Cabbage Fall Centerpiece

I never really got my act together to decorate for fall this year (besides our front porch), but I thought I would squeak one more fall post in before it’s Christmas everything around here. Today, I’m sharing a quick Cabbage Fall Centerpiece that I threw together.

A basket filled with plants

I like to keep these cute baskets on my dining table filled with herbs all summer long.

Lake house dining room

They are lined with plastic so I can water them with no issues. But alas, by fall I have either killed all the herbs or used them up in recipes, so the baskets are pretty sad come October. The Rosemary and Parsley were still going strong though, and I didn’t want to just dump them.

Baskets filled with flowers

So, yesterday when I was at Trader Joe’s grabbing my groceries, I picked up a few of these cutie mini plants. They had them in a bunch of different pretty fall colors, but I snagged the purple and bright green ones (I wish I could tell you what type of flowers they are, but they didn’t have labels). They were $1.99 each and the perfect size to tuck in around the herbs. I also saved these pretty cabbages from my outdoor window boxes, because we have already had snow here in Michigan and they were starting to wilt in the cold.

Baskets filled with flowers

I added a few artichokes too. That’s it, an easy fall centerpiece. I love the fact that it’s all planted rather than cut flowers, so it should last til Christmas!

A dining room with white chairs

I also wanted to show you the new slipcovered chairs I added to the end of the dining table. I searched high and low for the best price on these and really wanted a clean line version vs. one with more of a ruffle or bigger skirt on them, and I’m so happy with these. They are super comfy too!

A dining room table

I really feel like it finishes off the space and I love that I can add different throw pillows to add color for whatever season. I know you can’t really tell from these photos how they look, because spoiler alert my living room looks like a Christmas decor bomb went off. So. Much. Fake. Snow….

This is pretty much the only angle I could shoot that doesn’t look like the elves went on strike mid decorating at the North Pole.

A pink flower on a plant

It’s taking over our house.

Hopefully, I get the situation under control soon, and it will be all “Fa La La La La” next week on the blog :)

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

Slipcovered Parsons Chairs – Target

Grey wood chairs – Wayfair

Dining table – Art Van

Baskets – I found them at a local greenhouse

Light – Wayfair


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  1. Hi, I was hoping you could help me with a link to where you bought your table. I went to your instagram and wasn’t able to find a link to the dining table.


    1. Hey it’s actually from a local store called Art Van Furniture. They have them in the midwest so not sure if you live near one?

  2. Hello :) I wanted to first say I love everything!!!

    I have been looking at that chandelier and love love love it. I found it on Ethan Allen’s website but was curious where you found it? I can’t tell if it’s the same style.


  3. Hi! Just wondering about the wooden dining chairs from wayfair. Are they the gray or white and if gray, are they very light? Just curious why you went with gray, if so, rather than white? Thank you!

    1. They are gray, they are a lighter gray though. I went with grey because I liked the look of combining the wood and grey with all the white in my house.

  4. Hi, looking into a kitchen table, and wondering a few things about yours! Do you like it? Does it come prefinished? (No work required, ready to use) do you feel like it’s sturdy, and kid-friendly? And is the tabletop smooth, or are there grooves? Thanks SO much!!!

    1. I showed it a little closer on my Instastories if you want to check that out but it was delivered ready to go. The top is pretty smooth, it’s very sturdy. We have it in our dining area and have only used in a few times so I can’t speak to how kid friendly it is.

  5. Ha ha ha- Yep, I laughed out loud at the end of your post. I do wish you would take the picture of the disaster on the other side of the lens. Such a clever idea, these basket plantings…I’m going to have to try my own version. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Love these centerpieces!!! What a great idea with the artichokes! The lines of the new chairs are perfect! Good job!

  7. Love the new slipcovered chairs from Target! Are they the color “cream” as they currently show on their website?

  8. Those are so fresh and attractive looking. We had all of our house plants outside until the weather got too cool, but my tropical plants need refreshing. I hope I can find some to do that to mine! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Very simple and perfect. Your plants are called Kalanchoes. They are a tropical perennials in some climates like mine.

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