Spring Mantel

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I have been a busy bee around here getting all my spring projects ready for this fun 6 Days of Spring Series. I’m so excited to be included in such a great group and hope you all check out all the other amazing ideas everyday (don’t worry I will include all the links at the bottom of my post everyday, so you don’t miss a thing!)


First up is my spring mantel…

Spring here in Michigan typically takes forever to arrive and this year is no exception, it’s actually snowing as we speak.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

I wanted to keep my mantel fresh, light and green, unlike dreary Michigan.

Do the white boards look familiar? I flipped my Winter Sign over. It’s just 3 boards I cut, nailed together, then white washed.

A plant in a pot

I love the bright color of this spanish moss, and yes these are fake plants, but they are pretty cute little fake plants. I  actually specialize in killing house plants, it’s sort of a hobby of mine. I like to blame our well water, but really it has more to do with my lack of watering with said well water…


How sweet is this bunny? I may be getting ahead of myself with bunnies and eggs and veering toward Easter, but it’s not too far off.

A plant in a pot
Speaking of eggs, I wanted to add some to my mantel but couldn’t figure out what to use that would look like eggs. After scouring the house I finally thought, um, duh, how about eggs?

Disclaimer: No eggs were scrambled in the decorating of this mantel…

a chair with a pillow
A vase of flowers next to a window


I love how cheery this feels, even if it’s still all white and blizzardy outside…

Are birds chirping in your neck of the woods yet?

As promised here are the links for more fun and inspiring spring ideas –

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  1. Love all the fresh (looking) green! And the little bunny is so darling. It takes forever for “real” Spring to arrive here in Colorado, too. I think I’m going to get some wheat grass going in containers soon :)
    Thanks for getting us in the Spring mood!


  2. Hi Kelli,
    Like you and Kim from ‘Plumberry Pie” I too am in Michigan and can’t wait til Spring!!! Tomorrow’s forcast is winter storm advisory {we live in a small village on a lake in the thumb, about 90 miles north of Detroit} up to 6 inches of the nasty 4 letter word! I just found your blog through a pinterest pin and LOVE it!!! Now for the questions~~~where did you get those great herb pots for your faux plants,your sweet bunny and the ‘NEST’ pillow? I just might have to stalk and copy you, is that a problem? hehe :)

  3. Very cute. It has been spring like recently here in Charleston, SC, although today was dreary and rainy! By the way, you and I have the same fireplace tile…which means we both have fabulous taste! ;)

  4. Beautiful mantel…love those faux plants and the sweet pots they are in! I can’t wait for Spring…I’ve been chipping ice for days here! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Spring mantel!

  5. Love this sweet friend! You are such a rock star! Love all the details and it’s so fresh and light! Thank you so much for inspiring me today!


  6. I’m in So Cal, so birds are always chirping here! Your mantel is so fresh and light. I love that you just flipped the wood sign over. Brilliant move! I really love that little area of yours too. So warm and inviting. Can I come over for coffee???

  7. I love it~ what a beautiful natural mantel!! Happy to be partying with you this week!!

  8. Beautiful mantle – really looks like Spring. You are really getting hit with bad weather. Weather man is forecasting
    80 degrees this weekend – wish that for all my blogging friends in Mid-west and North east. Hopefully Spring will come quickly.

  9. Real eggs? Who would have thunk it?? Looks great. Did you blow the yolks and whites out of them first? Or are you planning on switching in fresh ones as time goes by? :)

  10. Kelly, I’m a fellow Michigander! :) (I can’t remember if I knew that before or not.) So I am ready for some spring green too. your mantel is just right to wash away the dreary grey skies over here! I’ve definitely got spring fever and ready for the change. Love how you were able to flip your winter sign to use for the spring. double duty stuff is the best.

  11. wonderful looking mantel.
    Was going to ask you what your plants where until I read that they where fake but they do look good with rest of your decor.
    For the look of real eggs; make some paper mache ones or buy some egg shaped ones and paint white and can be used year after year with no problem.

  12. Love it, springy without being overdone. I have a black thumb too. Those falsies are very real looking, though :) And I’m in the same boat with the weather…sort of hard to think spring with all the snow lying around. Nice idea to focus on Easter!

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