Demolition Day

Guys, the old house is gone! They worked hard all last week to cut down the dying trees and a few that were too close to where the new house will be and I can’t believe the difference it makes for our view!

A lake view

I mentioned on my instagram stories (a great place to follow along for daily behind the scenes house progress) that the seller gutted the upper level when she left and took all the windows, not something we were expecting, but nothing about this whole process has gone as expected, so we are rolling with it. We had contacted Habitat for Humanity to come thru to take what they could use, but their schedule was so busy they couldn’t start til mid November. Thankfully one of our neighbors on the lake has a hunting lodge he is working on so he stripped the house of the rest of the windows, the deck, cabinets, basically anything left. I’m so glad someone was able to reuse the salvageable parts of the house.

A house with trees in the front yard

So, the house has been looking like this for the last few weeks, which in hindsight we totally missed our opportunity to host the spookiest haunted house ever for Halloween. Although I think the health department would not have been on board with that one…

A house with a dirt yard

A few progress shots, could not tear my little guy away from watching the big machines!

Demolition of an old cottage

And tada- fresh start! Love the new view!

A large body of water

So excited to finally have some progress shots to share with you all. It feels a little surreal considering we made the first offer on this home in June and 6 months later we are actually starting this whole crazy building process. They were digging the hole for the foundation today so we are moving right along!

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  1. Isnt there just something so Cathartic about DEMO DAY? And what a DEMO that was! Im super curious you didnt say much about how you got the itch to move and what made you decide? I know the last house was a bit small for you, was it mainly boredom? Goodness knows I know that feeling. Cant wait to see the new one going up etc… dying to know details you are going to do on the inside. Like flooring and I bet your KITCHEN IS GOING TO BE FABULOUS!!! Where have you been getting ideas? I would love to hear about websites or pics that have been inspirational to you! Love Love Love! Share sample ideas of inside what you like etc. please?! Hugs! Dixie “fellow Lake house owner” Dobbins in Texas.

    1. Hi Dixie, we really just wanted a different layout. This house is only about 500 sq ft bigger than the last house but the layout works so much better for us as my kids are getting older. Plus we really wanted more storage, extra parking, and a basement. I’m hoping to start doing some inspiration posts soon, I’m still figuring it all out yet :) Thanks!

  2. Everyone is excited for you and your family! Boys do like big machines and demolition! Even big people:)
    Kathleen in Az

  3. demolition is AMAZING! a few years ago, we purchased the house across the street and tore it down to build a beautiful garage. then last year, we bought the house next door and tore that down so now we have a huge yard. our granddaughter came every day to watch along with the neighbors that lined the street with their lawn chairs! a good time was had by all! i know that you will love your new home with those gorgeous water views!

  4. This is so exciting!! Ya but taking the windows??? That’s just plain weird. So sad that people do that but perhaps she had you permission? My son just moved into a teeny tiny little house too and the previous occupants trashed it while moving out. He did get some compensation for it though. But let’s be positive. You have all new things to be looking forward to. It’s all GOOD!!

    1. Hey Amy the buy sell agreement stated she could take items from the main level including light fixtures, fans etc…
      Didn’t realize etc… meant windows and doors! So technically she was in the right but it was just not what we expected.

  5. I cant believe someone would basically steal all that. I mean once you close isn’t it your property? They could have at least asked!

    1. The buy sell agreement stated she could take items from the main level including light fixtures, fans etc…
      Didn’t realize etc… meant windows and doors! So technically she was in the right, but it was just not what we expected.

  6. What a view! I just might not want to do housework if I lived there!!!! Hope you have an exciting time building your new home.

  7. Yea!! So happy for you to see things rolling right along!! For me too!! . . . . Just KIDDING!!!! Love you all bunches!!❤️❤️❤️

  8. She took the windows??? Were they something special? I can’t imagine the cottage having unusual windows. I bet you are so excited ! I can’t wait to see how you progress? Do you have a finish date? I know, I know. Dates are like wish upon a star type thing. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. Are you going to give us a rough sketch of the plans? Aren’t I nosey? Hope you have a great week.

    1. They weren’t anything special I’m not sure what she did with them, sold them maybe? Our projected move in date is May, hopefully before Memorial Day so we an enjoy the entire summer. Although I’m sure I will have a zillion projects! I haven’t thought about a rough sketch of the plans but I will probably do some video tours so you can get a feel for the space once it’s framed?

  9. Kelly, I have adored your style and posts for a year and a half! I am cheering for you and your family as you embark on your new home building adventure! Thank you for continuing to inspirie us to create a space we all love to call home. I’m excited to see your creative spin on the whole process!

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