Best Lake House Bar Stools

If you follow me on instagram, you may have watched my stories about how my bar stools are falling apart. Well, you all came to the rescue messaging me with so many photos of your own barstools and suggestions that I got busy online shopping. I had several requests to share all the top contenders with you, so here is my collection of lake house bar stools. I haven’t actually decided what direction I’m going yet, but these are on the short list for sure!

Here are the ones we have now –

A kitchen island and stools

I forgot to snap a pic of them in their current state, but there is foam sticking out all over the seats and the top is falling apart.

So, here are the ones I’m considering – I broke them up a little bit by budget friendly vs a little less budget friendly. Note to the Mr., if you are reading this, just scroll on by the prices… ;)

Best Lake House Bar Stools Under $200

Just click on the bold links to view each product. (Disclosure: Contains affiliate links.)

  1. Campbellton County Coastal 24″ Bar Stool – These are really good Serena and Lily dupes, and the price point is amazing!
  2. Essex Barstool – I love the old school simplicity of these.
  3. Jute and Wood Cason Barstool – I’m a sucker for jute and the woven seat is so pretty.
  4. Selma Barstool – I love the wood tone of these stools and think they are perfectly beachy.
  5. Aged White Wood Leyla Swivel Barstool – Guys! Remember these barstools from my parent’s beach house? We bought them at a local store, but these are almost exactly the same!
  6. Alden Bar + Counter Stools – Again, the simplicity is appealing and I feel like they would survive my kids.
  7. Brooklyn Barstools, Set of 2 – You can’t get a better price point than these, $200 for the set!

This next set of lake house bar stools are a little higher in price range mainly because most of them have backs. I think I like having the clean lines of the backless stools we have now, but these are so pretty I’m tempted to try them out!

Best Lake House Bar Stools

  1. Thea Bentwood Stools – I love the cane backs on these stools, they come in a wood tone as well.
  2. Faith Counter Stool – I’m really into natural textures right now and I love the seat of these stools.
  3. Black Steel Neal Counter Stool These have a similar back to our dining chairs and I love the slightly modern vibe.
  4. Weathered Oak Rattan Nicklas Barstool – My mom is actually on the hunt for new bar stools too for their house in MI, so “hey mom these would look cute in your lake house” ;)
  5. Riviera Backless Counter Stool – Striped – Stripes…need I say more?
  6. Riviera Backless Counter Stool – Loving these and they would look great with our breakfast nook chairs.
  7.  Riviera Counter Stool – No words needed, these are classic and beautiful.

I will say I have been in love with the cafe style chairs from Serena and Lily forever and they were what I originally pictured for our kitchen. I happened to find our current stools on clearance for about $75 and couldn’t pass them up, but I guess you get what you pay for sometimes.

There you have it, all my lake house bar stool suggestions any favorites?

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  1. Well, your kids use them the most and will become Teens, they should decide. If you really want to accommodate everyone,your kids and friends I would pick #7 Riviera Counter Stool.

  2. Alden gets my vote! Cool, kinda like a bike seat or saddle, really comfy and EASY to clean!!

  3. Thank you, thank you and more thanks Kelly! I have been going around in circles trying to find just the right counter stool for our kitchen remodel. I found them because of your post!
    Went with the Carson jute and wood. The bar stools slightly to high for adults so I selected counter stools. Husband requested a counter stool with a back but he compromised when he saw the Carson stool. ?

  4. I just replaced my wooden bar stools with the Riviera backless stools but in neutral which works in my kitchen. I had been eyeing them for several years!! My former stools had backs and I felt they took up too much visual space but my kitchen is smaller than yours. So I’m partial to the Riviera #6. Do kids and friends sit on the stools with wet bathing suits? That would be my concern. Not sure how they hold up to that. Good luck choosing.

    1. I’m crazy strict about people being wet in the house lol so I’m not worried about it. We have several outdoor dining areas so everyone is always outside when they are wet.

  5. I kinda like #2, 4 and the last one. My questions would be: do you want it to swivel? (I like this option personally) How important is it to have a back? (That was my husband’s request with kids) And most importantly of all, besides how it looks in your kitchen, is comfort- is it comfortable? If no one wants to sit on it, no matter what the cost, it won’t be worth it. Good luck!

    1. My kids typically sit here and they would make me crazy with the swivel and I like the clean look of the backless ones. I’ll share what I went with soon!

  6. From my own experience (9.5′ island, 5 counter stools), and if you go BACKLESS, I recommend being able to sit down on the stool from any direction. You can’t do that with Alden, even though it’s gorgeous. If you go with a BACK, I’d recommend staying away from #2 and #7 because the arms are confining. And if there will ever be any old tushies sitting there, you might want to think about a padded seat. :-) My 22-year-old counter stools are a charcoal tubular steel with a back, and the large padded seats are removable. Granted, they were quite pricey back then but the timeless style still works in my kitchen. I just purchased more fabric to recover them for about the 7th time and once again they’ll look like new! My father had the best advice: “Listen to what everybody tells you then do as you please.”

    1. Ha I like your advice! My kiddos are the ones who sit here 99% of the time to do homework or have a snack. I like to hang out in the breakfast nook myself :)

  7. I am liking the Jute and Wood Cason Barstools, the woven seats and the wood go nicely in your kitchen

  8. My two cents worth seems awfully silly, since you are MUCH BETTER at home decor than I am LOL!! However, if you want to stay on the less expensive side, I love the Essex. I like the dark wood contrasting with all your light. But if you want to “go for it” absolutely the Riviera!!! TOTAL CLASS!!! Can’t wait to see what you decide. Your home is gorgeous!! I love seeing the pictures! Blessings from Missouri!

  9. Of your choices I like the Alden. Clean, simple, durable, not too modern, not too formal.

  10. For years we had ladderback wood and wicker stools (which I came to dislike – without cushions, the seats were scratchy, and with cushions the seats were a little too high. Plus the cushion ties were always pulling out, my husband spilled food and drink on them, etc, etc, etc). A few years ago, I sold them on Craigslist and bought the saddle stools linked below. They are sturdy, well made, the price is great (they are frequently on sale), and I love the way they “disappear” under the counter – less of a visual distraction. I thought that I might miss the backs, but we haven’t.

  11. I have a kitchen bar with five stools. The thing I love the most is that they swivel so if I need to speak with my husband as he’s making coffee or if I want to turn towards the television or look out the window at the sunset I can. I would never go without a swivel chair! I bought them 14 years ago and I think I paid $150.00 each they still look like I took them out of the box. You are right… get what you pay for. Bought them at a high end furniture stool store. They have metal legs and back with cloth seats. I love them!

  12. I actually like the most economical ones the very best….the Brooklyn barstools are my favorite… may have to get them for myself! Love that wood tone :)

    Cant’ wait to see what you pick!

  13. If you want to stay with the beachy look I would go with Thea Bentwood but I also feel the Black Steel Neal’s would look amazing and go great with the lights above your island! Have fun deciding!!

  14. I think you NEED the Riviera Backless Striped (5) stools. They would look amazing in your kitchen!

  15. I just bought the Safavieh Riviera knock off counter stools for our new lake house. They are really cute! I bought them at Overstock with a coupon but plenty of places sell them. They habe two styles, i went with Gresley over the Ford? (I think this was the other) simply because they were on back order as opposed to sold out. Classic, pretty and indoor/outdoor rated. Perfect!

    1. I’ve been considering those for a beach house. How comfortable and durable are they? Could you sit on them in a swimsuit without getting imprints from the seat?


      1. They are very comfortable and seem durable. I just got them and the kitchen remodel is not complete, so they are probably not getting a full workout yet. I suspect there would be imprints in a bathing suit. They are made from what I would call the old school vinyl outdoor furniture seats? I am pretty sure I had imprints as a kid….

  16. The Alden Bar counter stools! The black legs would tie in the other black accents you have (without feeling too heavy) and anchor the island in the room I think.

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