Think Spring!

When I was dreaming up this idea

in my mind the sun was shining on the water

the grass was green
the kids and I were having a picnic

the birds were chirping

a squirrel stopped by for a chat

bambi walked by in the background

and Snow White was singing to the bunnies…

think spring sign

and then I woke up…

and realized I live in Michigan

and it’s February

and 8 degrees.

A park bench covered in snow


What? You don’t want to hang out here in the snow and read a book?


There’s a hat just in case the sun makes an appearance :)

A large hat sitting in a chair

So Think Spring like really really hard



and you can imagine how pretty it would have been with the sparkling blue lake in the background

A sign on the side of a snow covered street



instead of the frozen tundra – it would have been the perfect vignette to display my cute little sign.

A vase filled with pink flowers on a tree


You can also imagine my neighbor looking out the window while I tie empty soup cans to his apple tree (thanks neighbor!) in my snow pants…and scary ski mask…camera in tow…


I think by now they know I’m a little nutty :)

A vase of flowers on a table


It’s still kinda beautiful even if it wasn’t exactly what I had planned.

A bench covered in snow

Oh and here is the fun sign I painted in it’s actual spot in our house, because I’m not quite nutty enough to leave it outside for the squirrels to enjoy…I had an extra hunk of wood lying around the house and I used craft paint and a sharpie marker to quick draw this cute little sign.

think spring sign

So it wasn’t quite the sunny picnic I envisioned (I actually couldn’t even talk anyone else into coming outside with me) but it was fun to dream up anyways…

Day 4 of spring inspiration below –
Vase and Design

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  1. What a magnificent post…I just love it as it tells me how much you love to blog and how much time you invest in your posts. Not to mention that the setting is BEAUTIFUL….:)
    Just perfect….
    and I just linked up to follow you. :)
    Over from Craftberry….

  2. I love this post because blog world is all about spring and it is snowing as we speak. Up here in upstate NY March is still winter. Love how you brought some cheer to the snow!

  3. That is so funny. My neighbors think I’m crazy too. I love your sign and your wintery vignette with hints of spring is very pretty.

  4. Beautiful snowy background! I think the flowers look wonderful hanging from the trees. The entire area is so lovely..snow and all.

  5. Soo sweet!! Just love your flowers in the snow and your sign in darling!

  6. I love how you even had your little suitcase packed *just in case* the train stopped to take you to your “happy place” : )
    Seriously, the blues and pinks are so totally gorgeous against that snowy backdrop!! Almost better than a real Spring day. Almost.
    Your sign is just darling!


  7. Yessssss!!!! I am SO ready for spring! I love this post so much. This just SO sums it up! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent!

  8. Your sign is beautiful. I love the staging outside. So beautiful!! I am looking forward to spring.

  9. What a beautiful picture. I choose to think spring now ~ I am chuckling, you in your snow pants and hat setting up this lovely vignette. I live in Ontario right across the border from Detroit, Michigan ~ brrrrrr ~ but fun ;-)

  10. Love it! The snow was CRAZY yesterday! EEK! Your sign is adorable – you are so artistic! I am totally diggin’ the coffee cans – I have been saving some and haven’t been able to come up with any ideas as how to use them…now I know!! Thanks! Also, does that luggage is the picture have a boarding ticket to somewhere warm, as well as a gift certificate for a massage? If so, I call dibs!! HAHAHA!

  11. Your sign and the lovely vingette look just beautiful in the snow. Maybe mother nature would come along and sit to enjoy your cozy little corner and decide to send you spring early,(wishful thinking). If that worked I would be out the day after Christmas decorating an area ready for summer. I am counting the days till we can go without coats and gloves. Optimum temps for me between 72 & 80. Lets all THINK SPRING!!!

  12. You are to funny. I know how you feel, as i live in Toledo Ohio. Ugh! There is snow on the ground and its cold and damp. Cant wait for spring either. Your flowers are gorgeous. I was just about to go pick some flowers up. My tulips on my kitchen table are on there way out. Think spring is right Kelly!!!!!

  13. Hi Kelly,

    Very cleaver :) and you never know! ..the power of wishful thinking, right? Here in Seattle I will likely wear boots for another month as spring doesn’t happen until around June. You always have to make the best out of every situation. Such a fun post!

    My blog is finally up and running again! It’s good to be back:)


  14. Oh my goodness Kelly! I love your creativity! Wow.. Awesome pictures and dreams! I feel pretty blessed that we aren’t dealing with 8 degrees anymore! :) I love all your ideas and fresh flowers and your adorable little sign! Have a great weekend! Jennifer

  15. I love this. I think it is so cute that it is in the snow, because really this is when I need to THINK SPRING the most…of course I am in Wisconsin and it is still covered in snow as well.

  16. What gorgeous vignettes – both inside and out! Your neighbour must have thought you were nuts! The things we do all in the name of blogging! I love the mix of scripts you used on the sign. Very pretty – very “springy!”

  17. I’m another Michigander…..SOOOO ready for Spring! Love it! Would love to be your neighbor! I’d join you…then…maybe my family wouldn’t give me “those looks”.

  18. LOL. Seeing your ‘think spring’ display, you would be a fun neighbor to live next to. Luv it. We both have a good sense of humor.
    I wouldn’t sit to read a book but would join you for a nice hot cup of cocoa,flavored with a chocolate kiss candy and topped with lots of marshmallows

  19. Well, look at it this way-when you apply for mental disability your neighbor can testify in your defense. lol That being said- You did a marvelous job! Really looks beautiful and soon there will be sparkling blue water behind it all! xo Diana

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