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Spring Chalkboard

If you’ve been following along,  this is the 3rd day of our 6 Days of Spring series, today I’m showing off my Spring Chalkboard…

My daughter’s favorite “flower” is the “blow flower” – more commonly known as the dandelion.. Followed closely by red roses, good luck to her first boyfriend combining those into a bouquet!

A blackboard sign

I tried explaining they are in fact a weed, but she won’t have it.

How could something so cool be a weed?

They are yellow (one of her favorite colors) and then they turn all soft and feathery and you can spend half the day blowing their little feathery seeds all over the yard. (hence the name blow flower).

A close up of a blackboard

The Mr. just loves when we do this – my little lady doesn’t understand why we don’t get to have a yard full of the lovely yellow flowers like our lucky neighbors do.

A close up of a blackboard

So when my daughter asked
 “When will the snow go away and the blow flowers come back?”
 I knew I had the inspiration for my spring chalkboard.


Then I stumbled across the perfect quote from Eileen Granfors poem Spring Flight her book White Sheets.

Isn’t it beautiful? Just makes me think of Spring.

A close up of a blackboard


A close up of a blackboard

You can check out some of my other chalkboards here, here and here.

A blackboard sign

I’m so ready for Spring even if it brings on the dandelions :)

Day 3 of crazy talented spring goodness below :)


A group of flowers

A piece of cake on a plate on a table

Flower and Clock

Blog and good

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  1. Hi – I saw some things on Pinterest that I liked today —- and they led me to your blog. I LOVE it! You have such wonderful, beautiful, creative ideas and I’m already learning so much from you. Thanks! I’m now a subscriber :)

  2. Such a great quote and cute drawing.. i love it! Dandelion greens are one of the most nutrient rich greens on earth, they go amazing in salads when they are young and tender (and not as bitter). Dandelions are definitely not an undesirable plant, they are a gift from the Creator! The roots when they are roasted make a wonderful hot beverage with honey. i absolutely love dandelion. :)

  3. So cute! I’m working on a chalkboard right now, but can’t figure out what to put on it…this would work!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I understand your daughter’s love for her “blow flowers.” I, too, have a fondness for them ever since a walk home from the neighborhood park one day with my then four-year old granddaughter. I don’t remember ever sharing with her, as I had been taught when young, to make a wish when blowing on the softness of the dandelion seed heads. That day, however, I heard her soft little voice say, “When I grow up, I want to be a princess.” A sweet memory I’ll always carry in my heart when I see “blow flowers.”

  5. Lovely!!! I love your chalkboard to begin with, but you always change it up so nicely!! You are totally one of my go to’s for chalkboard inspiration! Thanks for sharing ;) ~Bre

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