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Confession – all the gifts under my tree are empty amazon boxes and fake presents. I’m a little behind on the Christmas shopping this year. I did manage to gather up a few ideas of things I either bought this week, or have in my online shopping cart as I type. I decided to just put all my gift guides right in one post for you so I’ve got you covered for A Holiday Gift Guide for Men, Tween Girls, and 7-10-year-old boys this year.

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First up, let’s talk about the Mr. he is hard to shop for (as are most men it seems) but here are a few of his favorite items plus a few things on his wishlist this year.

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

  1. Bathrobe – I bought the Mr. this bathrobe last year and then promptly began to steal it from him every day. I finally bought myself a matching one because it is so cozy and soft! I wear it to the bus stop every day. ;)
  2. Toiletry kit – The Mr. travels several times a month for work, and his toiletry case was looking weary. I just ordered this classic looking one for him and it has great reviews.
  3. Yeti – The Mr. brings a giant Yeti of coffee to work every single day and he could not live without it. I think this makes a great gift for any coffee drinker, but I’ve also bought these for my dad for out on his boat too.
  4. Joggers – My son wears joggers all day every day, and I’ve been trying to convince the Mr. for a while to give them a try for lazy Saturdays. He could not wrap his head around wearing for sweatpants for some reason, but I finally just bought him this pair and now he basically lives in them on the weekends.
  5. Briefcase – The Mr. brings his computer home with him every night so he can work from home. This is the messenger bag he has and swears by. It fits his computer plus files, pens, and pads of paper – everything you need! He has had it over a year now and the quality is great.
  6. Slippers – One of the Mr.’s duty’s around the house is letting Charlie out every morning. Nice slippers make facing the freezing outdoors more bearable. He prefers these ones that are more like a shoe so he can wear them out on the porch.

Alright, let’s talk tween girls now. My daughter is at the age (almost 12)  where clothes are a fun gift now vs groan-inducing like my son. She wants to be cozy but cute at all times and I’m sharing some of her faves below.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Tween Girl 10-12 years old

  1. Fleece pullover – Every tween girl I know wants to be cozy and this fleece is the best! I have the adult version and wear it at least twice a week, and I bought this one for my daughter. Plus its 50% off right now!
  2. Beautiful Word Bible – My daughter asked for this bible this year. It has really pretty wording and coloring pages so you can customize your bible which is such a fun idea.
  3. Knit hat – Again with the cozy, my daughter has a huge collection of pom-pom hats and this one is adorable.
  4. Pull-on Jeggings – My daughter claims these are the comfiest jeans in existence. They feel exactly like leggings and they come in slim sizes as well if you have a tiny kiddo like I do. These are the only jeans we have found that fit her and the quality is great. I just bought her two more pairs because they are 50% off right now.
  5. Fleece blanket – I bought one of these as part of my daughter’s room makeover that we are working on. She is basically curled up in it at all times. It is so soft and washes up great, plus the fringe is very boho cool.
  6. Kindle paperwhite – My daughter LOVES to read but with their busy schedules, it’s hard to get to the library enough to keep up with her. She has been borrowing a kindle from school and loving it. She is really excited to get her own this year. They are a great deal right now as well! The best part is she can use the library’s app to check out e-books too. I have one of these also and I love to keep it in my bag for on the go reading. It’s also great for vacation!
  7. Wireless headphones – She loves to listen to music while she does her homework, but I don’t always want to listen to it too. She wanted ear pods (yeah, no, not happening) but these are a nice alternative and have great reviews.
  8. Bracelet making floss and storage – She loves to make bracelets and there is string all over my house. This is a great carrying case filled with fun colors of embroidery floss, perfect for any crafter!
  9. Makeup palette – At almost 12, she loves to play with makeup especially with her friends. This is a nice inexpensive palette with pretty neutral colors for her to experiment with.
  10. Kindle case – I want to protect that new paperwhite and this case comes in lots of fun prints and colors. I bought the rose gold one for mine too!
  11. Hairdryer – My daughter is at the point where she wants to be doing her own hair, but wielding a brush and a hairdryer at the same time is still a tricky thing. This all in one tool makes it a lot easier for her to handle herself.

Ok, onto the 7-10-year-old boys. My son is very into building things and how stuff works but he is getting a little tired of legos. I’ve ordered a few new STEM toys that still incorporate building, but also have a bit more of a complicated engineering aspect.


Holiday Gift Guide for Boys 7-10 years old

  1. Tinkering Labs Robotic Kit – My little guy is into how things work, so this tinkering kit looks right up his alley. This kit comes with different challenges to try and you can build a bunch of different little robots.
  2. Laser Tag Kit – I feel like this may end up being more of a family gift. We can all play hide and seek laser tag in the house during the long winter. I’m sure he will have fun with his friends with this too. I like the laser gun idea so much better than nerf guns because there won’t be those stinking nerf bullets all over the house.
  3. 5,000 Awesome Facts book – My son is obsessed with random facts and largely useless knowledge. I am mentally preparing myself for the peppering of crazy facts I will be hearing from this book. He loves to keep this in the car and spout random facts on long trips.
  4. Snow tube – My kids have been wanting a new sled. I’m hoping going the tube route will result in fewer bumps and lumps that sled collisions sometimes result in.
  5. Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms – Again with another robot kit. This one looks really cool and you can build several different machines with the same kit. Which is so nice compared to Legos one and done system.
  6. Mechanical Robot Coding Kit – Sensing a theme yet? Another STEM toy, but this one combines coding with the building. My dream is one of my kiddos really picks up coding. I can have them take over the whole back end of my site ha!
  7. Ski Scooter – My little guy loves his razor scooter and this looks like it could be a fun winter option!
  8. Hammock – Both of my kids have these and they play with them ALL the time. They can hook on most trees. They take them to my in-law’s cottage and hang them there too. They love to sit in them and read, or swing around like crazies. Even though this is more of a warm climate toy, they put them up a few times last winter too.
  9. Ship in a Bottle Legos – I had to put at least one Lego set on the list. My son actually got this for his birthday last summer and he loved putting it together. It’s super challenging and looks so cute on our bookshelves now that it’s finished too.

Phew! I hope that is helpful to you all, happy shopping! You can also check out my gift guide from last year for kids as well.

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