Thanksgiving Tablescape

So I have a confession to make,

no one is eating Thanksgiving dinner at this table.

Thanksgiving Table

 There will be no turkey, no sweet potato pie, not even a single brussel sprout served out here lakeside amidst the crunchy leaves and sunshine…

Thanksgiving Lakeside

because as I type this and look out the window it’s

s n o w i n g

and not the pretty winter wonderland kind of snow,

the yucky sludgy freezy rain hide in your bed under the covers with a good book and pray you don’t have to go outside, kind of snow.


But that’s ok!  We can just play make believe, I’m pretty good at it, just ask my kids.  I’ve attended many imaginary grand balls with princesses and and fought Captain Hook alongside Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

I think I can get past a little snow.


So let’s all pretend I didn’t snap these photos in October, when we were enjoying one of those perfect sunshiny fall days.


We don’t need to talk about how crazy the Mr. thought I was when, in the midst of him mowing the lawn, he sees me carry our dining room chairs out to the yard.  

Nor how he just stopped and stared as I attempted to drag the dining room table to the sliding door.  I mean, help a girl out, clearly we are about to have a magical outdoor faux thanksgiving dinner party….in October…with no food…or guests…


except for a princess and a pirate…


This all makes perfect sense in my head anyways.

Don’t you see these gorgeous berries and see an outdoor Thanksgiving table? No?

The kids and I were on nature adventure (which is much more exciting than a walk) enjoying the last hours of sunshine on a perfect fall Sunday when we happened upon these gorgeous orange berries in the woods.  I snipped a few branches, because they were just too pretty.


I arranged them on my dining room table with some white pumpkins and candlesticks….and realized something was off…

Hmm, this all belongs outside….ah much better!


Since it will most likely never ever be this gorgeous on Thanksgiving in Michigan, this will probably remain a fantasy.

Thanksgiving Table Decor

but someday I will throw a super fun dinner party out here!

Ok so, most likely it will be a picnic complete with my favorite princess and pirate.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Table

Don’t worry, you can come too :)


 In the meantime a girl can dream! 

I’m so excited to be participating in a Thanksgiving Tablescape tour this week with a bunch of other fab bloggers.  Wait til you see their gorgeous tables!



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  1. says

    KELLY! This is just breathtaking! Wow.. I’m very glad you snapped these in October and provided us all with a little eye candy! I love the simple palette of just the red orange berries, creams, and woods.. Love the throws in there and all your little touches.. Gorgeous table and pictures! xo Jen

  2. Marisa says

    The table is beautiful and I used to tell my kids the same things – we were on an adventure!! That sounds so much fun!! Thank you for sharing your view of the lake- it is gorgeous!!

  3. Carol says

    Oh my….simply breath taking. I love the soft whie palate. I look so forward to your posts and can’t wait to see your home for Christmas. May I ask where you got your candle sticks?

  4. says

    Wow! Gorgeous! Love the white palate with the beautiful lake behind it. Heard all about that snow from a friend I have in Michigan. Miss that white stuff! Can’t wait for your home decked out for Christmas. You are truly an amazing decorator, Kelly!!

  5. says

    You are hilarious!! My friend and I are always saying we like living in our make- pretend world…people likes us there! You did a beautiful job and I want some of those berries. I love your blog.

  6. says

    For what it’s worth, my outdoor Thanksgiving table is an illusion, too. As I was shooting my tablescape, it started to rain and it turned to a similar sludgy mess (but no slow) a few hours later. North Carolina, Michigan…dinner outdoors in November is always iffy. Those pilgrims surely had it rough on the first Thanksgiving.

    Your table is beautiful nonetheless.

  7. says

    Such a beautiful dream table! I know real life isn’t usually like this, but I love that you captured your table with imagination and creativity and helped us to dream a bit more today. Great job!

  8. says

    This is gorgeous Kelly! Straight from a magazine… My husband is used to my antics now and doesn’t even raise an eyebrow when I asked him to move our table and chairs outside last week, but every time we move, the new neighbors must think I’m crazy with all the furniture coming and going :) Glad to have been on the tour with you!

  9. says

    i SO love this, this is exactly how i think and see things, its like you popped in my head and dragged all my favorite things to the perfect spot on a perfect day! beautiful styling and photos, enjoy your cold thanksgiving, but you will always have this warm little memory~

  10. Pamela says

    Kelly- I love your dining set . Could you share where you got it? I have been looking for something like that for months!
    Beautiful blog!

    Thank you!

  11. says

    Breathtaking pictures Kelly! So beautiful. I want to transport myself to that spot right now with my princesses and pirate. Your decorating skills are flawless! I need you to come and help me! Maybe a little trip to San Diego? We can eat outside for Thanksgiving! :)

  12. risia bradshaw says

    Wow! Beautiful! I love everything on your table. Can you share, did you paint the candlesticks and how? Did you paint/stain the table and chairs and how? thank you

    • says

      I did paint the candlesticks – they used to be black and I used some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on them in antique white. Then I just sanded a bit off for a worn look :) The table and chairs I bought that way and they are from World Market!

  13. says

    Perfection! Who cares whether we can eat at that table or not. It’s glorious eye candy and it feeds the soul. :)
    If I am not mistaken…those berries your picked are Michigan Holly. And I’m guessing you might live in that neck of the woods. If you do…I’m a mitten girl too… All that to say…I hope you saved those branches…because they will be stunning (usually w/o the leaves) for Christmas decor. Tell me you still have them. ;)

    • says

      Hi Diane, I do live in that neck of the woods :) And you may possibly find that very same Michigan Holly on my Christmas Tree as we speak! Thanks for letting me know the name of it!

  14. Rachel says

    Kelly, I love this. We’ve had a dinner party with the table outside. Totally worth the effort! I see you’re not afraid of the effort even with no guests, so I imagine you’re actual outdoor dinner party will be rather amazing:)


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