Looking like a house

Hey! I took a little 2 week unplug with my family and hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. We laid around eating Christmas cookies, listening to Harry Potter on audible and playing board games – it was glorious! I also invented the best tasting salad ever (mainly because I was feeling guilty about eating  cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner) – basically you mix spinach, strawberries, feta, red onion and pomegranate dressing – then top the whole thing with a crumbled leftover pecan pie and enjoy. I mean, pecan pie is technically healthy when it’s in a salad, so you are welcome ;)

Going back to reality this morning with my usual 6:45 am wakeup call was a bit brutal, but I’m ready to tackle the new year – albeit in my jammies. While I took 2 weeks off, the crew at the house definitely didn’t, they made so much progress the last 2 weeks and it’s finally looking like a house.

Here’s the street side.

lake house framing stage

framing a lake house

And the lake side.

A room under construction Here’s an inside shot before they covered up the windows openings with Tyvek.

A room under construction

We are getting there right? They are putting the windows in this week, so that will be an exciting update too. I’m meeting with the electrician soon to go over all the lighting, which means I have been shopping away. I’ll be sharing some of my picks later this week, but I at least wanted to say hi and let you know I’m still alive over here despite my recent radio silence.

Oh, I’m also working on plumbing selections. Had to test a few tubs today – I feel like I needed a glass of wine and some bubbles to really make my decision though…

A close up of feet wearing black shoes

While I’m getting my act together over here, you guys should check out my friend Marta’s new travel blog. We had a girls day out in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago and she wrote all about it on her blog. We had the best time eating, shopping and eating some more. West Michigan is full of awesome spots and I love exploring new restaurants and shops, especially when I get to chat blogging with a friend as sweet and funny as Marta. I’m still totally dreaming about this tomato soup!

A bowl of food and a cup of coffee, with Salad

If you are local to West Michigan and looking for some fun spots to check out or love travel in general, she has all sorts of great kid friendly travel ideas and some amazing shots from her trips to Banff, Boston, and Northern Michigan. Check her posts out at MackinawRoad.com

Ok, I think we are all caught up, look for more house shopping updates later this week!

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  1. Going to have to kayak your lake this summer to see the house from the lakeside! It’s looking great.

  2. Wow! It is a house! I am so excited to see what you choose and how you decorate this beautiful lake house!

  3. I’m fairly new here, but I’ve been checking out all the cool, exciting plans thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Kelly, love watching the progress on your new lake home. Love your style and try to incorporate some of your ideas into our lake cottage. Ours is just a little weekend place, but we love it. Nothing is better than life at the lake!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Wow! The house has appeared by magic! :) So I’m thinking my leftover cheesecake would be an excellent replacement for the pecan pie on salad! Thank you … my hips never said!

    1. Isn’t it crazy how fast it happens? The poor guys working in the 10 degree weather probably wish they had magic :) Cheesecake salad? I’m totally down for that!

  6. What is the link to Marta’s blog? Good luck with your house. We built several years ago and enjoyed every moment! donna

  7. Oh awesome, I can not wait until it is done and you put your special touches on it. It will be beautiful. Happy New Year and have a great day. :-)

  8. Kelly,
    Your house looks amazing! We are a little ahead of you with our new house, but still wrangling with lighting. Picked interior doors. Did plumbing awhile ago. I got mostly brushed nickel and chrome for plumbing.

    If I get your number from your mom, can I call you to pick your brain?

    I can’t imagine those poor workers in that cold!!

    1. Yes would love to chat! Lighting is making me a little crazy too, it’s hard with an open floor plan to make it all coordinate but not be boring. We are going chrome for plumbing too, keeping it classic so I don’t have to switch it out later.

  9. Loving the house and all those windows!!! And loved Marta’s post. We live walking distance from RT and The Old Goat and go on a regular basis!

  10. We are in West Michigan too, a bit south of you. One of the best things I had my electrician do was in my office any plug that went in was a 4 plug, not a 2. So don’t need any power strips. The other thing was a whole house surge protector. Not sure if in your area you have power outages, but it does give some piece of mind.

    Things are moving along and looking good.

    1. OH that’s smart! We won’t have an office at this house since we both typically work on our laptops on the couch but that is a really good tip about the surge protector – thanks!

  11. Lots of progress! thank you for sharing.
    As a fellow Michigander my husband and I love GR, Holland and Zeeland.
    If you are in Zeeland sometime we recommend the chicken salad wrap from Elbo Room and the board game/toy store next door, Out of the Box.
    Have a great day, Robin

    1. I don’t make it out to zeeland often but it is such a cute town, I’ll for sure try those recommendations thank you!

  12. Oh….there it is…I see it now….a house! ? So glad that things are starting to take shape…now we can all live vicariously through your build! I’m too old to be able to do what you’re doing now, but I dream of being able to live overlooking a body of water like you have…..so peaceful. Maybe in heaven?

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