Big Girl Bedroom – Part 2

Phew! You guys, I FINALLY got my daughter’s big girl bedroom finished and photographed.  Well mostly finished, I still want to put a rug in here, but I can’t find one I like yet, and I couldn’t wait any longer to share.

Oh and special thanks to little man for working on potty training this week, I never would have finished up this room without his hours of sitting on the potty which happens to be across the hall from his sister’s room…major multi-tasking this week :)

Big Girl Bedroom - Anthropologie Wallpaper

So you remember this room makeover all started with my obsession with this wallpaper….

Big Girl Room Canopy

and then my “Fancy Nancy” loving girl decided she needed a “princess canopy” to go with all those flowers. Tutorial coming soon.

Big Girl Room

And what self respecting 6 year old, soon to be 1st grader, doesn’t have a homework desk in their room?

A place to contemplate all those site words and ask herself the really deep philosophical questions in life like “Do you really like green eggs and ham?”…and “why did the chicken cross the road?”

Big Girl Bedroom Decor

You can check out all the details here on how I turned a $10 old school desk into her glammed up crafting space.

VIntage Desk Makeover

We didn’t always see eye to eye on everything in her room, like this vintage looking clock (Hobby Lobby)…

“What’s with this clock? It has dirt on it?!” :)

Big Girl Room Night stand

She did however agree that every girl should have a birdcage filled with gold flying butterflies in her room.  This is the birdcage that used to be in my living room, it didn’t work in there anymore with the new paint color (that I have still yet to show you) so I painted it white and love it in here instead.

Little Girl Bedroom Decor

I found the butterflies 1/2 off after Easter at Michaels.  They were these neon glitterfied things that I’m sure my girlie would have loved, but I spray painted them gold before she got the chance to see them.

Big Girl Bedroom

Girly Decor

Big Girl Room

My girlie has a zillion kids magazines and paperback easy readers, so I picked up these organizers at Ikea (same trip I picked up my tarva hack dressers).  They were green and silver and didn’t really work in here, so again I hit them with some spray paint.

Girl Bedroom Decor

She is still attached to her pink tissue paper pom poms from her 3rd birthday party so those stayed put.

Big Girl Room

Ok and the next 2 photos, I just can’t…

look how old she has gotten!! I asked her if I could take her picture in her new room -

“Sure, I’ll pretend to be really relaxed in here mom, or no wait I’ll use my serious face, because I’m concentrating hard on reading this book!” :)

Little Girl Bedroom Decor

and here she is in her old room about 18 months ago -

What happened to my little pre-school baby?


If you want to check out her old room you can see it here, it’s still my number one most popular post, but I hope you like the new version too.  I know she sure does…

Although she just asked me if we can paint her walls purple and throw glitter at them sooo apparently ADD decorating is a genetic thing…

Big GIrl Bedroom


  1. What an adorable little girl room! Absolutely love that wallpaper, but I think my favorite part may be those gold butterflies. So great!

  2. Such a beautiful room! You did an amazing job. I absolutely love that birdcage.

  3. Tara Venning says:

    aDORable!!!!! You are so talented. I LOVE your style! Would you come decorate my lake house?? :)

  4. Tara Venning says:

    btw….. I think I saw you on One King’s Lane. You are gifted and shouldn’t keep it to yourself! So…. your blog (and other ventures) is a great way to share your talents and inspire the rest of us! Good job, Kelly! :)

  5. It is so gorgeous…I’d sleep in there!! Love the color choices.

  6. Oh Kelly! I never thought her old room could be topped it was so perfect, but this room… Is stunningly beautiful! The wallpaper is gorgeous with the white floors and all the little details like the gold butterflies, so perfect. The whole space is so sophisticated, and very “fancy nancy.” You did amazing. And she’s growing up way to fast!! What a huge difference 18 months makes I can’t even believe that!

  7. Love it, Kelly! Beautiful and so airy!

  8. It turned out amazing! LOVE that wall paper.

  9. Just adorable. Love everything. You did an amazing job. Love it all.

  10. I am not a walpaper person but it looks great. After many years of having wallpaper I am done with wallpaper ! I really loved her old room !!!!

  11. Ridiculously cute! Already pinned it! LOVE the wallpaper too, and can’t wait for the tutorial of the princess canopy! My little 6 yr old has been begging me for one, but I’m afraid that her two younger brothers would pull it down! :( Also, your little girl is so beautiful!! My oldest (the 6 yr old) seems to have grown up soooo much in this last year. So sad, but also exciting! Smart thing to spray paint the butterflies before you let her see them! hahaha! I would have to do the same! xo

  12. What a sweet little girl room. In will share with my DIL I know our little Bella , soon to be 6 will simply luv it. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Gee

  13. It is beautiful and 2 of my favorite colors together. It would be so cute too if you made a cushion for the chair at her desk or if you could find a wooden chair and make a cushion with flowers that compliment the wallpaper.. I think it would tie everything in so well. There, I put in my 2 cents and no one even asked for it.. lol.. Its just beautiful though.

    Blessings, Gweny

  14. oh my word, this is the sweetest room, I love that wall covering, so beautiful, just like her!

  15. LOVE!! That wallpaper is fabulous!! You always do such a great job Kelly!!

  16. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh what a beautiful room! That wallpaper was the perfect starting point. Love the bed and the charming bircage. And of course your daughter is so sweet!

  17. I have to say I’m a little sad because her room is how I found you. :) But I love the birdcage, and my girl needs that canopy!

  18. Oh it so, so pretty, Kelly! I am dying over the two pics of her too – I feel like my girls are growing up SO FAST too!!

  19. Love this!! I would have loved to have a room like this when I was her age – well done!

  20. KELLY!!! WOW! I am soooo in love!! You did an amazing job! You’re so talented and really have the eye for great design, mixed with fun. I so wish I could mimic this in my girls bedroom! hahaha xo Jen

  21. I love the room and you did a fantastic job. Your little princess is adorable — she looks like you. My gosh, where do you go from here if she wants her room redone? :-( I would hate to touch anything.

  22. WOW! Love the wall paper! Where did you get it? and what paint color did you use? Love the softness of it! The birdcage is super! Great job! She is one Lucky little lady!!

  23. My favorite thing about all of these photos are the grass stains on her jeans. I want to be her friend.

  24. So pretty, Kelly, I think it’s one of the prettiest rooms I’ve seen. Love the canopy, the birdcage and butterflies, I would not of thought of painting them gold, and the pink bed really pops. You should be doing this for a living! Best part is you can just change out the accessories as she grows and this room can take her through college. She’s going to have lots of great memories growing up in that room.

  25. I almost forgot, I don’t rmember noticing the floor in previous posts, it’s great!

  26. Such an amazing job – the new butterfly cage is just fantastic!

  27. This is stunning!!! What a lucky, lucky girl to have SUCH a beautiful room to call her own!!! I am SO excited to share this with my Favorite Finds this week! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  28. Your little Diva is one lucky little lady. This room is AMAZING!!! I love every change.

  29. So beautiful Kelly. It looks fantastic. And boy your Girl has grown up so much. That’s what happens…they keep growing and growing and then they are young ladies and young men. Happens soo fast too. Just wait until middle school…they start 6th grade looking still like a young girl/boy. Then 8th grade …something happens! A young lady and young man comes out! It’s incredible. Enjoy every moment….you are an great mom!

  30. I think a child having a beautiful room helps her learn how to have a beautiful, organized home when she has her own home. My daughter has turned college apartments into pretty homes and some rental properties into a comfortable place and now a custom build home into something very special. It makes her husband very happy.


  31. Such a lovely room! You really did an amazing job and potty training to boot. Your daughter is just beautiful!!

  32. SO so beautiful Kelly!! I am in awe. AGAIN! Just love everything about it!

  33. What an adorable room for your adorable daughter!

  34. Simply stunning! I’m 32 and I’d totally love this as my room!! I can’t even pic a favorite part. Amazing job!

  35. The old room was seriously a show stopper but you have done it again!
    That wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous!
    And love the clock with the dirt on it!

  36. Fabulous job! It’s perfect!

  37. You are SO talented! I absolutely love the room – wish I had this sweet set up when I was a young girl!

  38. Just absolutely gorgeous!! Pinning everything like a crazy woman. ;) Beautiful, beautiful job! I just want to keep gazing at it. :) You have one lucky little girl! (She’s adorable, btw!)

  39. OMG, I LOVE her room. Not having any girls (except for my dog) I need to live vicariously through you. Ha! Ha! I seriously love it all! That wallpaper is gorgeous and I also love all the little details the butterflies, the clock and her crafting area. Beautiful! x

  40. Ohmygosh sad!! Where does time go? I love the updated shots of her reading. Her room is GORGEOUS, Kelly!!! So beautiful!

  41. Fabulous Makeover. Love the hot pink bed. :)

  42. So cute!!! Where did you find the blue quilt?
    What paint color did you use?

  43. Lilly,

    Seriously, the prettiest little girl room I’ve seen! I want this for myself! I’ll just let my hubby have the master! I have a 4 year old girl and am pinning this for future inspiration! Love it so much! I’d love for you to come link these up at my Skip The Housework Party!

  44. This is SO absolutely beautiful Kelly!! Love everything and would move in there in a second! Your little girl is adorable too! {and good luck with the potty training!}

  45. OH MY GOSH!!!!! It turned out so gorgeous!! That wallpaper is perfect and I’m obsessed with the little canopy!

  46. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!! I love it all! That wall the bed is on and bed… to DIE FOR!! Can I come live there?! Please?! ;)

  47. Jennifer Zegowitz says:

    Super cute room! my 6 year old would love it. I can’t wait to hear how you made that princess canopy. As my little girl wants one in her big girl room :)

  48. I’m dying! This room is gorgeous! I’d love this as my room now! You did an amazing job, and that wallpaper! Thanks for linking up and sharing this nugget of gold! Pinned it!

  49. Amandine says:

    Ohhh! The wallpaper, I have a serious crush! But couldn´t find it in the online shop? I really need it, I ca feel it calling my name:-) How long ago did you buy it?

  50. I love this room! What paint colors did you use?

  51. Hi! I just saw this incredible bedroom that was featured on the link party palooza. I was just floored! I poked around your blog for the last hour and I can honestly say that EVERYTHING you have done is right in line with my style, lol….Love it all. I think I found my new favorite blog, and I’m now following you on all of the ways I can follow. So glad to have found your blog!

  52. Such a lovely room! I adore everything! Do you mind my asking where you got your white bedding?

  53. This is beautiful! What paint color did you use on the walls?

  54. Bethany says:

    What is the paint color you used?

  55. rebekah says:

    Sorry if this is listed on post. But, the bed is a slice of heaven? Where can I find it? Simpy stunning room!

  56. Kathleen says:

    Kelly, I might of miss it somewhere in your blog, but is your daughter room floor painted or does it have carpet? Can tell in the pictures.

    • Hi Kathleen, it is actually a white washed laminate floor. Cleans up easy (even crayon ha) and I love how neutral it is so the bright colors in there really pop. My son has the same floors in his room as well.

  57. Love! Love!!!!!!! This room is so cute! I love the bird cage!!! What did you use to stick the butterflies on the bird cage?

    • Hey Sara! They came on little clips already but if you found ones that didn’t you could always hot glue them onto some hair clips? :)

  58. Michelle says:

    I would love to know where you got her bedding from. I am in the market for some for my daughter.

  59. Hi! This is a beautiful room. I apologize if someone already asked this, but… where did you find all your bedding components? I know you got the blue quilt from home goods, but how about the rest of it? Thanks in advance!

  60. Love the room, so cute!! Where did you get the bed? I have been looking one for my little girl and it’s adorable!

  61. So so so pretty. Would you mind sharing the new pink color for the bed frame? Thanks!

  62. Love love this room, and her room before this! I’m actually redoing my daughter’s room in the colors that you used before this but i can’t find it anywhere! I know you said Pottery Barn so I’ll keep looking around. Both rooms are absolutely stunning :)

  63. Yes the bedding from her old room. It’s perfect for my daughter’s room but I can’t find it on PBK! :)

  64. Lovely! You did such an amazing job :) What brand/color spray paint did you use on the magazine holders? I’ve been looking for ways to add just a little pale pink to my decor.

  65. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you!

  66. I love the butterfly bird cage so much I want it for me.

  67. Becca Gates says:

    Hey Kelly,
    What spray paint did you use for the magazine racks!? and what color!

  68. Question for you, did you make the magnetic boards? If so how did you do the burlb?

  69. I love this bedroom! Where did you get the jars on the desk that hold the markers and such? Did you make them? My daughter would love them! Thanks :)

  70. Love your blog and this room!! I bought the same wallpaper for my baby girls nursery and i can not find the perfect green for her walls! i stumbled across your blog and your color Touch Of Green by para paints is PERFECT! I’ve tried Lowes and emailing Para Paints themselves but no response. Do you have any other color suggestions that are similar? I can’t even find this color in the US to color match! Her room looks gorgeous!

    • ugh I know Erin, I have lots of people who have asked me this! I have no idea why this is the only info I have on the paint :( I need to get this figured out! Blanket at Lowes was pretty close but a little more bright…maybe try that at 80 percent? Sorry!

  71. Wow, what a lovely room. Sorry but I can’t help but also noticed how smart your girl is. She’s reading that chapter-looking book already at 6?! And the great sense of decoration already! You must be a proud mom.

  72. Danielle says:

    So I have a three year old who is getting “kicked” out of her toddler bed because she has a little brother arriving shortly. I have been looking everywhere for the bedding that was on your daughters 5 year old bed. I know it is PB Teen, but do you know the name of the print. Much appreciated!

  73. Tiana White says:

    Love her 5 and 6 year old rooms! What did her 2 look like? I’m seeking inspiration lol


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