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No Sew Pillow Makeover

Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day. My kids and the Mr. treated me to breakfast in bed and the best part was sleeping in til 9:30!

I shared little man’s new room with you last week, and have another ridiculous no sew pillow project for you. I say ridiculous because I’m sure all of you fancy pants people who can sew think I’m a nut and could zip thru this with a sewing machine in a heart beat…but you know me, why sew when you can hot glue?

Throw pillows

See the cute little starry pillow above? Well, it’s actually made from little man’s old crib sheet. I thought it was such a cute pattern, I figured why not try to make a pillow out of the sheet? While I was hauling my sewing machine down with a sense of dread at the thought of  sewing, I found this old Pottery Barn pillow in my closet…


I have a throw pillow hoarding problem and when I see them on clearance I just grab them. I love these jute trimmed pillows from PB, but the plain white on our white couch was a little blah. Can we just ignore the wrinkles by the way? Along with sewing, ironing is not one of my strong suits, just ask the Mr. he has given up on me and just gets everything dry cleaned.

Ok back to the no sew pillow, the trim is so cute on this pillow I thought I could just sew a starry panel right on the front, then magically my hot glue gun fell to the floor (or not so magically – if I showed you the inside of my craft closet you would not be surprised that things happen to fall from the sky all the time…). With a sigh of relief I shoved my sewing machine right back into the closet and went to town with some hot glue.


I trimmed my old sheet so it was a little bigger than the existing pillow.


Next, I just folded over the edge so it wouldn’t fray and hot glued it down. Easy! You could totally sew this if you aren’t a lazy DIY-er like me.

A close up of a piece of fabric

TA-DA! I know it still looks all wrinkly and wonky here, but it looks just perfect with a pillow form inside.

No Sew Pillow - www.thelilypadcottage.com

So, if you have pillows that have cute trim but you aren’t loving the fabric anymore, don’t get rid of them!

Yup, just another loony bin idea from yours truly :)

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  1. that was the perfect post today!! I just got a pillow just like this at Marshalls….love the pillow but it looks a bit BLAH in my Living Room .this just gave me ideas….PINNED

  2. I’m a no sew girl too. My oldest sister inherited that trait. I’ll take a glue gun over a sewing machine anyday! I’m seriously going to try your neat pillow idea. Thanks!

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