Wallpapered Laundry Room

Today, I’m sharing a small (but mighty) room in our house – the laundry room. In hindsight, I should have installed a wine fridge in here because I basically live in here :)  Between the lake and the pool this summer, there is always a mountain of towels to wash, and in fact, I realize looking back at these photos, my washing machine has a full load of towels in it that I didn’t mean to catch on camera…I’m just trying to give you an authentic laundry vibe…

A laundry room with cabinets and wallpaper

This room also doubles as my command center. Clutter drives me nuts, especially on my kitchen countertops. So, I need somewhere to go with all the millions of papers that come home from school plus mail etc. More on that later.

Laundry room with wallpaper and cabinets

First, let’s talk design in here. I knew I wanted counters that went over my washer and dryer in this house because I love having a folding/sorting surface in the laundry room. Also, it really cuts down on rogue socks behind the dryer. We went with this simple soapstone looking laminate counter in here due to me being as the Mr. states it, “a zillion dollars over budget” everywhere else. The guys did a great job of making all the built-ins.

Laundry room with shelves

We went with the same white walls in here that are in most of our house, so I went with a soft grey color on the cabinets and the shelves.

Wallpaper laundry room grey cabinets

I had originally planned on adding a tile backsplash later down the road, until by happy accident I had extra wallpaper leftover from our little powder room (it’s just down the hall from here, and I haven’t shared it on the blog yet). I had the extra installed just on this back wall which actually most people think is tile from far away. It adds just enough texture and fun in this room.

A mudroom looking into a laundry room

The flooring in here is the same slate flooring from BuildDirect that we used in our entryway just in a large brick pattern. I love the blue/grey color and it continues down throughout our mudroom (I will blog more on this room soon too).

A mudroom looking into a laundry room


We put a pocket door in here so that I can close it off easily and hide the mess.

Room and Laundry

Another must have in this room was a sink with a pull down sprayer faucet – a.k.a. our dog Charlie’s bathtub. If there is a dead fish, or any sort of nasty something washed up on the beach, you can guarantee Charlie is going to roll in it, so he pretty much gets a dunk in the tub almost daily.

Laundry room with wallpaper

Ok back to the clutter. I have finally developed a method that works for us. My kids take any papers out of their folders and stick them on that basket on the counter. I also stick any mail in there too. Basically, any paper of any kind gets jammed in this basket appropriately labeled “Miscellaneous Stuff.”

Laundry room shelves

Then I go through it every day or two and either file it away in these hanging baskets on the wall or recycle it. I put separate striped folders in it to keep it looking neat, but also to have different file options. I have one for receipts, tax stuff etc. It keeps everything all in one spot, off my counters and my sanity in tact.

Wire mail sorter

Oh, and I also have a pretty nice lake view out this little window, which makes laundry not so bad. I’m telling you that wine fridge is not such a far fetched idea ;)

SOURCE LIST – (contains affiliate links)

Wallpaper – Serena and Lily

Cabinet color – Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams

Wall color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Mudroom wall color – Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore

Faucet – Signature Hardware

Flooring – BuildDirect Janeiro Slate Tile in Montauk Blue

Baskets – Target from a few years ago

Wire Organizer – HomeGoods, but here is a similar one

Light – Wayfair see all our light choices here

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  1. Hi…do you happen to remember the dimensions of the slate tile? I’d love to do large tiles like that. Are they 12×24?

  2. Hi! What washer and dryer do you have? I need a new washer and dryer and yours looks so nice. Thanks!

  3. Hi! Love this layout. I’m pretty sure our laundry room is the same width as yours! Anyhow, I’m struggling with the sink. Did you just get a regular sink base cabinet and put a regular sink in it?

    Thanks! :)

  4. Hi Kelly. Love this laundry room layout. How do you like the LG washer and dryer so far? I may be in the market soon and appliances can be a tricky thing.

    P.S. I absolutely love EVERYTHIING about your house.

  5. Hi there. This is stunning. May I ask where you got your counter tops at ???? Thanks !

    1. I believe it’s the Denim, but they didn’t have both options when I bought mine so I’m not 100 percent sure to be honest. I know you can order a sample so that may be a good option.

  6. We are thinking of using this same wallpaper in our kitchen- how difficult was it to install? Thx!

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