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Playroom Gallery Wall

I was so excited to get the chance to guest post over at Capturing Joy with Kristin Duke a few weeks ago. I thought I would share my post here in case you missed it. I made a few fun updates to our playroom gallery wall so check it out!

I LOVE family photos! I put my family through the torture fun of a family session at least once a year (more if I can talk them into it.)  and I’m running out of wall space because of it. So I decided to go crazy with my gallery wall in the playroom, because where else can you be playful if not the playroom.

Gallery wall

See fun right? And that’s only half of it, I told you I got crazy with this wall. Let’s back up a little further…

A room with a television in the background

Ignore the ugly old tv, in a perfect world this would be a snazzy flat screen mounted on the wall with a cute frame around it so it blends in…someday, you know when my children don’t throw barbies and matchbox cars thru the air and risk cracking the TV in half…

playroom gallery wall
Gallery wall

I’m slowly filling up this whole wall, and it has been such a fun project. I have dozens of different frames I’ve collected over the years and I paint them all in shades of blue and grey to help them seem part of the same collection. I just use regular old craft paint.

Gallery wall

I keep all the photos black and white so I don’t have to worry about all the different colors clashing together.


A room with art on the wall

I have a mix of professional shots taken by my friend Kari at Zander and Breck Photography, and fun ones I’ve taken myself. I love to use pictures that tell a story and remind me of a great memory or moment in time.

Gallery wall

How sweet is this newborn picture of my son? One of my favorite photos ever – probably why I had to blow it up the size of a billboard :)

Gallery wall

I love these photos of my kids feet, someday when they are impossible teenagers and driving me nuts I’ll try to remember these sweet little toes. :)

Gallery wall

Oh and in case you wonder what the rest of the room looks like..

A playroom


You can see more of my playroom here and here.

Now I just need a bigger wall…


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  1. I have a slight obsession with gallery walls and this one is done to perfection. I absolutely love the striped frame and all the extra special photographs.

  2. Oh my… love a good gallery wall and the photography is just as spectacular! I also love the alphabet wall! Very cool playroom!

  3. LOVE how it turned out! Totally agree with the all black and white photos. My house is all black and whites except for an occasional photo that is hung all by its lonesome. :) Cant wait to catch up this week!!!

  4. Love the gallery wall! What a beautiful family. Love that the pics are in black and white. I was thinking no one did this kind of thing anymore. Take it from a soon to be empty nester, those photos will become more precious as the years go on. Love the toes too! The whole playroom is amazing.

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