House Update – Trim, Cabinets and Ceilings

Things are getting real at the house guys! I thought I would pop in and share more of the trim progress and cabinets they’ve been working on this week. Let’s start off in the basement with our playroom/movie room/hang out room.

There are 3 built in elements in this room. This wet bar area will hopefully keep me from running up and down the stairs all summer long. I plan on keeping snacks and drinks down here for friends and kids to grab easily when we are down by the lake. They will be painted navy (see my paint colors here) and have a wood counter top. I’m most excited about the pull out trash bin and pull out recycle bin on either side of the sink. Somehow I feel like this will promote my children actually throwing things away, when in reality I’m sure I will find snack wrappers and empty juice boxes 3 feet away on the floor, but a girl can dream.

Cabinets being built

We will have our big tv down here mounted to the wall and we added this little planked recessed area to dress it up a bit. I added this super handy black rectangle so you can picture it easier.

A flat screen tv mounted to a wall

On the opposite wall, we added these built in bookcases last minute. We loved the Ikea hack library shelves we built in our last house (see them here) and we filled up every inch of them with books. I sort of panicked when I realized those 32 million boxes of books had no where to go. Thankfully the guys whipped these bookshelves up over the weekend and they were only about $200 more than doing the Ikea hack again. There will be a game table area in the back corner for family game night and snack time.

A house being built

Let’s head upstairs and check on the beautiful cabinet they built in our master bathroom. I love how this cabinet turned out. It’s going to be painted a blueish gray color and there will be hanging pendant lights over the mirrors.

A wall with a window and cabinets

Ok and my most favorite thing they have been working on this week is the living room ceiling. It’s hard to tell in these photos, because I was shooting around the scaffolding and the guys using the saw, but it is SO cool in person.

The inside of a building

The whole thing will be painted white, and there will be 4 total of the support looking cross beam thingys – technical terms only obviously. I wanted this room to look like the exposed rafters of an old attic, if that makes sense? They used 8 inch MDF boards and regular 2 x 6 lumber to create all the cross beams. The painter got a head start on painting the x things, so he didn’t have to try to get his hands in the middle of them.

They are already spraying all the trim and doors in the basement today. I’m not sure if it’s just the fumes, but I’m getting so giddy at the prospect of actually living here. Later this week I’ll be sharing all my flooring selections for the main floor so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi…just curious if you’ve done any posting regarding the dimensions/details of what was used for your door and some of the window trim. Trying to replicate but struggling to get the right look! Everything you’ve done is stunning!! Thank you!

  2. Are the beams 2×6 or 8” I’m trying to get an idea of what 6” vs 8” looks like I see you said 2×6 and 8” mdf
    So wasn’t sure what was where it looks so great! Thanks!

  3. Hi Kelly, I have 3 questions…
    1) what is the width of you living room (maybe both and width and length would be helpful)?
    2) can you tell me the pitch of the ceiling?
    3) how are the 2 x 6’s attached to the ceiling?
    We are building and my handy hubby would like to treat our living ceiling room like yours – gosh I love my man!
    Have to say I’ll be sad when you’re done because I’ve loved watching it come together. Sooooo beautiful!

    1. Hi Lisa, the living room is 22 x 22, not a 100 percent sure of the pitch but it’s 18 ft in the middle and 9 ft on the edge? I’m not sure how they attached the 2×6’s I tried to stay out of the way during that process!

    2. Hey Lisa – did your husband ever figure out how the boards are attached to the ceiling? My husband is trying to figure it out. Thanks!!

  4. Kelly, it is so gorgeous! I would love to know what type of wood you are using for your built ins and custom cabinets. Keep the inspiration comin’! :)


    1. Hey Toni, it will all be painted so I’m not sure it’s really nice wood. Most of the cabinets are white, but some are blue and grey as well.

  5. Every week , when I see Kily Pad Cottage in my email box, I eagerly open it to see what you’re accomplishing in your new house. So glad you are posting this so I can live vicariously through you!

  6. Your home is going to be so awesome! My dream is to live by water — lake or ocean, I don’t care! There is something about water that makes a home relaxing and welcoming.

    One thing I wanted to suggest: Please put the name of your post in the subject line of the emails that I we get as subscribers of your blog instead of just “The Lily Pad Cottage.” I keep a lot of decorating emails that I receive and archive them in folders on my email. I can look back and easily find the one I am looking for based on the subject. Just a suggestion.

    1. Hey Linda, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to look into it, my emails are actually all set up and automated so I’m not sure how to change the title every time but I’ll talk to my tech guru and see if it’s an option – thanks!

  7. Everything looks great! We are in the middle of a renovation on our Maine house, and we also have a wet bar with a wooden top that will be painted Newburyport Blue! Too funny! I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

  8. Love it. I am trying to convince my husband to put shiplap in the bathroom we are renovating right now so I need to show him your post. I love the accents you have added to the house so far, cant wait to see the rest come together!

    1. Thanks Jessica, I just could’t find a tile that I wanted to commit to on the walls forever so shiplap solved the dilemma not to mention it was cheaper :)

  9. Wow Wow WOW!!!!! Looks absolutely beautiful!!! Everyone should get to build at least one house before they build their “forever” house. So many things you don’t know until you actually live there. Where did you have wasted space? Where do you need more space?? Now you know!!! If I lived near you I’d be a stalker and sneak in for a peak (not really LOL)!!! Can’t WAIT to see your finished home tour!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home with us!! Blessings from Missouri!

  10. It already looks amazing. I have to add that your builders are amazing too. They really are getting through this huge project so fast. It really seems to be moving along so well. Not all contractors are like that lol! Love everything and cannot wait to see what you do inside x

    1. Hey Lynne, yes they have been working so hard. They are even there a lot of Saturdays, they are doing a fantastic job!

  11. When I saw the view from your windows, I thought that you will never have to go on vacation! You could Just have “staycations”-gorgeous views and a beautiful home!
    I can’t wait to see the finished home.

    1. HI Dianne, this is totally true you can’t really tear us away from our house in the summer. We don’t plan any trips all summer long so we can just enjoy :)

  12. Your new home is already beautiful. It is so exciting to be able to follow along.

  13. You have to be “over the top excited”
    Keep the pictures coming. . . Thank you for
    letting us share in your “new” home building progress!!

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