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Cozy Winter Master Bedroom

Hey! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday. We had a great day at my in-laws, and now we are having a cozy morning at home. I may be sneaking a little online shopping in too… I’ve been meaning to share our cozy winter master bedroom refresh with you for a while, but I got a little sidetracked with the Christmas crazy. Today seemed like a great day to share since all of my new bedding is 25% off this weekend.

A door looking into a bedroom

If you remember waaaay back this summer, I talked about finally getting rid of the ceiling fan in our bedroom. It was one of my practical concessions when building our house. It stopped working about a year ago and we realized that we didn’t really miss it.

A bedroom with a large bed in a room

Which means we got to put up something pretty instead! I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a new light and then it sat in our garage for 2 months. You all know how much the Mr. enjoys being dragged into my home improvement shenanigans, so it took me a minute to get him on board with helping me. While Charlie (our dog if you are new here) is a good little blog assistant for most DIY projects, electrical work is not his strong suit.

A bedroom with a bed and a large window

Along with the new light, it felt like a good time to swap out some new cozy bedding for the winter. I love to switch things up with the seasons, and bedding is an easy swap to make your room feel fresh. Also, if you could just pretend that I did, in fact, use my steamer on this bedding rather than just plugging my steamer in the bathroom and forgetting all about it – that would be great…


A bedroom with a large bed in a room

The grey and white windowpane pattern feels perfect for the quiet winters out here and is a nice change from the summer blue ticking stripe.

A bedroom with a large window

You also may notice one of the old white chairs from our living room has been relocated to this room. It’s become my new go-to spot to read when I have a few minutes. If you remember the great “team bench” or “no bench” debate of the summer – moving the chair in here gave me the push to lose the bench. It feels so much more open now.

A bedroom filled with furniture and a large window

I shot this on a rare sunny day in Michigan this time of year. Even my plant on our dresser is reaching for some vitamin D! I added this chunky knit blanket to the end of the bed because I’m always looking to add texture over color in the winter months.

A bedroom with a large bed in a room

So there you go, our cozy winter master bedroom! I’ll link everything below including our summer bedding since that is part of the sale too! Just double click on the photos to be taken to the site. Everything at Serena and Lily is 25% off this weekend with the code THANKFUL.

You can see our summer bedroom here. And info on all our paint colors here.


A bedroom filled with furniture and a large window

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Wall color – Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams

Dresser – hand me down from my great grandmother

Chair – hand me down from my mom

Art – Melissa Lyons Art

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    1. We have cellular blinds from Budget Blinds. I like them because they almost completely disappear when they are up – thanks!

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Love your house! One question, you mentioned your blinds are from budget blinds but I didn’t see if they are semi sheer or what color you used, I’m working on shades for my master and like the look you have…
    Thank you,

  2. Beautiful! You have such a creative gift! Can you link the source for your bedroom chair/ottoman and your dresser?

    1. Our dresser was a hand me down from my great grandma and the chair was a hand me down from my mom so I can’t link them – sorry!

  3. Can you tell me the size of your bed? Queen or King? I’m considering buying your bed frame (king sized) and am concerned about the scale of the bed.

  4. Such a beautiful room. I have lots of windows and hardwood floors too. Do you have any concerns about the sun damaging the floors or even the fabrics in your beautiful home over time?

    1. Hey Sheila the way our house faces the sun only comes in during the winter months and the sun rarely shines here in the winter. We have had some fading but it doesn’t really bother me that much.

  5. Just such a serene and classic bedroom ❤️ I absolutely love everything about this amazing master bedroom ❤️

  6. Such a cozy winter bedroom retreat! The windowpane bedding perfectly echoes the design of your windows and the chunky knit throw and rattan pendant really amp up the texture. Of course, as lovely as it is, nothing really can compete with that view! ;)

  7. Love, love, love the simplicity of that bedding and the new pendant fixture is the perfect finishing touch! Beautiful room for sweet dreams!

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