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Christmas Chalkboard Countdown

It's Friday again which means... Yup, only 9 fridays left! This week I'm sharing a cute sign I made for my kiddos. I promise not every Christmas idea I have will be chalkboard related, but chalkboard paint is such a cheap and easy thing to switch up.  It's perfect for seasonal decor. I … [Read More...]


Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Alright, I know... Christmas already??? Well, I'm trying to get a jump on things this year plus get some great ideas rattling around in your heads for your own Christmas decor.  I mean, did you know there are only 10 FRIDAYS left til Christmas? Every Friday for the next 7 weeks (til Black Friday) … [Read More...]

DIY Planter Boxes

DIY Cabinet Door Planter Boxes

My front porch is finally all dressed up for fall!  It took me a little longer this year, because I wanted new planter boxes for the front, but I didn't want to pay a zillion dollars for them.  So, I decided to build them myself! You'll never guess what they are made out of... old cabinet … [Read More...]


Master Bathroom Reveal – Parent’s Edition

Guys, I'm not sure I'm a good enough photographer to do justice to this master bathroom. I mean, we don't need to talk about me falling off the toilet that I was standing on to get a good shot of the floor, or how I flushed the toilet on accident on my way down.. I won't mention … [Read More...]

Creamy Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera in Pink Sauce

Did you know today is National Noodle Day? Who knew, right? Well I did! So let's celebrate with some amazing pasta recipes from some of your favorite bloggers featuring the ever popular noodle :) I'm serving up a yummy Pasta Primavera in pink sauce. My kids totally hate vegetables, so I'm forever … [Read More...]

5 Makeup Splurges you can't live without

5 Makeup Splurges Worth the Money

I'm trying something a little different today.  I know I normally share DIY projects, home decor, recipes and occasionally random stories about my family, but I'm branching out a bit! I love makeup and clothes and may start sharing a bit of that side of myself here too, because let's face it, how … [Read More...]

Bedroom Decor and Builtins

Master Bedroom Decor – Parents Edition

The day has finally come! My parents master bedroom decor is done! I first posted about their redo in September last year. So clearly this is the longest makeover in the history of makeovers, but we finally crossed the finish line.  Just imagine my mom and I jogging in place pumping our fists in the … [Read More...]

Adventure Wall Art

Easy Gift Bag Wall Art

You know I have made lots of changes in my daughter's room in the fast few years, and you may all be thinking poor little man, his room is just same old, same old.  How does a 3 year old survive without a room makeover every year?? HOW I ask you?? No not wondering that? Well anyways I … [Read More...]


Fall Cleanup and a Giveaway

There are weeds, like you know, your run of the mill dandelion that you pull out of your garden with ease... and then there is this beast - Yeah, it's taller than me.  And in truth it isn't exactly a weed, we had some trees chopped down after an ice storm wreaked havoc on them, and these … [Read More...]

Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Tour

Hey guys! I'm so excited to be participating in the Eclectically Fall tour with 15 other fab bloggers! It all kicks off over at Eclectically Vintage so be sure to head over there to start the tour. Trust me you don't want to miss Kelly's gorgeous home (her kitchen especially - swoon). If you are … [Read More...]

White Sunroom

The Sunroom is DONE-ish

Alternate titles for this post could be "All White Everything" or "My Happy Place" or possibly "The Never Ending Story" would be more appropriate, but no matter what you call it, we are about 90 percent done with the sunroom! It got several coats of fresh white paint last week and it feels so … [Read More...]

Remodel Progress

Pardon our dust – Bathroom progress

If you follow me on instagram, then you have seen a few sneaky peeks of the progress over at my parent's house! It is going to look awesome and I'm so excited for it to be done.  I'll back up a minute, if you are new here, my parent's live down the street from us and their 12 year old master bath … [Read More...]

Autumn Printable

Free Fall Printable

I've always wanted to try my hand at making a printable, so when I got the opportunity to join this fun Fall Printable blog hop I thought it was the perfect time to give it a go! 300 versions later here it is, my free fall printable. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post and check out all 21 … [Read More...]


Fall Wreath – Wreath Blog Hop

It's that time again, and I have to say I'm not ready.  I mean, don't get me wrong I adore fall, normally I'm all bring on the boots and pumpkin spice lattes.  But, guys this winter was miserable and honestly the weather in MI this summer was pretty chilly too. Summer has just gotten going and I'm … [Read More...]

Sunroom Ideas

Sunroom Update – Outside

It's been a while since the last sunroom update and a lot has happened! The outside is this close to being done and we just need paint and furniture on the inside, Whoop-whoop! We are almost there people! Today, I'm just sharing the outside.  Cross your fingers the inside may be painted by the end … [Read More...]


$200 Ace Hardware Giveaway

You all know I love shopping at my neighborhood Ace Hardware store.  Not only do they always have what I need, but they  are always so helpful! I mean, most of the time I walk in there and I'm all: "I want to build this thing, that's like this big and about this height and I'm not really sure … [Read More...]

Lake House

Lake House Tour – My parents house

The little muchkins start school on Monday, although I can hardly call them little munchkins anymore - how do I have a first grader? And little man starts pre-school too?!? The teacher may have to pry my curly haired little baby out of my hands...deep breaths right? Basically, this last week of … [Read More...]

DIY Round Mirror

DIY Round Mirror

Today I'm going to show you all how to make a mirror... out of a mirror... Yes, ground breaking stuff around here, as usual. I mean, I'm sure you all remember waaay back when I got all crazy and made a bookshelf out of a bookshelf right? I know, I deserve some sort of creativity award, … [Read More...]

Garage Organization Tips

Garage Organization Tips

The Mr. is laughing hysterically at the title of this post because if anyone needs garage organization tips it's me.  Apparently I'm not qualified to be doling out advice on this one, but I'm trying! One corner at a time, I'm getting the mess under control. This month Ace Hardware paired us up … [Read More...]

Window Box Tips

Window Box Tips – my former black thumb

I have long joked about my black thumb and my ability to kill almost anything, even unkillable succulents have bit the dust in my house. BUT guys! I was watering my flower boxes yesterday and noticed something, wait a minute, they are not brown, or crispy, or weirdly yellowing … [Read More...]


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