Burgundy and Gold Christmas Decor

I’ve done a lot of different colors for Christmas decor over the years. Green, blue, bronze, and even black. This year I’ve decided to make a return to traditional colors with burgundy and gold Christmas decor.

stone fireplace and Christmas tree with burgundy and gold decor

I’m keeping things pretty simple this year and probably only decorating in our main living room space and our front porch.

white living room with large windows over looking the lake with burgundy and gold Christmas decor

We’ve already been hit with a ton of snow here, so it was nice to see the sunshine when I shot these photos!

Christmas tree with burgundy and gold decor

I have pretty much used the same base ornaments the past few years. A collection of mercury glass, gold and metallic ornaments that were gathered over time.

lake house living room overlooking water decorated for Christmas

Then I just add in some different colored ribbons, wrapping paper, and a few throw pillows to switch up my theme.

Gold and burgundy Christmas tree decor
Christmas tree with burgundy wrapped gifts beneath

I used inexpensive velvet ribbon that I ordered online and tied them directly to the branches. I used about 4 rolls for our 9 ft tree.

white living room with Christmas tree and dog sitting on sofa

Of course, I had my furry helpers supervising the process.

small dog sleeping on a sofa in the sun

June has fit right in here with The Lily Pad Cottage crew – she has napping in the sun down pat thanks to Charlie’s diligent tutelage.

Living room Christmas decor with tree and fireplace mantel

I kept my mantel pretty simple this year too. I only made a few minor changes from my simple fall mantel. Burgundy colored candles added a festive pop of color with my usual garland.

Stone fireplace decorated for Christmas

I had ribbons on the mantel as well, but a certain puppy would not stop batting at them. So I settled for the addition of these simple brass bells…hung nice and high up where she can’t get them. Feels like I have a toddler again some days, ha!

Fireplace Christmas garland with brass bells
living room decorated for Christmas

Oh and here is the blog debut of the new rug! It is SO soft, it feels perfectly cozy for the cold temps we have been having. I love the subtle pattern and colors as well.

living room decorated for Christmas with tree and mantel decor
Fireplace mantel with garland and candles

I did my mantel garland like I have the last few years by combining a few different kinds of faux greenery to get a nice full look. I’ll link a few of the garlands I used below, but they may be sold out already!

Christmas tree with burgundy and gold ornaments

I’m loving these cozy velvet pillow covers that I added to the sofa as well. They are dog fur magnets, but worth the constant lint rolling!

Christmas tree in front of large windows over looking a lake

Thanks for taking the tour of our living room all decked out for Christmas. It was so fun to use more traditional colors this year!

You can see more of my Christmas trees past below –

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

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  1. Hello! Your home is beautiful. Are you able to tell me how tall your cabinets are next to your fireplace. I love that they are almost the same height as the mantle.

  2. So beautiful, as always! I love the new rug in this space. Can you share where your Christmas tree topper is from? Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

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