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Playroom Decor…Take 47

I mentioned before that somehow getting a new puppy turned into getting all new flooring, turned into getting a new couch right? Well the whole playroom got tweaked along the way, I know this is the 40 gazillionth time I have done this room, but it never felt quite right. It’s a hard room to tackle because it needs to function in so many ways and it is also very long and narrow, kind of a bowling alley shape. I finally feel like I nailed it this time, no really, well for now anyways…

A living room filled with furniture

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

First we got rid of the living room furniture that made it up here after we got my mom’s hand me downs. The couches were 12 years old and were a bargain buy to begin with, it was time to part ways. I finally feel like a real blogger because I bought an Ektorp sofa from Ikea, this seems to unofficially be the official couch of bloggers everywhere as nearly everyone I know has at least one :) And for good reason, it’s inexpensive, super comfy and slipcovered, which makes it genius for a playroom. Having a sectional up here just works so much better for the space vs. the separate love seat couch situation we used to have. I have the slightly more expensive slip cover in Stenasa white (I think they just discontinued this one and brought out all new colors) and I love the more linen like texture vs the cotton option.

A living room with a sofa and a window

I’m not actually lucky enough to have an Ikea near me, it’s on the other side of the state. Lucky for me my friend James runs a business called Via Logistics. If you have ever tried to buy something from Ikea over the internet you will realize (A) they don’t ship a lot of their items and (B) it costs a zillion dollars if they do. Kind of nixing the whole point of shopping at an affordable place like Ikea in the first place.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

That’s where Via Logistics comes in, you can place your order thru their site and they will pick it up and bring it to you for a lower price. They also assemble furniture for a fee as well if you want to avoid the oh so helpful instructions featuring that cute little Ikea guy we all love/hate. I find it oddly gratifying to assemble my own Ikea furniture so I handled that part on my own, but I ordered my couch on a Thursday and James delivered it right to my door that next Wednesday. It’s like your own personal shopping and delivery service without having to fight the crowds at Ikea with your screaming children (not that I’ve done that ;)) This is the 3rd time I’ve used this service and it’s been such a life saver for me, even if I drove all the way to Ikea there is no way I could have fit this sofa in my car. Via Logistics operates out of Grand Rapids, Michigan so this one is for you locals, but their delivery area is anywhere within a 2 hour drive of GR so check them out! They make an Ikea run every Wednesday so shipping is always fast. You can check out their site here and their FB page here.

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Another change I made in here was finally getting drapes so my kids can actually see their Saturday morning cartoons. I loved the window pane pattern on these from PB Teen, they add a bit more texture without being too busy.

A close up of a sign

I also picked up this cute wall hanging from Land of Nod. There is kind of camp vibe in here now with the penants and the vintage maps of Michigan. It’s really a cozy spot without being too crazy kid driven. I feel like before I tailored the space to the kids so much that it wasn’t a comfortable spot for the whole family to hang out. Now we have movie night up here all the time and there is seating for everyone with the new couch.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

playroom and Cottage

We also added this desk up here for a better homework area for my daughter. She is turning 8 (picture me clutching my heart as I say this, how can it be!?) and a lot of her homework she does online so this is a great spot to set up my laptop for her to work on while I can keep an eye on her too. The desk is ooooold we bought it from Target when we were first married and we have hung onto it all this time. This desk got the Mr. thru many a long night of studying for various boring designations when we were first married so it’s kind of fun to have it out again.

A sofa in a living room

Oh, I also really missed my gallery wall, I loved having all our family pictures displayed. What I didn’t love about my old gallery wall was how messy it felt to the eye. I decided this stream lined version worked much better for my OCD personality. I grabbed these inexpensive frames on sale at Walmart around Christmas time.

A living room filled with furniture and a table

The only other switch up was I painted the armoire red. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll notice I took the red door down to make room for my gallery wall. I immediately missed the red so brought it over to this corner of the room.

Furniture and Sofa

That’s it, those little changes combined with the new flooring really transformed this space into one of my favorite rooms in the house instead of a overly colorful bowling alley that made my eyes twitch just thinking about it!

A living room filled with furniture

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table


Flooring – BuildDirect Lamton White Dogwood

Paint colors – Thorwood by Graham, Silver Feather from Home Depot

Chairs – Overstock.com

Couch – Ikea

Beanbags – PB Teen

Drapes – PB Teen

Wall hanging – Land of Nod

Gallery frames – Walmart

Framed Maps – DIY info here

Rug – Land of Nod

Light – Pottery Barn

Desk  – Target

Red Armoire paint color – OPI Red by Clark+Kensington

Striped Blanket – PB Teen

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  3. Hello! I have had my eye on the letters you used to have on your playroom wall for some time and am finally going to execute the look for my son’s room. My question: what happened to your letters? They were beautiful! Also, do you recall the size of the largest and smallest letters? Your home is absolutely beautiful and a great inspiration!

    1. Hi Angela, The letters were fun I but after 5 years I was just ready for a change :) I don’t recall the sizes but the biggest ones were probably 2 ft tall? Thanks!

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