Neutral Fall Fireplace Mantel

I’ve been working on fall-ifying my house this past week. No pumpkins in sight yet, just bringing some cozy textures and pillows into the mix. Today, I thought I would quickly share my neutral fall fireplace mantel decor. I used to change my mantel decor drastically for each season, but these days, I like to keep it simple. I like keeping this large mirror up here to anchor the space and then I just swap out little accessories here and there.

Neutral Fall Fireplace Mantel Decor

And yes, I was totally justified in having the fireplace on when I shot this, it’s actually been really cool here with temps in the 50’s in the mornings. ;)

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

I traded out the fresh summer greens in my vases for some grasses I clipped from the side of the road. Pro-tip; wash your hands after playing with these if you have allergies like me. My eyes promptly swelled shut after I arranged these perfectly – still totally worth it! Pro-tip number two; I actually cut some of these same grasses last year and dried them. They stored perfectly in our storage room in a vase and I was able to pull them back out this year.

A stone fireplace

I shopped my house and stole these aged brass candlesticks from our bedroom to add some more warmth to the mantel.

A fire place sitting in a room

I mentioned this artwork in my fall Friday Feels last week and I love the subtle colors. I was planning on buying a smaller mat to show more of the art but I never got around to it. I still like the cropped version.

Cottage and Fireplace

After I figured out the mantel I took my fall zhushing over to the bookshelves. Again I kept my same key players, namely my great grandmother’s old books and some fave vintage children’s books. Then I just tuck in a few seasonal items.

A vase of flowers on a shelf

When I’m styling shelves I always think about having similar colors for your eye to follow. Since I switched out the white frame on the mantel for a black one I wanted to add black to the shelves as well. I’ve had these black and white prints forever. The Mr. and I bought on Napa trip a million years ago. Adding them to the shelves up here balances the black a bit. I picked up this Tradescantia Zebrina at my local nursery because the muted tones of the plant fit right in with the direction I was going for the living room.

A fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a windows

This little black vase used to be white and I just hit it with a coat of black spray paint (I can spray it white again in the summer if the mood strikes) for a cozier fall vibe. Then I stuck a handful of cut grass in it. This time I used Karl Foerster from our yard.

Our dining table got a handful of clippings too!

fall dining room decor

Again, I really just shopped my house to keep things simple. Sometimes all you need to make your house feel fresh is to swap things around a bit.

fall dining room decor

I think that’s it, I’ll be sharing the rest of the room soon!

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Mantel beam – this was the original mantel beam of the cottage we knocked down to build here

Stone – J&N stone – Style Quartz, Color Price


Art – Juniper Print shop



Brass Bowls – no longer available

Dining Chairs

White Dining Chairs

Table – from a local store that unfortunately went out of business

Dining table vase – no longer available, this is a similar one

Dining Light

Wall Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

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  1. Still trying to wrap my mind around you having the skill to walk outside, choose grassy things, and then artfully arrange in a lovely vase. That doesn’t happen over here! Once again, everything is perfect!

  2. This is so lovely and calming. I agree some bloggers go overboard ending with too much clutter. Wish we had some of your cool weather here in Southern CA! The heat here hasn’t stopped me from buying pumpkins and starting my Fall decor.
    Can you share what size print you ordered from Juniper Print Shop?

  3. I LOVE your subtle fall look for this time of the year. With your beautiful view of the lake, you really don’t need a lot of extras. I bet the mist off the lake on these cool mornings looks just like your art work. We are only a short drive from you and it sounds like tomorrow is really cooling off. Actually, I love these cool mornings and sunny days. It means our beautiful Michigan colors are only a few weeks away.

    1. Thank Judy that sometimes doesn’t come across in my photos that the view is so pretty the room doesn’t need that much, it ends up being distracting :)

  4. Love the grasses in the vases. Using surgical gloves would solve the allergy problem.

    Love the brass candle sticks on mantle. Using orange or brown candles would enable one to see them and add warmth.

    Live the fire! So warm and inviting.

  5. Can you show us the front of your house with the different coloured Mums. I think it was last years photo .

    Thank You

  6. I love your decorating style, Kelly. I always struggle with my mantel because it’s loooong and I usually end up with a symmetrical arrangement that I love… for about 5 minutes. Then I hate it. :( Your mantel is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration. :) p.s. I spy some fabulous round end tables!

  7. Looks great Kelly. Very calming and beautiful. The older I get, the less “stuff “ I want. Simple is very satisfying ?. Great job!

  8. Your fall zhushing looks great! A little change is always nice and refreshing. I always do a little extra cleaning during this process too – it calms my soul. Back in the day – we used to spray the heads of fall grasses (especially the fluffy ones) with hairspray (like Aquanet). Supposedly it helped “seal in” the pollen and hold the grasses together longer.

  9. Really well done! This great room of yours is one of my favorites to watch – the seasonal evolution is always so nice! Also, still really digging the new fixture over your dining table :)

  10. This is great. I love to decorate for the season while having space to rest my eyes, and you’ve done this perfectly.

  11. Your fall decor is perfection! Love the soft colors and definitely less is more! Just a few touches to give the room a warm cozy, relaxing feel. Personally, clutter and overdecorated houses makes my eye twitch!!! Great job Kelly!

  12. For me, it’s a little too empty, bland and boring.
    I love decorating with beautiful, rich fall colors at this time of year.
    This look is something I adopt after Christmas, when I want a peaceful clean look to cope with winter.
    Still, I personally like a little more clutter. Just because I like my “stuff”!

  13. Very pretty – I think we all need a bit of “calm” these days. I have shopped my home this year to decorate for fall. After doing so, I have read about a lot of people doing the same thing. I keep basic items on my mantel – black lantern and large chunky black candlesticks. Then I swap out the artwork, and make a few additions like a black wicker basket filled with fall foliage and a couple of pumpkins. I love the simplicity of your decor, I am also of the belief that less is more. So many bloggers are over the top with all the stuff they decorate with. It looks like they are trying too hard and the effect is a cluttered look.

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