered our same sofa and sent me stories of great service experiences. I love that they kept me apprised of the timeline during the process. I received an email when they started building my furniture, when it was complete, when it shipped, and when it would be delivered.

Maiden Home Lead Time

This may be one of the only cons I have to report. This furniture is not in stock and ready to go, so you will have to be patient. Custom furniture isn’t made overnight, it was well worth the wait.

Maiden Home Delivery

They offer white glove delivery service which was great. The delivery team didn’t leave until I had the furniture placed exactly where I wanted it.

Would I buy Maiden Home Furniture again?

100% I would! I hope you know that I only recommend products and brands that I love. I’ve been so fortunate to work with many great brands over the last 9 years, and they are still a fave. Plus the feedback I’ve received from all of you who have ordered from Maiden Home has been great.

white lake house living room with white sectional sofa and fall neutral throw pillows

Let me know if you have any additional questions about Maiden Home Furniture that I didn’t cover here in the comments below!

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  1. Do you notice any pilling with the linen fabric? And the bench pillows really hold their shape?! This must be a unicorn couch!

  2. Gorgeous space! Thank you so much for sharing. Can you share which of the wood finishes is on the Leroy chairs? Looks like driftwood but I wanted to be sure.

  3. I love the tweedy navy of your chairs! Are the fabric swatches good sized? We ordered what we thought was a tweedy navy couch a few years ago and I hate it. The fabric isn’t nearly as tweedy as I thought the swatches looked and every speck of dust and lint shows on it – and it’s just my husband and me! Surprisingly the light colored loveseat I ordered for the living room has turned into the favorite! Wish I’d ordered the larger couch for the family room.

  4. On the sectional – are the sloped arms comfortable for lounging? Our current couch has similar arms but hardly any padding so it’s super uncomfortable to lean against!

    1. I usually keep throw pillows by the arms so I use one of those. I can’t say I have leaned on the arms without one actually.

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