Outdoor Pool Table

I shared the plans for our new outdoor bar and grill area a few weeks ago, and I’m so excited to share the finished space with you today! I love this new part of our backyard so much but the best part is our new outdoor pool table.

dark gray lake house with bar and grill and outdoor pool table

We have had SO much fun with family and friends playing not only pool, but ping pong as well.

outdoor pool table on patio with lake in the back

outdoor ping pong table on patio with lake

I partnered with Crate and Barrel again on this space. You all know how much I love our Crate and Barrel patio furniture. So I was thrilled to work with them again to add this outdoor pool table to our backyard.

outdoor pool table with dark gray lake house and stone patio

Not only is this table fun, but it’s super functional as well. When not in use for ping pong or pool it makes a great buffet table. It’s the perfect spot to set up food and snacks straight from the grill.

patio with table bar and grill with lake in the back

The best part is this table is completely weatherproof, so it can stay here year round. It has a cover that comes with it, so we keep it covered during inclement weather.

outdoor pool table with dark gray house on stone patio

The wood tone is so pretty, but it’s actually made of metal! You would never guess it looks so real, but that’s why it can withstand all the harsh weather we have here in Michigan.

dark gray lake house with patio with bar and grill area

This space would not be complete without flowers. I was happy to add some Crate and Barrel planters scattered around the space. It really softens the patio area.

outdoor pool table with stone patio and bar

The bar area is the perfect spot to enjoy drinks and snacks while waiting for the next game of pool.

wood outdoor stool with blue pillow and outdoor bar and grill

Blue and white is my go to color scheme outdoors by the water. So I added these beautiful pillows to my stools.

outdoor bar and grill with dark gray lake home

Colorful outdoor-safe plates and serving ware are a must for summer as well. The blue pattern on these plates works so well in our space.

lake house outdoor bar and grill area with pool table

Some doubted our decision not to include a refrigerator in our outdoor kitchen design. This pretty wooden beverage cooler takes care of that issue when we entertain and want drinks readily accessible.

lake house outdoor bar and grill
outdoor pool table and bar and grill on lake home

We are finally in the full swing of summer here in Michigan, and we can’t wait to enjoy this area for many summers to come!

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  1. WOW, Kelly, it’s magnificent! Your blue and white color scheme, as always, is perfect and I love every single detail… and the VIEW. May you and your loved ones make “eleventy-billion” special memories out there this summer.

  2. What happens during the cold winters to the appliances? Are they ok during the freeze or do you have to winterize them?

  3. Looks like so much fun. But how will you tolerate that ugly lakeside water view? Just kidding of course. I know you and your family will enjoy this area all Summer. And Fall!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Is it durable to eat on top off the table or just to put thing on for a buffet?

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