Modern Nautical Inspired Wallpaper Ideas

I think I’ve finally decided on what is going to be my first major decor related project of the year. I have been talking about it since we moved in and it’s finally time to tackle my son’s blah bathroom. It has so much potential with a nice big window, and cute grey penny tile. The plain white walls just aren’t cutting it! Here’s what it looks like now.

A small bathroom

A small bathroom

I’m thinking wallpaper is going to add the perfect bit of pattern and whimsy to this small space (check out our tiny wallpapered powder room that I love so much!). The problem is my 8-year-old son has definite ideas about what he wants on his walls. His wish list – “not too babyish, only black or blue and not crazy patterns, but with boats or water and stuff” – in his words. Okaaaay here goes the wallpaper search for all of that! These are the final Modern Nautical Inspired Wallpaper options I’ve narrowed it down to –

A close up of a wallpaper

  1. Boating by Aimee Wilder in Dolphin
  2. Boating by Aimee Wilder in Marina
  3. Boating by Aimee Wilder in Pebble
  4. Mare Wave wallpaper by Anthropologie
  5. Tasmanian Beach Wallpaper by Anthropologie
  6. Runes Wallpaper by Anthropologie
  7. Underwater World Graphite by Hygee and West
  8. Isobar Wild Ocean from Roostery
  9. Swell Wallpaper by Anthropologie

Now if you personally know any 8-year-old boys, you may think I’m a little insane for thinking of putting wallpaper in any sort of toilet situation. I think I have a plan for this. – Side note this is my favorite consequence to deal out to my daughter –

“If you aren’t nice to your brother, I’m going to make you clean his bathroom!!”

“WHAT?!? Mom, no! Didn’t you say you would rather set his bathroom on fire vs clean it?”

“Yes, yes I did.” Maniacal laugh…

Then I enjoy the peaceful quietude that follows. ;)

Ok, back to the solution I think I’m going to do vertical planks 1/2 – 3/4 way up the wall with a chair rail on top. That will be much easier to scrub down and I won’t need to worry about the wallpaper being ruined. I’m still deciding on whether I want to paint that a dark color or white – lots of decisions to be made still! I’m hoping to narrow down the wallpaper situation with my little guy and get that ordered and then head to the hardware store for paneling this week! So stay tuned.

Also, I know some of you will wonder what happened to painting the wet bar cabinets first. I would love to tackle that project, but I don’t think I have the room to paint the cabinets unless I use the garage. With temps in the low 20’s out there lately, I think I will be waiting until spring unfortunately to tackle that one. On the bright side, his vanity is the same color I don’t like on the wet bar, so this will be a nice spot to take a new color for a test run in a smaller capacity.

Modern Nautical Inspired Wallpaper Ideas

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  1. Take lots of pictures of how you do it. I am SOOOOO impressed with your skills. I will trust you that the wallpaper will look great. I am not one to commit to bold décor. I would be afraid the floor pattern and the wallpaper would compete. BUT THAT SAID, so far I have loved everything you have chosen for your home. I can’t wait to see this be amazing too. And I like white for the bottom planks.

    1. If the boats came in material??? That would be great for a shower curtain, laundry hamper bag, etc. That would get him water and boats and easy to let go of when he out grows it or it wears out.
      Love 6…would last a long time; even through his changing his likes later on.
      It’s just fun to dream, plan and accomplish goals!
      Happy shopping!

  2. I love 4 and 8. Gender neutral, nautical themed ( but not too literal) and great pop of personality!

  3. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy cabinet and mirror, wider (4-6 in) white plank walls higher than halfway up the wall, taking into consideration height of panels in the door and window grid height) so those horizontal lines don’t compete with top height of panels. Wallpaper #1 (boats) to compliment his bedroom wall color, towels that are navy and the same background wallpaper color. Beautiful home!

  4. I love the blue color of the vanity and mirror. I would leave those as is and do the vertical planks in white with the no 1 wall paper. I see I’m the only one that likes 1 so far but it feels classic without overpowering and you have the color
    From the vanity and mirror.

  5. So many cute choices! Have you seen @sarafitzstudio wallpaper? I LOVE her nautical wallpapers and prints too.

  6. I love #7. What boy doesn’t like creatures of all kinds? With the grey floor and the black counter, I would go gray on the panels and counter varying a light and dark shade. Grey is a great neutral to use bright pops of color to accent the room too.

  7. I love 8 but all are great choices. Love the blue on the vanity but a darker navy might be more dramatic.

  8. Love all of them, but 4 or 8 are my fav’s, I’m sure he likes the boats. I also really like the vanity color.
    Like the floors also, kind of “camouflaged” for boys, lol! Can’t wait to see finished product. Your home is always an inspiration.

  9. I like 5, 6, and 8. They would easily lend themselves to a different theme if his likes change. I papered my kids (Girl & boy) bathroom and bedrooms when they were young using vinyl coated papers that, honestly, were easier to wipe clean than painted walls and were durable – so I guess I’m saying “don’t worry”. Can’t wait to see what happens in this space!

  10. 5, 6 or 8. Not a fan of the boats.

    And as a mom of 2 (now grown) boys, the disgusting’ness of the toilet area doesn’t change, no matter how old they get.

  11. Great idea to plank lower half of the wall. I really like #7-looks like a sea of jellyfish, yet has a modern vibe.

  12. Love the boats and love his vanity color. You could test out a new color on his stool. The planks covered with a couple layers of epoxy paint sound great.

  13. I like #4 but I can see where the boats would be cute for boys bathroom!! Am anxious to see what you pick!!

  14. These wallpapers will really jazz up the space! I think he will choose the boats! The color will depend on if you are changing his vanity! It’s a great blue though and if he likes it don’t change! Also will you keep the shower curtain. So many decisions! It will be fun to watch!

  15. Good idea with wall around the toilet area. My twin boys used to have “sword fights” in the bathroom! ??‍♀️(If you need further explanation, let me know) can’t wait to see how it turns out! ?

  16. They are all great choices! Something about 5 and 8 really appeal to me with a boy. I have a 15 and 11 year old boy that share a bath and we did planks as well with a chair rail to make it easy wipe down. Boys! LOL.
    I added silver hooks to the chair rail to hang bright orange towels or a set of blue striped ones and a driftwood BEACH sign above it to warm it up.

    I can’t wait to see what wallpaper you choose! They are all great and you always do such a great job!
    I was wondering how easy will it be to remove the wallpaper if ever needed . I’m sure wallpaper has changed over the years.
    Best of luck to you and stay warm!

    1. I love everything you have done in your home! It’s beautiful! Without a doubt, you will make the right choice. I really like #8. It will be more long term, in my opinion, for your son and for your guests. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  17. I love his vanity color – it’s so pretty!! And 4 & 5 & 8 are my favorite wallpapers:) I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

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